How to install an app on android from a computer

Method 1: Google Play Market Web Version

The first thing to use when you need to establish a particular Android application on a smartphone or a tablet with a desktop / laptop running Windows - this is a mechanism that is provided in the most popular and affordable majority of the Green Robot users of the mobile software delivery service - Application store from Google. The principle here is that the procedure for downloading and installing the component package is initiated through the Play Market website, and is directly implemented by the client integrated into the majority of Android devices.

Note. The effective implementation of the following process is preceded by the fulfillment of several conditions: the Google store is present on the mobile device and is operational, it has been made with the help of Corporation "Corporation"; The required application is presented in the library of the Play Market; On the final installation of the stage requires an android device to the Internet.

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  1. On the computer, run any browser and by clicking on the following link either by entering In the address bar, open the official Google Play Market website.

    Open Google Play Market in a web browser on PC

    Android Google Play Market Login Button on Its Open Through Desktop Browser Website

  2. Click on the most upper area of ​​the site on the right button "To come in" .

    Android Google Play Market Opening a web version of the service in a browser on a computer

    Next, entering on opening pages and confirming sending information by click on the button "Further" , Login

    Android Google Play Market Introducts Login Tied to the Mobile Device Account when authorized in the web version of the service

    and password from Google Account, which (required!) Used on the target for installing the Android device software,

    Android Google Play Market Entering a password from an account tied to a mobile device to the account when entering the service from a computer

    Log in to Mobile Software Store.

    Android Google Play Market Authorization in the web version of the service from the computer has been successful

  3. Open section "Applications" Web version of the Play Market, clicking on the corresponding tab in the panel on the left page.

    Android Web version Google Play Market on PC - Go to application section

    Move to the above field "Search" and enter a request in the form of names (possibly - functions, destinations, etc.) Android applications,

    Android Google Play Market Field Search Applications in the directory on the service website, open with PC

    which needs to be installed on a mobile device. Next, use the right button with the image of the magnifying glass or key "ENTER" .

    Android Web Version Google Play Market on PC - Search Applications for Remote Installation on Mobile Device

  4. Click on the area called and the software logo among the search results results - it will take you to the application page in the directory.

    Android Google Play Market Transition to the application page from the search for the web version of the service

  5. Check out the information on the information page and make sure

    Android Web Version Google Play Market - Viewing an application information that is planned to be installed on a remote Mobile Device

    What the product presented here is exactly what interests you and is suitable for solving the tasks.

    Android Google Play Market Details of the application presented in the library when viewing it through the web version of the PC service

  6. Click on the green button "Install" In the lower right corner of the section, where the name of the application, its logo and information about the demand of users of Google Play are presented.

    Android Web Version Google Play Market on PC - Go to Installing an Application for Remote Mobile Device

  7. If the account is involved in the entry to the web site, the account is tied to a single android device, expand the list of available devices submitted in the window that opens. Android Installing an application via a web version of the Google Play Market with PCs - a list of devices available for operation

    Click the target to install software,

    Android Web Version Google Play Market - Selection of Device To install Applications with PC

    then click on the button "Proceed" .

    Android Go to the start of installing an application for remote device in the web version of the Google Play Market on the computer

  8. On the page that opens to confirm your identity, as well as initiate a procedure for installing the selected software on the Android device, enter the password from Google Account, within which the operation is performed, click on the button "Further" .

    Android Account confirmation in the web version of the Google Play Market After selecting the application and device for installation

  9. On this, the list of Action I needed to install an application to the remote mobile device, in fact, is exhausted. This is confirmed by the appearance of the window with a message about the successful completion of the process under consideration, click it in it. "OK" .

    Android Google Play Market Initiating Application Procedure Applications on Mobile Device From Service Website Completed Successfully

    Next, work with the store's website can be completed and move to a mobile device or continue the selection of software to install, repeating the above in this manipulation instruction.

  10. Take an Android device - provided that it is connected to the global network, the installation process of the software has already begun (and possibly even completed). The procedure is visualized and controlled by a special element with the execution indicator, which is displayed in the shortcut panel of the mobile OS (system curtain). Wait for the installation of components of software components and deploying on the device - by results on the home screen and / or in the application menu, it will appear to start the installed tool icon.

    Android initiated from the web version of the Google Play Market on the PC process installation process and its completion

Method 2: Android Debug Bridge

The following possibility of transmitting the components of the android application packages and the automatic installation to the mobile device from the computer is provided by the Android OS debug interface - (abbreviated) ADB and is implemented using the Specialized and Simony "Bridge" of the Console Utility for Windows.

Next, the software installation process for the "green robot" with a desktop or laptop through Android Debug Bridge is demonstrated "from scratch", that is, if you are familiar with the weighted means and ever used it, following the instructions, simply skip the steps already performed.

  1. Download and place on the computer disk, a specialized "installation" package you need android applications. Such "distributions" are distributed in APK format (Android Package) and are widely represented on various Internet resources.

    Android downloading APK file installed on mobile device application on Disk PC

    Walking by searching and downloading APK files, act carefully and gently, note that their source must be proven or in any case popular, and, at least in the theory, is reliable. Among these are all the official sites of Android software developers and third-party resources,, In any case, spend time on the study of feedback from other users about the APK-file catalog sites, which are about to contact, as well as the archives downloaded from them, use antivirus software. In short, take all possible security measures!

    Position APK files are best in the catalog with a short name on Latin. In addition, if the packet downloaded from the network is characterized by a long name, for convenience in the future, it will be rationally to rename it - to assign a short name in English, for example, in the form of an application name, which is contained in the archive.

  2. Android Preparation of APK files to install applications on mobile device with PC

  3. In the Android environment, activate the mode "USB debugging" , then connect the smartphone or tablet and the computer using a cable from the latter delivery kit.

    Read more: How to enable "USB debugging" on the Android device

    Android Activation of the USB Debug Mode, Connecting the device to a PC to install applications via ADB

  4. In full, execute the instructions available on the following link. This, firstly, will ensure the correct pairing of the desktop and mobile device, and, secondly, will bring the opportunity to use the ADB console utility on the computer, it will open it and prepare it to perform the next step on the way to installing Android-software to the device managed by this OS device.

    Read more: Connecting an Android device in "USB debugging" to the PC, installation and launch of the ADB utility

    Android Connecting a device to a PC to work with it via Android Bridge, Running the ADB Console Utility, Check

  5. Runing the ADB utility in the Windows console and checking the visibility factor (team AdB Devices. ) The mobile device connected to the desktop / laptop, you will complete the preparation step to install software from the APK file to the last. Next, on the command prompt, write the indication of the following syntax:

    ADB Install Path_K_APK file / Name_Pack.apk

    Android ADB command to install an application from APK file from a computer to mobile device

  6. Click "ENTER" On the computer keyboard, then take the smartphone / tablet and unlock its screen. If any requests or warnings are displayed on the display, confirm / accept them.

    Android Google Play Market Process Installation Application from APK file to Mobile devale with PC via ADB

    Wait for the notice "SUCCESS" In the Windows console (displayed after the row "PERFORMING STREAMED INSTALL" ). After that, you can close the command prompt window and disconnect the android device from the computer.

    Android Installing an APK file application with a PC to a mobile device using the ADB console utility is completed

  7. On this task from the title of this article is considered solved. Disconnect the mobile machine from the PC and make sure that the operation performed is performed by moving in the Android OS application menu, where the icon of the installed application and / or finding the label to start it on the device's home screen.

    Android Search and launch from a computer via ADB from APK file application on device

Method 3: Windows programs

The procedure under consideration in this article may be required in a number of situations, and its relevance has led to the emergence of more convenient and simple tools for implementation, rather than the described ADB utility. We are talking about Windows-software with a graphical interface, where the ability to install the Android application to the mobile device connected to the PC is the only function (for example, Instalpk. ) or part of a set of funds for interacting with data on a "green robot" of smartphones / tablets ("Telephone managers").

Next, as an example, work is described in a universal from the point of view of manufacturers and models of Android-devices. Syncios IOS & Android Manager In other decisions of the specified orientation, the required actions are performed similarly or quite similar.

  1. In the desktop browser, open the Syncios Mobile Manager loading section available on the following reference on the official website of its developer, download the program installer to the computer disk.

    Download program Syncios Mobile Manager from the official site

    Syncios IOS & Android Manager Downloading a Program Distribution from the Official Developer Site

  2. Run the EXE installer received,

    Syncios IOS & Android Manager Starting the installer program downloaded from the official website in Windows Wednesday

    Click "Install" In his first window,

    Syncios IOS & Android Manager Installing the program on a computer

    Wait for the completion of the program deployment on the computer,

    Syncios IOS & Android Manager Process Installation of the program on a computer with Windows OS

    Click "FINISH" In the installation of the installer window or close it, if you plan to start the manager later (it is possible, for example, by opening the label appeared on the desktop "Syncios Toolkit" ).

    Syncios IOS & Android Manager Completing the installation and launch of the program on the computer

  3. Prepare APK-file application that is going to install on Android-device. That is, find and download a package from the Internet by following the recommendations of paragraph No. 1 from the previous instructions in this article.

    Syncios iOS & Android Manager prepared for installation through the program on the mobile device file APK

  4. Open Syncios Toolkit,

    Syncios IOS & Android Manager Run containing a facility with a Windows desktop

    In the choice of funds from the software package window, click on the area "Mobile Manager" .

    Syncios Mobile Manager - Go to the program from the Toolkit screen

  5. On the smartphone or tablet, activate the option "USB debugging" , Connect it to the PC.

    Syncios iOS & Android Manager Connecting a mobile device with the debugging software on the USB to the computer to work with it through the program

  6. Wait until the mobile device decreases in Mobile Manager.

    Syncios IOS & Android Manager Mobile Device Connecting with USB debugging to the program

    In the process of the organization, the conjugation will need to confirm the requests from Android requests and give permissions - unlock the smartphone / tablet screen and do it.

  7. Click on the tab "Apps" In the section panel at the top of the Mobile Manager window, wait until the program deducts data from the Android device.

    Syncios IOS & Android Manager Apps Tab in the program partition panel

  8. Click on the button "+ Add" In the toolbar above the list of installed at the moment on the smartphone / tablet applications,

    Syncios IOS & Android Manager Application Installation Button on Mobile Device With APK File

    In the menu that opens, select "Add Files" .

    Syncios IOS & Android Manager Transition to the selection of the APK file installed on the mobile device from the PC disk

  9. In the Windows Explorer window that opens, move along the path where the APK file of the Android installed APK file, click on its name, click "Open" .

    Syncios IOS & Android Manager Select APK file installed on Mobile Device Applications

  10. Next, expect - the deployment procedure of the APK archive on the mobile device starts automatically and ends

    Syncios IOS & Android Manager Installation of the application on a smartphone through a program from APK file

    The appearance of the window with notification "Complete!" .

    Syncios IOS & Android Manager Successful completion of the installation of the APK file to the mobile device through the program

  11. That's all, you can continue to work in the program in order to install other applications or disconnect the Android device from the computer and check the performance of the operation performed.

    Syncios IOS & Android Manager Completing the program after installing through it the application to the mobile device

Quite often, users cannot find favorite applications on Google Play due to the fact that they were removed. Yes, indeed, this is happening. The program will disappear to download music from the VC, it will disappear the most discerning XModgames, which helps in online games, then something else. In the end, you simply may not have enough traffic to download anything else, because not all of them weigh 10 megabytes. Some games and "stepped over" the bar in one gigabyte. What to do in such cases? Are there no workarounds? There is! That is why we decided to tell you how to install the app on android from the computer! There are more than plenty of ways, but we thought well and stopped on two most effective, simple and popular. They will suit everyone!

How to install an app on android from a computer

As mentioned above, we have prepared two options: the first resumes the installation of a specialized program called "Installack", the second - to use its own Google-mail. Well, and the easiest way, connect your smartphone to a computer via USB and throw the downloaded .apk (application or game) to the phone and continue, run, through the conductor the installation file. In some cases, you need to install the cache, for this, read the instructions: "How to install a game with android cache


Both are extremely simple. If you wish, they will be able to master even the most inexperienced user.

Option One - Installing applications via Instalpk

First of all, you must download this program. And if you have a need for one reason or another, you can install the Android application from the computer, you can use the above-mentioned software - it is the best in its own business and acts almost trouble-free. You can use it on any version of Windows, starting with XP.

  1. We establish the program - the process is extremely simple: enough to click on the "Next" button until the "Set" button appears; Program installation
  2. Start Installack; Running program
  3. Connect your smartphone or tablet via USB / Wi-Fi, then click Update. If the device is still not defined, see the next paragraph;
  4. Go to "Settings" -> "Security" and check the box opposite subparagraph "Unknown Sources". Next, you should contact the menu "Settings" to the bottom, find there the "For Developers" submenu and opposite the subparagraph "USB debugging" to put a tick; USB debug
  5. Now click update again and the gadget will connect. If nothing happened now, your device is not supported by the program;
  6. Smartphone or tablet connected? Then double-click on the previously downloaded to your computer or the game in .apk format and the installation will pass in automatic mode - a minute later, a label will appear on one of the screens.

Unfortunately, some devices are not supported by the program. But it is not worth a despair - there is a one hundred percent option, which really works trouble-free.

Gmail as an application installer

Perhaps you still believed that Google Mail is intended only for letters. But no, this is not so - through it also applications can be installed. And here is the computer?

  1. Download on PC games or application in .apk format;
  2. Send it to yourself by mail;
  3. Come from the smartphone or tablet to the Gmail application (in newer gadgets - INBOX);
  4. I find out there you have just sent a letter and the attached file, click on it and the installation is started. Starting installer
  5. If it gives an error, it will also have, as in the past case, climb in the "Settings" menu, select "Safety"; Safety
  6. After that, to activate the possibility of installing applications from unknown sources, putting one single tick; How to install an application from a computer on android
  7. Now you should re-try to install an application or game;
  8. If it never happened, then the problem is already in the downloaded application - perhaps your device is not supported.

As you can see, both ways are extremely simple, but more than few people know how to install the app on android from the computer. The main thing is not forget about the "tick", because without them, it is not necessary to count on successful installation.

How to copy the application from a computer to a smartphone and install it? Does it be necessary to go on Google Play (Market)? Answers to these questions - in our article.

What if the traffic on the mobile Internet is completely small, but you need to urgently download and install the application on your mobile device with OS Android? Probably, it would be nice to download a program or a game to a regular personal computer, and then simply copy to the smartphone and it is already launching there.

We give several convenient ways to install applications for android from a computer

We will give a couple of convenient ways of how to install applications for android from a computer.

Method 1. Ralm All on Installack

After you download this convenient utility to your PC, you will find an enviable possibility to install applications on android devices directly from the computer. This software is perfectly combined with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

All you need is to start the program and connect the phone or tablet via USB. In the smartphone settings menu, we enter the Safety section ("Applications" section for older versions of the OS), where we put a tick opposite the "unknown sources". In English: Settings - Application Settings (Security) - Unknown Sources. Next twice click on the * .apk file preloaded to the computer, after which the installation will be executed.

If the installation did not happen after that, enter the smartphone settings, select "For Developers" and check the box next to "USB debugging".

To work the program, it may sometimes be necessary to install special drivers that you can download free from the developer's website.

By the way, download an app for Android, which a priori comes with such an extension, you can not only on Google Market. Popular games and programs for smartphones based on the above Operations can be found on our website.

The only drawback of Installapk is that this program is not working with all phone models. And if your device turned out to be in a small number of such misfortune smartphones, then you will suit another method disclosing how to install on android program from a computer.

Method 2. Installing an application via built-in browser

In order to function the method number three, we will need to install a file manager. We choose ES Explorer, but you can install any other.

Why are we saying "to work the following way"? Due to the fact that for permanent use this method is a long and inconvenient, and installing the proposed application, everything will be done in several clicks.

So, we connect the device to the computer and copy the APK file to the root of the memory card. Next, we disconnect the cord, run the browser and enter in the address bar content: // or file: ///sdcard/imiaprint.apk (depending on the version of your OS).


For this method, we will need a useful ES conductor program. This file manager allows you to view all the folders on your smartphone or tablet. But the main thing is to copy or move files from the memory of the communicator to the SD card and vice versa, as well as install games and programs for Android tablet or smartphone.

The following algorithm is: 1. Install the ES conductor program on the smartphone;

2. We connect the smartphone to the PC and copy from the computer the desired APK file in the memory of the smartphone;

3. Disconnect the device from the computer and start the ES conductor in the smartphone itself, we find the APK file and you install the program on it.

Method 4. Gmail not only gets mail

This is a very convenient and original way to install the program on the Android, about which the units of users know, but, assessing it in difficulty, can be said - to disgrace easy.

So, send a message to your Gmail mail by attaching the APK file to the letter. Having opened it through the Gmail application, we will see that the "Set" button appeared opposite the attached file (the application automatically determines the file). Clicking on the button, you download and install the application.


Note that if you take the application installation procedure not from GooglePlay, a window will appear on the smartphone screen: "Installation is blocked". The fact is that in order to safety on the device, the installation of applications from unknown sources is prohibited. In this case, we do the same as at the beginning of the first method. We choose: Settings - Personal (Safety) - Unknown Sources. After that, such an operation as setting the game for android from a computer or other ways will be quite accessible.

Also do not forget: In order to access the smartphone to the smartphone while connecting the smartphone, open the curtain on the phone, there is a click on the "USB connection", where you want to click on the USB drive.

As you can see, the first way will be the easiest, but due to the fact that the program does not work on many computers and there are compatibility issues, it is not suitable for many users. The second way will be universal, but very uncomfortable. The third method is suitable for any device, but it's not to do without the previous one. The last way it seems and does not have drawbacks, but it will be useless in the absence of an Internet connection.

how to install an app on android from a computer

Surely many users of Android devices on board were interested in, is it possible to establish applications and games on your smartphone or tablet from a computer? We answer - the ability to eat, and today we will tell you how to use it.

Installing Applications on Android with PC

There are several ways to download programs or games for Android directly from the computer. Let's start with a method that is suitable for any devices.

Method 1: Google Play Market Web Version

To use this method, you will need only a modern browser to view online pages - suitable, for example, Mozilla Firefox.

  1. Follow the link You will appear in front of the content store from Google.
  2. Web version of Google Play, open through Mozilla Firefox

  3. The use of Android device is almost impossible without a "good corporation" account, so that you probably have such. You should log in in it using a button "To come in" .

    Log in Google account to use Play MarketBe careful, use only the account that is registered for the device, where you want to download a game or program!

  4. Choosing an account for entering Play Market

  5. After entering the account or click on "Applications" And find the desired in categories, or simply use the search string at the top of the page.
  6. Applications and application search in Google Play Market

  7. Finding the desired (admitting, antivirus), go to the application page. In it, we are interested in the block marked in the screenshot.

    Application page on Google PlayHere is the necessary information - warnings about the presence of advertising or purchases in the application, the availability of this software for the device or region, and, of course, the button "Install" . Make sure the selected application is compatible with your device and click "Install" .

    Also the game or the application you want to download, you can add to the wish list and install it directly from the smartphone (tablet) by turning into a similar section of the Play Market.

  8. List of desired applications in Google Play

  9. The service may require re-authentication (safety measure), so enter your password in the appropriate window.
  10. Re-autumn I am Google Play

  11. After these manipulations, the installation window will appear. In it, select the desired machine (if you are tied to the selected account more than one), check the list of permissions required by the application and press "Install" if you agree with them.
  12. Installing the application via Google Play to Mobile Device

  13. In the next window, just click "OK" .Confirm the installation of the application in Google PlayAnd the device will start downloading and the subsequent installation of the application selected on the computer.
  14. The process of installing an application with a PC on Android

    The method is extremely simple, but in this way you can download and install only those programs and games that are in the Play Market. Obviously, it is necessary to connect to the Internet.

Method 2: Installack

This method is more complicated by the previous one, and includes the use of a small utility. It will come in handy in the case when the compute has an installation file of the game or program in APK format.

Download Instalpk.

  1. After downloading and installing the utility, prepare the device. First you need to enable "Developer Mode" . You can do this as follows - go to "Settings" "About device" and 7-10 times tap on item "Build number" .Assembly number in Android conference settingsPlease note that the options for switching on the developer mode may differ, they depend on the manufacturer, the device model and the installed OS version.
  2. After such manipulation in the menu, the menu should appear item "For developers" or "Developer Settings" .Developer Settings in General Android SettingsGoing into this item, check the box opposite "USB debugging" .
  3. USB debugging in the developer parameters

  4. Then go to security settings and find item "Unknown sources" which also need to be noted.
  5. Enabling application installation from unknown sources on android

  6. After that, connect the USB cable device to the computer. The installation of drivers should begin. For the correct operation of Installapk, ADB drivers are required. What is it and where to take them - read below.

    Read more: Installing drivers for Android firmware

  7. After installing these components, run the utility. The window will look like this.

    Connected to InstallAk Device

    Click by the name of the device once. A message appears on the smartphone or tablet. Confirmation of the PC for Device DebuggingConfirm by clicking "OK" . You can also celebrate "Always allow this computer" not to confirm manually each time.

  8. The icon opposite the device name will change the color to green - this means a successful connection. The device name for convenience can be changed to another.
  9. Connected correctly to InstallAk device

  10. When you successfully connect, go to the folder where the APK file is stored. Windows should automatically associate them with installapk, so that you only need to make a double click on the file you want to install.
  11. Ready to install via Instalpk Files

  12. Further rather non-clear for beginner moment. A utility window will open in which the connected device must be selected a single click. Then it will be an active button "Install" At the bottom of the window.

    Start installing an application via InstalpkPress this button.

  13. The installation process will begin. Unfortunately, the program does not signal anything about its end, so it is necessary to check. If the application icon appears in the Device menu, which you installed - it means, the procedure has been successful, and Installapk can be closed.
  14. Installed with PC application on device with android

  15. You can start installing the next application or downloaded game, or simply disable the machine from the computer.
  16. It is quite difficult, at first glance, however, only the initial setup requires such a number of actions - it will be enough to simply connect the smartphone (tablet) to a PC, go to the location of APK files and install them on the device double mouse click. Nevertheless, some devices, despite all the tricks, are still not supported. Installapk has alternatives, but the principles of such utilities are not different from it.

The methods described above are the only options for installing games or applications from the computer today. Finally, we want to warn you - use the Market to install either Google Play, or a proven alternative.

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Will this article help you?


The network has many sites that distribute applications for Android. If you downloaded a file with such a website an APK to your computer and do not know how to install this app on android smartphone or tablet, then this article should help you. Here we will tell you how to install the app on android from the computer.

Step number 1. Include the installation of applications from unknown sources on your Android smartphone.

The first thing to do is to include installing applications from unknown sources. To do this, open the Android settings and go to the Safety section. Here you need to find the "Unknown Sources" feature and turn it on.

Include installation of applications from unknown sources

This needs to be done so that you can install applications directly from APK files. While the Unknown Sources feature is disabled, you can install applications only from the Google Play store.

Step # 2. Copy the APK file from your computer on the Android device.

Next you need to copy the APK file on the Android device. This can be done in any way convenient to you. The easiest option is to connect the Android device to the computer using a USB cable and then copy the APK file to the device's memory. You can copy the APK file to any folder, the main thing so that you know where to copy and then find this file on your device.

Copy APK file in memory device

Step # 3. Open the Copied APK file on your Android device.

Then you need to find and open a copied APK file on your android device. This can be done using any file manager. After opening an APK file, a pop-up window will appear with a proposal to set this application. In order to start the installation, simply click on the "Next" button.

Run the application setting

After that, the application will be installed on your android device. After the installation is complete, you can open the application using the icon on the desktop or in the "All Applications" menu.

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