How to get an international Wu in 2020?

The international driver's license can be useful to everyone who is going to go abroad. By the way, it is not difficult to get it, and no exams do not need any exams. But, as in obtaining any certificate in Russia, there are always nuances. About them further.

International Wu.
International Wu.

Submit documents can be far from every traffic police unit

Documents to receive an international Wu are not taken everywhere, it is best to call to your unit and find out whether they are issued by Wu International Type, or you will have to contact another unit.

Required documents:

The photo must be on matte paper, so in the traffic police unit it is not possible to do it!
The photo must be on matte paper, so in the traffic police unit it is not possible to do it!

National driver's license is the rights to control the vehicle in the Russian Federation. The application itself is not necessary to prepare in advance, it can be written in the traffic police unit to which you refer to the submission of documents. There you will be given a sample and answer all your questions that have arisen.

How much is the ultimate state duty to receive an international Wu?

The duty for 2020 is 1,600 rubles, but you can pay it at a discount of 30%, if you apply and pay for the service through the State Service portal. Thus, the cost of state duty will be 1,120 rubles. This discount is valid until January 1, 2021. But in the new year, most likely will be extended.

It should also be noted that the International Wu is issued for only three years and leaving him abroad, to you, to manage the vehicle, it will be necessary to have a national Wu.

Not everywhere abroad there is a driver's license, which is issued in Russia.

Dmitry Sergeev

motorist with experience

In some countries with Russian rights and car rental will not place, and on your own car can stop and finf. In order not to lose money for fines and time on the proceedings, it is possible to issue an international driver's license in advance. I will tell who and when it is necessary, and in what cases you can do without it.

What is international driver's license

In fact, the international driver's license is not quite a certificate, but simply a certified translation of the national driver's license for several languages. Itself does not work and applies only together with Russian rights.

Differences from national. National driver's license is a document that must be from any driver and in any country in the world. It confirms that a person has the right to control the transport of the corresponding category: from mopeds to trucks. Driving license every driver must have with you.

Every 10 years, the national driver's license should be changed. If this is not done in a timely manner and take the steering wheel, they may finf in the amount of 5000 Рup to 15,000 Р.

The rights to control the car can be lost - for example, if drunk drive, leave the place of the accident and more. A complete list of grounds for which it can be deprived of rights can be viewed in Articles 12.1, 12.2, 12.5, 12.9, 12.10, 12.21.2, 12.26 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation.

With international driver's license all differently .

The driver is constantly not obliged to carry it with you, and it is also not obliged - it is issued at will. Traffic police officers cannot demand an international driver's license. And if there is an international certificate, but there is no national driver, the driver can not manage the driver either in Russia or abroad.

At the same time, an international certificate is closely related to national. The duration of the national - the international one also ceases to act, you need to receive a new one.

If the driver deprived the right to control the vehicle in Russia - international rights will also have to be passed. Then to show the traffic police officer international instead of national with the words: "Commander, here's the right, I just forgot the card," I will not work. And with deprivation of rights abroad, everything is more complicated - you need to look at the legislation of the country where it happens. If they are deprived of international rights, the national certificate will remain. So, in Russia and in some other countries it will be possible to ride it.

What information contains an international driver's license

International rights are not similar to ordinary. If the national driver's license is a bank-size card, then international rights book A6 format, or 148 × 105 mm . Do it on paper, it is impossible to laminate.

On the inner page of the first sheet of the cover - the conditions under which the MBU operates. For movement In the Russian Federation It is invalid, but it acts on the territory of other states - but together with the national driver's license. And if you move to a permanent residence to another country, it loses its strength.

On the front page of the first sheet of the cover - the date of issuance, the validity period, the place of issue, the number of the national driver's license, the printing and signature of the traffic police officer
These recordings are only in Russian. They are for the owner

The following pages are a list of countries in which an international driver's license can be used, and a list of categories with marks, which categories of vehicles have the right to manage the driver.

There is still a restrictions on the right to control vehicles or individual subcategories - for example, that the driver, blinded only on one eye, can drive a car only with an acoustic parking system or glasses or contact lenses. Information on restrictions is made on the basis of data from the national driver's license.

On the last page - personal data of the owner.

Information on permitted categories and restrictions is important for the police of foreign countries - therefore there is its transfer to the MWIL
Here are the names and name of the owner, and there is its photo and information about the categories of vehicles, to the management of which the owner is allowed
These recordings are also in Russian - so that the owner does not forget what country he can use a certificate

Documents regulating traffic rules abroad

The main document that regulates the road traffic abroad is the rules of the country's road traffic, in the territory of which man moves behind the wheel of the car. They may differ not only from Russian, but even from traffic rules of neighboring countries.

And there are legal acts of international level. They establish general requirements for countries that signed them and relate to road rules, vehicle requirements, drivers, car registration numbers. They also have samples of international and national driver's licenses.

The main legal acts are somewhat.

  1. International Convention on Road Traffic. She was adopted at the UN conference on road and road transport in Geneva on September 19, 1949
  2. Convention on Road Motion. She was accepted in Vienna on November 8, 1968.

Vienna Convention on Road Traffic - the most profitable for Russian drivers. In the countries that have signed it, you can control the car on the basis of only Russian national driver's licenses. The main thing is that they have been a new sample - it is precisely such in Russia after March 1, 2011.

If you received a driver's license after this date and are going to go to the country, signed by the Vienna Convention, the international driver's license to receive is not required. Enough Russian rights.

Geneva Convention on Road Traffic National driver's licenses also recognize - but only in the event that there is an international driver's license.

Selected articles for motorists

How to ride without fines and not overpay for maintenance of the machine - in the mailing list for motorists

Do I need to receive international driver's license

If there is a Russian certificate of a new sample, This certificate fully complies with the requirements of the Vienna Convention, and it can be controlled by a car abroad in the countries participating in the Convention.

And then the drivers have different situations. Most often to solve all questions on the road, a Russian driver's license is quite enough. But sometimes there are situations where problems arise on roads abroad - for example, the police refuse to execute an accident or rolled office does not make a car for rent.

Driver's licenses that are issued now in the traffic police drivers, look like this

If there are national rights of the old sample, That is, issued earlier on March 1, 2011, problems can arise abroad with them. There are drivers who have successfully used them abroad, and even took cars for hire - but the guarantees that it will work out for everyone, there are no. In any case, it is better to get an international Wu in such a situation.

The term of any driver's license is 10 years. I admit that in 2020 some drivers still enjoy the rights of an old sample - the validity period has not yet been released. But in any case they will have to be replaced no later than March 1, 2021.

If there was a need to get MBU, and on the hands of the right of the old sample - I recommend to exchange them for new ones, and at the same time get an international certificate. This will help to save on state duty - due to the fact that if the term of Russian rights ends in a month, with him will end and the term of the MIA. And you will have to re-pay the state duty for receiving. If you exchange both certificates at the same time, their validity period will be maximum - 10 years for conventional rights and 3 years for MBU.

This looks like one of the options for the old sample certificates.
And such a certificate was issued until 2011. Now such no longer issued

In which countries are needed. The list of countries who joined the 1968 Vienna Convention is provided in the international driver's license. These countries recognize the Russian driver's license of the new sample, and the international driver's license, which is issued in the Russian Federation. In addition to Russia, they include:

Austria, Azerbaijan, Albania, Armenia, Bahamas, Bahrain, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Vatican, United Kingdom, Hungary, Venezuela, Vietnam, Guyana, Ghana, Germany, Greece, Georgia, Denmark, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe, Israel, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Spain, Italy, Cape Verde, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Costa Rica, Côte d'Ivoire, Cuba, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Liberia, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Morocco, Mexico, Moldova, Monaco, Mongolia, Netherlands, Niger, Nigeria, Norway, UAE, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Romania, San Marino. , Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Senegal, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tajikistan, Thailand, Town, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Uruguay, Philippines, Finland, France, Croatia, Tsar, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Chile, Switzerland, Sweden, Ecuador, Estonia, South Africa.

There are countries that signed the Geneva Convention. In these countries, it is possible to control the car only on the international Wu, the nationals are not recognized there. These include:

Australia, Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Argentina, Bangladesh, Beliz, Benin, Botswana, Vatican, Haiti, Gambia, Guatemala, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Grenada, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Western Samoa, India, Jordan, Ireland, Iceland, Cambodia, Canada, Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan, Congo, Laos, Lesotho, Lebanon, Mauritania, Madagascar, Malawi, Malaysia, Malta, Malta, Namibia, Netherlands, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Papua - New Guinea, Paraguay, Peru, Rwanda, Swaziland, Singapore , Syria, Saint Vincent and Grenadines, San Lucia , USA, Sierra Leone, Taiwan, Tanzania, Togo, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda, Fiji, French Polynesia, Jamaica, Japan.

There are no countries in this list, no conventions and no driver's licenses are signed, with the exception of their own, do not recognize. If you want to drive a car in such countries - you will have to check where and how to pass to local rights. These include countries like Tuvalu and other island states.

Find information about It will take When you visit a particular country to receive MBU or there are Russian rights, you can on the website of the Consular Department of the Foreign Ministry of Russia. To do this, select the country on the map, then find the section "Road Movement". Also there you can find information on how the car is rented, if necessary It is insured and what to do in case of an accident.

This is how, for example, the site provides information on road traffic in Ireland. Russian driver's licenses, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, are valid here. This also happens - in many countries that have signed only the Geneva Convention, you can ride with national certificates - the truth, at your own risk and risk

But this is the theory, but in practice, as always, everything is more complicated. Even in countries that have signed a Vienna Convention, an international driver's license can be useful. If the traffic police may doubt that you have a genuine Russian driver's license - to prove something difficult. And no international conventions were signed by the office and insurance companies in general, and it means that without an international driver's license and in insurance may not refuse, and the car will not give me out.

There are other situations. For example, in Turkey it is desirable to have an international driver's license, but many drivers use Russian rights. Most often, problems with the traffic police do not arise. But you need to take into account that it may well be special cases. Attitude towards drivers from other countries may change in one day - and to prove that " I am Yesterday here with these rights drove, and I was not penalized! ", It will be useless.

Before going to another country, read several articles about what rights are asked there and how to easier to rent a car. Perhaps this will help you a selection of articles about life in other countries.

Nor in Ireland, nor in Turkey, international law I did not use

Nikita Yukovich

Chief editor T⁠-⁠ZH

I prudently received an international Wu, when the first time I was going to take a car for rent abroad, but it never came in handy to me. True, the road police stopped me only in Ireland - but there did not even look at the usual certificate: I realized that I was a foreigner asked how a vacation is going, and wished a good way. And in Turkey, when I showed international law, a rental officer drilled his eyes, said that she sees this piece of paper for the first time, and demanded ordinary rights.

If international rights have come in handy at least once - tell me in the comments under what circumstances.

Will I update international rights when the term of their action is over - yes, be sure. And what, and suddenly.

Methods for getting

MBU can be obtained in the traffic police or in MFC, submit documents through the Public Services portal. Each of these methods have pros and cons.

In traffic police. In this case, pay the state duty to the bank, and there will be no discounts. The certificate is received personally after the application form is completed and the package of documents will be supplied. This procedure is not enough. The only plus is all other than payment of state duty, is made in one place, the ID is issued immediately when contacting.

In MFC. To do this, it will be necessary to pre-sign up for reception - by phone, through the website of the MFC, or through the terminal, which are usually installed inside the multifunctional centers. In some centers, the reception can be kept in the order of a live queue.

The state duty will have to pay in advance in the bank, no discounts are provided. Application form to fill out employees of MFC. Immediately pick up the finished certificate will not work. For example, in Moscow after submitting documents, the IFC will have to wait for the issuance of 9 days.

Through the state service portal. To do this, it is necessary to have a confirmed account on the public service website. The application is filled immediately on the site. You can write up on the reception too through the site - at the same time choose a convenient unit on the map and the time of visiting. It is not necessary to stand in the queue. If we pay for state duty through the State Service portal - you can do this with a discount of 30%.

Communication with traffic police officers is minimized. Minus only one - to pick up a certificate yet We will have to come to the selected traffic police unit at the appointed time.

What documents are needed

Documentation. To get an international driver's license to the traffic police, such documents will be required:

  1. Application for extradition. Its form can be obtained in the traffic police and fill out from hand, or in advance to fill in the website of the State Service.
  2. Passport or other document certifying.
  3. Russian national driver's license.
  4. Picture of 35 × 45 mm. It can be black and white or color, this role does not play. But the paper on which the photo is printed is important - it must be matte, the glossy will not work. In the traffic police itself, the international driver's license is not photographed.

Receipt of payment of the state duty for issuing MBU in the traffic police to provide optional - traffic police officers check payment information on their own databases.

But some citizens, for example, veterans of the Second World War, prisoners of concentration camps are entitled to benefits to pay for state duty. In this case, they will have to provide a confirmation document.

Do you need a medical certificate. The rules have no requirement that upon receipt of the MBU, it is necessary to provide a medical certificate. The traffic police can not require her.

Where to contact

You can seek the receipt of the WMI to any division of the traffic police, where Russian driver's licenses are issued. You can use the card on the website of the State Service or any other online card on which the address of the traffic police units are indicated.

For example, the traffic police addresses in Moscow, where you can get or replace the MBU. Here you can see not only the address of the unit, but also to find out how to drive to it, and clarify the time of his work and the mode of receiving citizens.

How to get a

Do you need to take exams. Separately take the exam in order to get an international driver's license, no need. Examinations The driver rents upon receipt of the Russian driver's license.

In Russia, the practical and theoretical exam driver takes only once in life - when a driver's license receives. The exception is only one thing - you will have to reuse the theoretical exam, if a person has deprived the right to drunk driving.

But it will be an exam to get a Russian driver's license. When it is issued - on its basis it is possible to obtain international. If not - no and the right to receive an international Wu.

Deadline. From the moment of submission of documents and before receiving the finished certificate usually passes no more than an hour. It is all on the spot after the appeal - the main thing is that the entire set of documents is in stock.

Cost. When the international driver's license is obtained for the first time or change, because the validity period has ended, or in return to the lost or unsuitable, will have to pay state duty - 1600 Р. With the site of the State Service, you can save - 1120 will be released at a discount Р.

Can refuse. Refusal to issuing MBUs may in several cases:

  1. The Russian driver's license is invalid or annulled - for example, for driving a car in a state of intoxication.
  2. For replacement, an incomplete package of documents was provided - for example, there is no information about the payment of state duty.
  3. If a citizen has never received a Russian driver's license.

In which cases, the MBU can recognize invalid or cancel

Just at the request of traffic police officers, it will not be possible - for this there must be grounds for this.

The certificate is considered invalid For several reasons.

  1. If its validity period has expired. At the international driver's license, the validity period is completed with the national.
  2. If the owner's data changed. It doesn't matter for what reason it happened - the name in marriage has changed or the passport data has changed. But all the driver's licenses will also have to be replaced - since the change of personal data becomes invalid.
  3. If the rights came to dissent due to Wear or damage. You can use them as long as all the information in them can be read. If you find the text at least in one place - they will have to be changed.
  4. If the owner wrote a statement about the loss.
  5. If a person got a new driver's license.
  6. If the death of the certificate holder will receive in the traffic police.
  7. I am heir, can I ride the dead car?

International driver's license is also invalid, If it turns out that it is issued on the basis of substrate documents. Recognize them with false, perhaps will have to be in court.

All driver's licenses are also annulled in case the driver has medical contraindications or medical restrictions on transport management. Here the reasons may be different - for example, a person can lose sight or addicted to drugs. The certificate in this case is annulled through the court.

Here is an example: in the Primorsky Territory, a man was recorded with the diagnoses of "destructive use of drugs with harmful consequences" and "alcohol dependence syndrome". The prosecutor demanded that all the driver's licenses of the citizen are invalid. The man himself did not appear at the hearing, but it did not help him.

The court agreed with the prosecutor: the car is a means of increased danger and manage them with such diagnoses the law prohibits, it creates a threat to others. All the driver's licenses of the citizen were invalid and obliged the traffic police to enter the database of information that they stopped.

Master of action

The international driver's license is issued for a period of no more than three years. At the same time, the term may be less - if the term of the Russian driver's license ends earlier, then the term of the MBU will end at the same Day as Russian rights.

Replacing international law

The international driver's license can be changed both before they stop acting and after that. This is the case when no one caresses for late replacement.

To replace the MBU, which has expired, it will be necessary to provide in traffic police the same package of documents and pay state duty in the same The amount as when receiving the MBU for the first time.

What threatens driving without mb

In Russia, you can ride without an international driver's license. If you do not carry it with you, do not have anything, or lead a car with an overdue MBU, is not provided for any responsibility.

Is it possible to ride abroad without national rights

Even if there is an existing international driver's license - Russian rights will still be needed.

Is it possible to ride in Russia with mb

You can carry it with you - the law does not prohibit. But to use instead of the Russian certificate will not work. The penalty will be the same as for the forgotten home, a valid driver's license - 500 rubles.

Can I buy

The issuance of the MBU is a government service. Such an identity is issued only by the traffic police units. On the market there are many offers of private companies that offer to buy MBUs in the form of a plastic card or an externally similar to a certificate that gives the traffic police. But it is nothing more than beautiful printing products - they do not have legal force. Behind their use will have to respond according to the laws of the country where the driver will try to drive a car.

Briefly about the international driver's license:

  1. You can get MBU in the traffic police on the day of circulation.
  2. It is possible to sign up for obtaining through the public service website - this will speed up the process, and the state duty can be saved.
  3. The WWIL can help in countries that signed both the Geneva and the Vienna Convention.
  4. In countries that have not signed any conventions, the WMV is not useful - you will have to receive local rights.
  5. You can not buy MBU in a commercial firm - it does not give any rights in Russia or abroad.

The driver's license of the international sample is a document that gives the right to drive a car outside the Russian Federation. In which countries it is necessary, whether it is valid on the territory of Russia, how to arrange it, is it necessary to take exams, how much does the design cost, tell in detail in the article.

How to get international driver's license and why it is necessary

Appearance and Maintenance of the WHD in 2020

The driver's license of the international sample is decorated in the form of a booklet folding on 3 sheets. Pages are stitched by the thread along the fold line. The size of the MBU in folded form 148 × 105 mm. The form of an international driver's license is made on light gray paper, has a number and series and is protected by printing products, issued according to the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation "On the Introduction ..." of 04/18/2011 No. 206.

The title list of the 2020 international driver's license is filled in English. It indicates a country that issued the document and its details (series, number, the date of issue, the period during which it is valid, the name of the Division of the Traffic Policy, which issued the right).

On the turnover of the title page, the rules for using MBU are indicated. On two other sheets are contained (the text is performed in French):

  • owner data;
  • The list of categories of the vehicle, which is allowed to control it;
  • Special marks (for example, the need to have special means and devices necessary to control the car: points, lenses or auditory apparatus; driving restrictions, etc.):
  • Data internal Russian rights;
  • Photo of the owner of international driver and his personal signature.
There are information about the owner of the rights and a list of transport categories in Russian, English, Chinese, Arabic and other common languages.

What is needed international rights

The procedure for the use of international driving rights is defined in the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic from 06.11.1968. This convention is valid in almost all countries of Europe and the CIS, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam. The full list of countries is listed in the international rights.

According to paragraph 2 of Art. The 41 of the Convention, any of the signatories of its countries, is obliged to recognize domestic Russian rights or international rights, provided that their owner also has an internal driver's license.

This means that the driver abroad will be enough to present internal Russian rights to the traffic police. And if he has MBU, then, together with him, the police have the right to demand the presentation and internal Russian driver's license.

That is, actually international rights are an application to the internal Russian rights and without them are invalid.

Important! In countries that have not signed the Convention (for example, USA, Turkey, India, Japan, Egypt, etc.), MVA is invalid. However, police officers can accept this document in practice.

International Rights in Russia

According to sub. B clause 2 of Article 41 of the MBU Convention cannot confirm the driver's qualifications in the country of its residence.

Important! Based on this situation, the MBU, issued by the Russian traffic police person living in the Russian Federation, will be invalid. However, international driver's licenses in Russia will be valid upon presentation by a foreigner who received them in any of the countries that have signed the Convention.

The procedure for designing MBU

The MBU can be decorated in two ways: by personal contact with the traffic police or through the site "State Service".

When using the "State Service" site, the application for the receipt of the MIA is filled and filed in electronic form. In case of personal handling, you will have to fill it on a paper letterhead.

Through the "state services" the size of the state duty is less than 30%. However, going to the traffic police will still have to bring the originals of documents, a photo and pick up the MBU.

Documents for international driver's license

In addition to the application for the receipt of the MWA will be required:

  • applicant passport;
  • domestic rights;
  • photo 3.5 × 4.5 cm (done on matte photographic paper, without corners, color or black and white);
  • Passport (in order for the surname and name in Latin to write to the WHD correctly).
Important! It should be specifically emphasized that the presentation of medical certificates to obtain an international driver's license, and the exams are not required.

Submission of documents

In the case of applying in electronic form through the "State Service" website, the applicant's actions algorithm is as follows:

  • First, the application is filled to receive MBU based on passport data and internal rights;
  • Before sending it to sending the applicant can choose the date and exact time of the traffic police visits;
  • After sending a statement, the driver will be sent props for making state duty (it is best to pay non-cash);
  • After confirming the traffic police about accepting the application, together with the receipt of the payment of duty, it is possible (but it is not necessary) to print and together with the passport, photos and internal rights to appear in the traffic police at the appointed time.

With direct circulation, bypassing the site of "state services", the duty can be paid both in cash and by non-cash on the basis of the receipt (it, together with the application form, will be issued to the traffic police). After submitting a paper application and transmissions of the receipt of the payment of state duty, the inspector will also check the compliance of documents by the application and issuance of international rights.

Terms of registration, the cost of the MAV, the validity period and the replacement of the MBU

International driving license in 2020 is issued on the day of circulation. In practice, the whole procedure - from submitting an application and documents to the inspector to obtain rights - takes no more than an hour.

As for the cost, it will depend on the method of filing an application and form of payment. So, the full cost of the MBU is in 2020, 1600 rubles. (Sub. 44 p. 1 Art. 333.33 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation). It is paid with direct contact with the traffic police. If the applicant submits a statement through the site "State Service" and makes payment in non-cash form (for example, from a bank card), then a 30% discount is relied. That is, actually pay will need 1120 rubles.

According to paragraph 3 of Art. 41 MWU conventions are issued for 3 years. However, if the period of action of the driver's license, on the basis of which it is issued, will be completed earlier than it will expire for 3 years from the moment of issuing MBU, then the deadline for the expiration date will be the last day of the internal rights.

After the expiration of the three-year term of the MBU (or when the expiration of the internal rights), it is necessary to replace it, which is performed in the same manner as its initial receipt.

Responsibility for the lack of

Since the MBU for residents of Russia cannot be used as a document on its territory, any responsibility for its absence in the legislation of the Russian Federation is not provided. Learn as well, What can threaten for driving a car in the Russian Federation without internal rights .

As for the legislation of foreign states, then according to them the presence of the WMV is not mandatory. Therefore, the application of any sanctions to the driver in a foreign state only for the lack of international rights (in the presence of internal) is unacceptable due to the provisions of paragraph 2 of Art. 41 conventions. However, in practice in some countries, for example, in Indonesia, the international driver's license is still demanding. The legality of the actions of the local police employees is difficult to challenge quite difficult, so we recommend issuing an international driver's license.


So, the availability of MBUs for international trips is not mandatory, however, it can significantly facilitate the driver to rent a car or interaction with traffic police officers.

Even more materials on the topic - in the heading "Driver's license".



Dear friends, thanks for reading the article. We tried very hard to give you up-to-date and true information, putting it in a simple language. If you like what we do, put like, support the canal! Always yours, .

Learning to foreign countries to their long-awaited vacation, everyone wants to spend it as comfortable as possible. Car rental, perhaps, one of the services that will help do it. During tourist trips, the car will allow anyone from anyone to depend on the places where tourists usually do not take place. Is it possible to ride with the rights issued in the Russian Federation, abroad?

Unfortunately, the Russian Wu is recognized everywhere. Therefore, before leaving, it is better to get international rights to get after not to get into the unpleasant situation.

Currently, it is possible to apply for MBU through the website of state and municipal services. The procedure for registration in this way will take a minimum of time. How to make international rights through civil servants?

The concept of international law

MWU is a document that gives the right to manage the car in countries of abroad. This type of document was introduced as a result of the signing of the Geneva Convention. In the countries that they signed it, without such rights can not do.

Note! Without the main driver's license, the MBU is not really. Therefore, it is necessary to take both the document on the trip.

In some countries, which signed a Vienna Convention can be riding with national rights.

Important information! The validity of the MBU depends on the validity period of the basic rights, that is, when replacing the national Wu, international rights should be replaced.

What documents are required to provide

In order to apply, a passport and National Wu are required through public services.

How to arrange a mvaway through the site

Through the information web resource, apply is very simple. The main thing is that the account is confirmed. So, step-by-step instructions, how to get international rights 2020 through state services:

  1. Go to your LC on the portal by typing a login and password. In the absence - to register and confirm your identity in MFC.
  2. Go to the section "Transport" and Point "Wu".
  3. On the next page, click on the "Obtaining MBU".
  4. Next, you need to fill out an online statement where you need to specify the personal data of the citizen, information from the passport of the Russian Federation and the Russian driver's license, the address of the place of residence.
  5. Information with medical certificates can also be specified (but this is not mandatory).
  6. The next point will be the choice of the date and separation of the traffic police, from where it will be more convenient to pick up a ready certificate.
  7. The traffic police department is chosen, then you need to give permission to handle personal data.

So, the application is sent and delivered to the queue. As soon as the application is considered and registered, the user will enter an email invitation to the Department of the State Traffic Inspectorate at the appointed time.

The letter will also provide a link to make a state duty, by going to which you can immediately make the required contribution.

How much time will issue a document and the cost of state duty

The size of the duty is 1600 rubles.

Important! With online payment of the mandatory contribution through the portal of public services, users are given a 30 percent discount. That is, you will need to pay for the WMW 1120 rubles.

The application filed through the website of the State Service must be registered in 15 minutes. Personal data is checked by traffic police officers within 1 hour.

Where are international law

To obtain ready-made driver's license, you need to visit the Division of the traffic police, which was chosen when issuing a statement.

It is necessary to take with you to the department of the traffic police:

  • Passport of the Russian Federation.
  • Rights of the national sample.
  • A photograph of 3.5 * 4.5 cm (necessarily matte).
  • Military ID (for servicemen).
  • International passport.

Within 1-2 hours, employees will check the documents and give a citizen of Wu of the international sample.

Failure to issue MBU

Citizen can refuse to provide a service for issuing MBU. This is possible for several reasons:

  • Availability of information on deprivation of rights.
  • Providing documents with false information and signs of fake.

If the grounds for failure are unreasonable, you can write a complaint. The application form can also be found on the web resource of public services.

other methods

Through the information portal of the State Service, apply for the MIA takes a minimum of time, visiting personally not needed.

If you make a statement through the information web resource there is no possibility for any reason, this can be done in other ways:

  1. Personally visiting the traffic police with all the required documents. But this procedure will take quite a lot of time, as it will have to stand in a live queue for a long time, and wait for the staff to check the documents and issue a ready-made document.
  2. In multifunctional centers. But the design procedure will take from 3 to 7 days, since MFC is only an intermediary between a citizen and traffic police.

You can arrange MB in several ways. But the easiest and most optimal is to obtain an international driver's license through civil servants. Convenience is that a citizen can apply for MBU in a convenient setting and indicate the date free of affairs to visit the department. To get through civil servants, an international driver's license is required to have an account, in the status "confirmed".

For traveling on their personal vehicles abroad, as well as to manage a car of a foreign state, it is necessary to obtain an international driver's license. How to get it and what are the timing of registration? Do I need to take exams and where to pick up the MBU? To these and other questions, read detailed answers in the article.

Interesting fact : The first driver's securities in Russia were issued in St. Petersburg in 1900. At that time, the documents were issued only by local urban institutions and were not recognized in other settlements. In order for such rights to get, it was necessary to know the duration of the city's streets, as well as pass the exam for successful management of vehicles.

How to get an international driver's license in 2021: instruction for registration in traffic police and state services

The content of the article:

  1. Why are you needed and what the right of international sample 2021
  2. Required documents for registration of international rights
  3. Where you can get an international driver's license
  4. The cost of registration of international rights: state duty
  5. The term of the international driver's license
  6. Obtaining or replacement of wizard via traffic police
  7. Obtaining or replacing MBU through state services
  8. Answers to frequently asked questions

Why are you needed and what the right of international sample 2021

The document contains only three leaves with information and is a brochure of half a format A5. This little book has a solid cutting cover, and there are three leafy of the filament on the fold inside it. It is invalid without having a driver of national rights with him, because this brochure only complements them.

Information included in the MBU:

  • number and series of the Russian driver's license;
  • Photographic image of a citizen;
  • data on motorist, his last name, name and patronymic;
  • The period of action of the document and the legal name of the body, which this document transferred to the motorist;
  • Signature or print employee who issued a certificate;
  • The types of vehicles are listed, which motorist can control.

Many drivers are interested in: how can the documents for driving international format can be useful? The thing is that the legal basis for the regulation of transnational movement is the Geneva and Vienna Convention on Road Motion. Signatories Signators of the Geneva Covenant require MBU drivers. Countries that have signed the Vienna Agreement recognize national owner certificates. There are also countries in which none of the agreements do not have, therefore, in order to control vehicles there, it will be necessary to most likely get the driver's license leadership.

An international driver's license can replace any other identity document and will allow motorists:

  • Make a visa for traveling abroad on your own car;
  • take a transport property for rent;
  • open a bank account abroad;
  • avoid fines for managing vehicles without a relevant document;
  • Rent a room in the hotel.

Exploited vehicles in the territories where the agreement is signed, only if there are both documents that confirm that a citizen can manage the vehicle. The national document must be a plastic card with a barcode and comply with all international prescriptions. And it is also necessary to notarize and transfer it to the local language in this territory, because the services of Russian notarial offices are not suitable in this case.

Required documents for registration of international rights

To arrange international rights, it is necessary to collect the following package of documents:

  • Stamp passport with a relevant period of action necessary for the official that the official fits your Latinian data.
  • A document of the driver of a Russian sample, which must be available from the car owner, because without it, it is impossible to get MVA.
  • A stamp in a passport, which would indicate the presence of a registration site from a citizen if the sequence of the short-term, then requires paper confirming it.
  • A photographic image without a white corner corresponding to the size of 35x45 mm, on matte paper in color or in black and white format.
  • Application for issuing transnational rights, which consists of two pages of A4 format. The first page indicates information about the applicant, its place and date of birth, name, surname and patronymic, as well as passport data. Information about the national driver's license and the essence of the application is also provided. On the second page, the information fills the authorities officer.
  • Check about paying state duty.

This packet package is not at all difficult to collect, and the manufacture of the certificate will take from twenty to forty minutes if there is no big queue in the separation. Only the applicant can receive a certificate in the hands, which must confirm with his signature.

Where you can get an international driver's license

You can pick up the transnational driver's document in the department of the State Autosoperation, regardless of the place of your registration. It is important to understand that not all units are made by issuing such documents, so it is necessary to clarify this information from employees.

The cost of registration of international rights: state duty

For any document, which is issued by state institutions and other organizations, it is necessary to pay funds to the state budget. The amount of payment is regulated by federal authorities. The cost of the MBU at the current moment is 1600 rubles, regardless of the place of registration of interethnic rights.

If you are planning to save a little, you should do the design of the document through the website of the State Service. The design of the MBU through electronic appeal will reduce the payment of state duty to 1120 rubles, the electronic check can be paid with the help of monetary electronic systems, a bank card or from a mobile phone account. The state duty for replacing the certificate in losses or embezzlement will also be 1,600 rubles.

The term of the international driver's license

The period of action of international certificate is three years, after the expiration of the specified period of law it will be necessary to replace. The term is counted in a strict order since the issuance of the document, and not from the moment of applying for registration.

IMPORTANT: If the driver has changed personal data or he received a new category, the MBU will need to be updated. If the validity period of the document is over when the car enthusiast is over the border of the Russian Federation, he urgently needs to return home and extend the document.

Obtaining or replacement of wizard via traffic police

To replace or obtain international rights, you must contact the traffic police department, because the registration of this document in a single automated database should be carried out by the staff of this authority. The algorithm for obtaining MBU through the traffic police station is simple:

  1. A citizen must collect all the necessary papers.
  2. To specify in the selected department of the traffic police make international rights and whether they can be obtained there.
  3. Make an appointment in the department and come to the appointed time to the department.
  4. Pay in the state budget of money in the amount of 1600 rubles for the design of the MBU.
  5. Go to the employee and provide him with a package of documents, fill out the application form.
  6. Expect a ready-made document within one hour.
  7. Get MBU and leave a confirmation signature.

It is necessary to allocate several important nuances when obtaining the rights of the international sample:

  • It is only necessary to apply for the right to get right to the department where they are engaged in the manufacture and issuance of such documents, which should be clarified by phone from employees.
  • The extension, replacement or issuance of the transnational certificate occurs only in the presence of local driver's license of the standard sample.
  • To obtain the WMW, the card does not need a successful delivery of the theoretical course.
  • When receiving a new category, the motorist must replace the MBU document.
  • At the end of the term of national rights, it will also be replaced by MBU.

Obtaining or replacing MBU through state services

The portal of public services provides the ability to citizen citizens to send an electronic circulation to the traffic police for transnational rights. Such an online procedure is very convenient, because all the work takes place remotely, and the motorist needs only to appear for the document on the appointed period.

To submit an appeal to making MBA through the portal, the following steps must be performed:

  1. Complete authorization on the portal and log in to the user's personal account.
  2. Then you need to choose from the service catalog section "Services for individuals", and then choose the item "MVD".
  3. Next, you need to choose the item in which the receipt of the transnational driver's license is said.
  4. The statement indicates: Personal data of the motorist; Passport details; registration information; data from a driver's license; driver category; A compartment is selected in which the MBU will be obtained, as well as the time of receiving a citizen; There is a consent to data processing. The application is attached to the scanned copies of documents in color, photography and sample signature of the applicant's citizen.
  5. The following information is provided for communication: telephone number or email address.
  6. After sending a statement, the portal client must pay state duty in the amount of 1120 rubles in a bank or online. The receipt must be printed, after payment is made.

After all these actions, an e-mail of a citizen will receive an e-ticket with all the necessary information (date, place, time of receipt of the document). Next you need to arrive at the place and pick up your documents.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Do I need to take exams for receiving MBU?

To get a driver's license of an international format, it is not necessary to take an exam test for knowledge of the theoretical course of traffic rules. To take the theory will again have to be reused if your national document is canceled and it must be replaced.

Is it possible to ride the Russian Federation with international rights?

Citizens of the Russian Federation are obliged to have a national driver's license, to operate the vehicle, having only documents of the international sample with them, is prohibited. If you, being a citizen of the Russian Federation, received the driver's license of another country, then in the territory of the Russian Federation you are still obliged to have national rights.

If the motorist is not a citizen of the Russian Federation, he has the right to ride roads with international driving rights. Just do it can, not engage in commercial transportation of people. If a foreign citizen is going to transport people on a commercial basis, then it is obliged to obtain the rights of the Russian sample, the exception is only those drivers who go transit.

What is the difference between national rights from international?

International driver's license look like this:

Photo MBU
Photo MBU
  1. They are a three-leaf document A6 format.
  2. On the front side is information about the period of action of the document, when it was issued and by whom. Also on the same side there is a number of the national driver's license of a citizen, the press of the PBDD representative and the signature of the employee of this department.
  3. On the second page, information about transport categories that the citizen has a restriction in operation.
  4. On the third page, the passport details of the citizen and the seals, located opposite the categories open by the driver.

National rights look like this:

Photo of national rights
Photo of national rights
  1. They have a pinkish shade.
  2. They are made on a plastic-based 54x86 millimeters.
  3. They are given surname, name and patronymic of the motorist.
  4. Passport details and certificate number are indicated.
  5. They are put on the organ stamp, which issued the document, the date and place of issue are indicated.
  6. They have a driver's signature and categories that they are open.
  7. Also on the card is the barcode.

What are the differences?

  • The interval of the actual action of national rights is ten years, and the period of action of the MBU - 3 years.
  • Medical certificate for obtaining MBU is not required.
  • Delivery of the theoretical exam for receipt of the WMI is not required.
  • If the national document is canceled, then the MYVA will become invalid if the MBU is canceled, then it will not affect the national document.
  • International rights can be obtained, becoming adults. You can get national rights from 16 years (category A), and becoming adults can be opened in and C, Category E is available if the driver's driving experience is from one year and higher.
  • The cost of a national certificate is 2000 rubles, the cost of the MAV is 1600 rubles.

It is important to understand that a fine in the Russian Federation for driving without rights is 500 rubles, but abroad fines are completely different and depend on the country in which you entered. Without knowledge of traffic rules of that country in which you are going to exploit transport, it is better not to be, because ignorance of laws does not exempt from responsibility for the offense.

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