NVIDIA Shadowplay How to Enable - VEB Cheat Sheet for Internet Entrepreneurs!

GeForce Experience is the easiest way to update video card drivers, optimize games and share your victories. Millions of gamers around the world use this application, and with GeForce Experience 3.0, it became even easier to share their best game moments.

Easy access to SHADOWPLAY capabilities with the new Overleam GeForce Experience 3.0

You will notice that all the favorite SHADOWPLAY function has been updated and received the name of Overlay Share. Just click the combination of hot keys " Alt + Z. "Or the Share icon to open you well-known and loving recording capabilities.

Instant Repeat and Record

With the help of an overlay, you can easily record the gameplay with the frame shift frequency 60fps in resolution up to 4K both in full screen and in the window mode. Automatically record the last 20 minutes of gameplay using the function " Instant repetition , "(Previously known as ShadowMode mode) or write the gameplay manually with the function" Record ".

Improved gaming process broadcast

Never broadcast in Twitch or YouTube Live was so simple. Just click " Broadcast "And select Streaming Service to start passing your gameplay in resolution up to 1080p and frame shift frequency 60fps. We also improved this feature by reducing the resources of the system necessary for broadcasting.

Screenshots of the gaming process in 4K resolution

Now you can create screenshots and download them to the service without leaving the game and without using third-party applications. Just click " Alt + F1. "To save the screenshot into the gallery.

You can download your favorite pictures in Google photos or Imgur in resolution up to 3840 × 2160. Through GeForce Experience 3.0, users can download larger files (up to 12 MB) than directly via the web.

Overlay GeForce Experience Share: Preferences Tab

To connect your accounts, such as Google, Imgur, YouTube or Twitch, or change the settings, click on the tab " Preferences ".

You can add FPS display while playing, displaying from a camera or viewers who can view your broadcasts, as well as change key combinations for quick access to the possibilities of GeForce Experience.

You can also connect Google accounts, Imgur, YouTube and Twitch using the button. To plug ".

And add indicators and cameras through " Overlay ".

Select key combinations (General, recording, broadcast) in the section " Keyboard shortcut ".

Enable video recording from the desktop can be in " Privacy settings ".

Play with friends (experimental function)

We offer you a new opportunity for a cooperative game with friends, even if they are not in the same room. You can provide friends with access to your screen and control buttons or play in cooperative mode. All they need to do is open the Chrome browser, and they will immediately be able to join your gaming session.

To enable this feature, go to the Preferences tab and turn on " Experimental functions ".

Open overlay using keys " Alt + Z. "And you will see a new feature called" Stream transmission ".

Specify your friend's email address, and it will receive an invitation that will install and open the GeForce Experience application in Chrome browser.

After that you can play together on one screen. So, you can play together or simply let your friend observe the gameplay. This is a new and very interesting way to play PC.

Download GeForce Experience 3.0 right now

Do not everyone knows that the NVIDIA GeForce Experience utility set by default with the video card drivers of this manufacturer, there is a NVIDIA ShadowPlay feature (in-game overlay, Share Overlay), designed to record playing video in HD, broadcast games on the Internet and which can also be used To record what is happening on the desktop of the computer.

Not so long ago, I wrote two articles on the topic of free programs, with the help of which you can write a video from the screen, I think it is worth writing about this option, moreover, in some SHADOWPLAY parameters, it is advantageous from other solutions. At the bottom of this page there is a video taken with this program, if interesting.

If you do not have a supported video card based on NVIDIA GeForce, but you are looking for such programs, you can see:

On the installation and requirements for the program

When installing the latest drivers from the NVIDIA website, GeForce Experience, and with it and shadowplay are installed automatically.

At the moment, the screen entry is supported for the following series of graphic chips (GPU):

  • GeForce Titan, GTX 600, GTX 700 (i.e., for example, the GTX 660 or 770 will work) and newer.
  • GTX 600M (not all), GTX700M, GTX 800m and newer.

There are also requirements for the processor and RAM, but, sure if you have one of these video cards, then on these requirements your computer is suitable (you can see, fit or not in GeForce Experience, entering the settings and spread the settings page to the end - There in the "Functions, indicated which of them are supported by your computer, in this case we need intra-level overlay).

Record video from the screen using NV>

Previously, the play video and desktop recording functions in NVIDIA GeForce Experience were made in a separate SHADOWPLAY item. In the latest versions of this item, but the ability to record the screen itself is preserved (although in my opinion it has become somewhat less convenient available), and now is called "Overlay Share", "In-game overlay" or "intra-level overlay" (in different places GeForce Experience and on The site NVIDIA function is called differently).

To use it, follow these steps:

    Open NV> After executing the specified steps, you can immediately write video in games (the desktop recording is disabled by default, but you can turn it on) by pressing the ALT + F9 keys to start recording or calling the game panel by pressing the Alt + Z keys, but I recommend to study Parameters for starters.

After turning on the "In-game overlay" item, settings for recording and broadcast functions will be available. Among the most interesting and useful of them:

  • Keyboard shortcuts (start and stopping recording, saving the latest video segment, displaying the recording panel if you need it).
  • Privacy - It is at this point that you can enable the ability to record video from the desktop.

To configure the write quality, click on the "Record", and then "Settings".

To enable recording from a microphone, sound from a computer or disable audio recording, click on the microphone on the right side of the panel, similar to the webcam icon to disable or enable video recording from it.

After all the settings are made, simply use hotkeys to start and stop video recording from Windows desktop or from games. By default, they will be saved to the "Video" system folder (video from the desktop in the Desktop attached folder).

Note: Personally, I use the NVIDIA utility to record your video. I noticed that sometimes (both in earlier versions and newly) there are problems when recording, in particular - there is no sound in the recorded video (or recorded with distortions). In this case, it helps disabling the "In-game overlay" function, and then it is re-inclusion.

Using ShadowPlay and Program Benefits

Note: All that is described further refers to the earlier implementation of ShadowPlay work in NVIDIA GeForce Experience.

In order to configure, and then start recording using ShadowPlay, go to NVIDIA GeForce Experience and press the appropriate button.

With the help of the switch on the left part, you can enable and disable ShadowPlay, and the following are available from the settings:

  • Mode - By default, there is a background, that means that while you play the record is continuously carried out and when you press the key keys (ALT + F10), the last five minutes of this entry will be saved to the computer (time can be configured in the point "Background recording time" ), that is, if something interesting happens in the game, you can always save it. Manual - Recording is turned on by pressing Alt + F9 and any amount of time can be kept, a video file is saved by repeatedly pressing. It is also possible to broadcast in twitch.tv, I do not know whether they use it (I am not a particular player).
  • Quality - By default, it is high, it is 60 frames per second with a bit rate of 50 megabits per second and using the H.264 codec (screen resolution is used). You can independently configure the quality of the recording by specifying the desired bitrate and FPS.
  • Sound accompaniment - You can record sound from the game, sound from a microphone or both (and you can disable sound recording).


As you can see, everything is completely understandable and will not cause any special difficulties. By default, everything is saved to the video library in Windows.

Now about the possible benefits of ShadowPlay to record playing video compared to other solutions:

  • All functions are free for owners of supported video cards.
  • For recording and encoding video, the graphic processor of the video card (and possibly its memory) is used, that is, not a central computer processor. In theory, this can lead to the absence of video recording on the FPS in the game (after all, we do not touch the processor and the RAM), and maybe on the contrary (after all, we take part of the video card resources) - here you need to test: I have the same FPS that with the entry included Video, which is disabled. Although to record the video desktop, this option should be accurately effective.
  • Supports recording in permissions 2560 × 1440, 2560 × 1600

Check video game and desktop recording

The write results themselves - in the video below. And first several observations (it is worth considering that ShadowPlay is still in beta version):

  1. FPS counter, which I see when recording, is not recorded in the video (although it seems to be described in the description of the last update, which should).
  2. When recording from the desktop, a microphone was not recorded, although the options "always enabled" was installed in the options, and it was set in the Windows recorder devices.
  3. There are no problems with the quality of recording, everything is written as needed, starts with hot keys.
  4. At some point, the three FPS counter appeared at once in Word, where I write this article, did not disappear until I turned off ShadowPlay (beta?).

NVIDIA GeForce Shadowplay has two main advantages: optimal use of computer resources and the ability to record the latest minutes of the game. You can download the application for free, but your computer must comply with system requirements. In addition, both to use ShadowPlay and to install it, you need a GeForce Experience.

Features of configuration and use of the SHADOWPLAY program.

  • recording last minutes;
  • Excellent optimization.
  • Sometimes it works incorrectly.

NVIDIA GeForce ShadowPlay is an additional application for GeForce Experience. Video recording occurs when you play your favorite games, so the entire gameplay can be documented. The goal of NVIDIA GeForce ShadowPlay is distanced from competitors thanks to the Shadow function. Shadow allows you to record the last minutes of your game. The application returns in time and saves the moment you just experienced to share it with others. In other areas, NVIDIA GeForce Shadowplay is not inferior to rivals. For example, there are several options for configuring the video you want to write.

NVIDIA responds to the next-generation consoles requests, offering ShadowPlay feature as part of the GeForce Experience application. The program will allow you to automatically register a maximum of 20 minutes of the gameplay. The video is saved on a hard disk. When you press the appropriate key combination, the file is automatically created, which can later be edited in third-party programs. Everything is based on the H.264 codec embedded in the Maps from the GTX 600 and 700 families and supports all games based on the DirectX library 9. Records are created even in 1920 × 1080 and at 60 frames per second, but quality can be changed taking into account your own requirements.

Optimal capture device

The second trump card in the Sleeve ShadowPlay is that the same technology of system resource optimization technology is used here as for GeForce video cards. As a result, it doesn't matter how high the graphic requirements for the game that you write down - FPS fall almost will not be! Your games will be launched smoothly and with the highest possible quality. In this sense, ShadowPlay - the choice is better than the legendary FRAPS. Setting the highest recording setting means dropping liquidity by 5-10 percent. For Windows 7, the maximum file size is 4 GB, Windows 8 eliminates this limit. Plans also include automatic publication of the Internet game on the Twitch website.

  • New GEFORCE EXPERIENCE option compatible with GeForce 650 maps or newer;
  • Buffer at 10-20 minutes, which records gaming progress;
  • a slight decline in performance;
  • In developing the possibility of broadcasting the game live.

ShadowPlay will allow you to save a dozen minutes of the gameplay, bypassing third-party programs (such as FRAPS, CamStudio or Xfire). Thanks to the H.264 decoder, built into the GEFORCE series 600 and 700 (ShadowPlay will be compatible with them), the program will record the last ten or twenty minutes of the current game in a temporary file. If you manage to do something stunning than you want to share with the world, everything you need to do to keep the current session as video in MP4 format is to press Alt + F10 combination.

Shadowplay will handle all games using the DirectX 9 or higher libraries. The image is saved in high resolution (up to 1920 × 1080 pixels) with 60 frames per second. With the highest recording quality settings (50 Mbps) this feature can reduce the performance of a 5-10% game - not so much compared to popular recording programs. In addition, no longer need to store a lot of huge video files on the hard drive, trying to capture some kind of good moment.

ShadowPlay also allows you to manually write games. The ALT + F9 key combination will start saving the current game without time limit. For Windows 7 systems, these files will not be able to weigh more than 4 GB, but for Windows 8 the restriction will be only on the amount of free disk space. Existing GeForce Experience functions include updating graphics drivers and recommendations of optimal graphic settings in recent games.

How to enable ShadowPlay

After rebooting the PC, many users are wondering what this program gets into autoload. First of all, you need a video card compatible with the shadowplay function. This option is only available on GeForce GTX 600, 700 and 900 video cards or for laptops - on 600m, 700m, 800m and 900m models. The next step is to make sure that the GeForce Experience software is installed. This is part of the GeForce GameReady Drivers package, so the default must be installed. GeForce Experience can be found in the "Start" menu. Otherwise, it can be separately downloaded from the official website.


How to enable ShadowPlay? After activating the program, click the "ShadowPlay" button in the upper right corner of the window. The ShadowPlay window will appear, which will allow you to enable this function and configure its parameters. First, we need to activate ShadowPlay - for this press the switch on the left side of the window. Then select Recording Mode. The following modes are available:

  • Manual - recording is activated and stops using the keyboard button. Until we do this, the program will not record anything. This mode works as usual, classic recording software - FRAPS or Bandicam.
  • Shadow - Shadowplay constantly records our progress and remembers in temporary memory up to 20 minutes of the last game. The video will be saved after pressing hot keys. The advantage of this option is to maintain a part of the gameplay, which we have not yet planned to record.
  • Shadow & Manual - a combination of modes described above. ShadowPlay performs a permanent entry into temporary memory, and if we want to save, for example, the last 20 minutes, just press the appropriate key. At the same time, the normal recording mode is also available, activated by another button, so at any time you can record regular video, setting the beginning and end of the recording.
  • Twitch - the mode does not record the video on the disk, and instead transmits it to the channel on Twitch.tv. It is necessary to register in advance in Twitch and pass the channel authentication.

In addition, you can select the quality of the recorded video (the higher the quality, the greater the video file size) and the SHADOWPLAY mode can record only the sound ("in the game") or voice from the microphone, which is useful when we plan to create a recording with comments. If you have chosen the shadow mode, in the Shadow Time field, you can choose how many minutes of the last game you want to save.

The next step is to configure the shortcuts of the keys and the save location. To do this, click the button with the image of the gear slightly below the ShadowPlay switch. Settings will appear in which in the appropriate fields you can set the combinations of buttons that activate the start and stop recording or saving the last minutes from the shadow mode.

Slightly below, you can choose a disk and a folder in which our video materials should be saved. In addition to the location of the save, you should also specify the directory for temporary files - if you have little space on C drive, the record can be limited, so in both fields it is worth specifying a disk and a directory in which enough memory is worth it. If you wish to write, you can add an image from a webcam. The settings are available size and location options on the screen where the image should be displayed.

NVIDIA GeForce ShadowPlay works only with GeForce GTX 600 and 700 cards and only on personal computers. Unfortunately, GeForce Shadowplay causes a lot of problems and sometimes crashes. Despite the fact that the program has long come out of the phase of beta testing, it still generates many errors, it starts incorrectly, sometimes not written even after switching on. Despite the problems mentioned above, Nvidia GeForce Shadowplay is definitely worth trying to each geimer. First of all, because it is software for free.

Why guys, tell us today about the settings of NVIDIA Shadowplay, for stream, I do not think that this program is greatly popular, because there is excellent, powerful and flexible OBS.

But you never know, someone will find something attractive for themselves)


In order to install NVIDIA ShadowPlay, we need to download the GeForce Experiense software package, after downloading it, you need to install it and run.

Then you need to log in, through Google ACC or Facebook, well, or create a separate account.

After authorization you meet the initial screen where you will see all your games.


Click on the gear to execute the settings, then in the "General" tab, find the item "In-game overlay" and sick settings.


The first thing you will encounter the Connect tab, you need to choose the service where you want to fight, all the most popular services are presented, everything is very simple, pumping on the right, authorized there, everything is ready.


Next Location tab HUD, there you can configure the location of the camera, turn on the frame meter and the status indicator of your stream.


In the Combination of the keys, you can see hotkes, there are a lot of them there, it makes it more convenient to control the program.


After that, let's go to the "Live Broadcast" tab, then there are basic tanking of our streaming settings at all. Not much can choose the quality of the stream. These are automatic presets, or poke custom settings that will give us the opportunity to choose permission, frame rate and put a bitrate, depending on the power. Internet and your iron.

At the bottom, we choose the broadcast server as we know the youtube of them only 2. Twich server choose by remote, such as you live closer to Asia choose Asian, and closer to Europe of course European.


In the "Audio" tab, everything is concise, several slugins with adjusting the sample and the volume of the microphone.


Another program can make the screenshots of the game in real time, in the "Best Moments" tab, it is worth specifying the path where screenshots will be made and find out what the key to do something to do them, in my opinion this feature is the coolest and useful NVIDIA Shadowplay.


Summarizing I want to say that the program for a stream from Nvidia Shadowplay, such a myself, no flexible settings, everything is built on a pair of twilight, but perhaps someone wants to register and he will like it.

Oh, I forgot to completely say that you can still write games, the settings are performed absolutely as in the "Live Broadcast" tab of a pair of runners, bitrate more and drove!

I have everything on this! Stream, create content, create creative, achieve success. Good luck to all!

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