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For identification and accounting of organizations and entrepreneurs, the state created many classifiers. Among them, the All-Russian Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations (OKPO) is the most basic, on its basis the company is assigned to other statistics codes. It facilitates the state of the tasks of holding statistical analysis and management of information on business entities. In the article we will analyze what is the OKPO code, for which it is needed, where it can be found and what information it will allow you to get it.

What is OKPO code

To legalize activities, all enterprises should receive OKPO code. He indicates the direction of activity in which the enterprise works. OKPO classification objects:

  • Legal entities;
  • Organizations without the formation of a legal entity;
  • Individual entrepreneurs.

State statistics authorities necessarily assign the code of each organization or IP when registering. This happens automatically on the basis of Data Eagrip and the Encursion.

Assigned OKPO code, an economic entity preserves over the entire period of activity. Reorganization or a change of legal address does not require changes. However, when changing the type of activity, the code changes. You can get a new one in Rosstat organs, indicating the reason for changing the industry. When liquidating the company, the code is removed from the classifier and cannot be used for another 5 years. There are no identical OKPO codes.

What needs OKPO

First of all, OKPO needs Rosstatat for statistanalysis and establishing information exchange. In addition, it allows you to identify the referee of the Russian Federation, automate information processing and sharing information.

OKPO code is no less important for organizations and their leaders. Only after its receipt, the activity becomes legal. Without code, it is impossible to change constituent documents, open a new branch or change the manager. In addition, the code is a mandatory props for a variety of documents: contracts, agreements, licenses, acts.

OKPO code is not confidential. Knowing code, you can search for databases and learn official information about the subject. Knowing the OKPO code, it is easier to access other registers and check whether your counterpartier is conscientiously fulfilling its obligations to the state, whether the bankruptcy procedure is not open.

What is OKPO

OKPO classifier consists of two parts. The first is intended for organizations, the second - for IP. Each part consists of three blocks:

Identification unit Contains OKPO code. OKPO code of organizations has 8 characters, IP - 10 characters. The first digits of the code determine the scope of activity:

  • natural and labor resources;
  • Products of labor and production activities;
  • Subjects of the national economy;
  • Management and documentation.

The last digit is the control, for calculating it uses the method of calculating the control number established by the standardization rules.

Object name block . This block indicates the name of the organization or IP. For organizations in the OKPO code, the full or abbreviated name of the organization and, in the presence, its name in English are indicated. For entrepreneurs indicate that the subject is an individual entrepreneur, and fixed by F.O.

Block of classification signs Contains codes of other classifiers. It contains information about six classifiers: OKATO, OKFS, OKUGU, OKOPF, OKVED and OKTMO.

The classifier exists only in electronic form and is constantly changing. New organizations are added, existing ones are eliminated, the types of activity are changed.

How to find out the OKPO code for organization or IP

Initially, OKPO code is issued by Rosstat's Office when registering an enterprise. In addition, you can find out the OKPO code by looking into the documentation. The code is a mandatory props in many documents and is often listed on the press.

If the code is lost, you can request a new statement with the code in Rosstat, but this is a paid service. To this end, it is necessary to submit a request to Rosstat and submit a certificate of OGRN, TIN, an extract from the EGRUL / EGRIP. Within 5 days you will provide an answer with the code.

To get information about the counterparties, you can contact the FTS Department at the place of residence. By filling out a statement, you can get information on OKPO in person or by mail within 5 days.

The bureaucracy and inflexibility of state structures create problems when contacting: the need to apply in person personally, stand in queues, pay state dresses. There is a way easier - use the Internet. The search engine will help enter the organization's website. Many firms publish OKPO code on their website among details.

How to find out OKPO by Inn

The Federal Tax Service has placed an online service for checking counterparties on its website. To do this, choose the electronic service "Business Risks" and introduce the INN, OGRN / OGRNIP or the name of the Juralice or IP. With the help of the service, you can find out the company's legal address, but not OKPO code. Knowing the address, you can contact the district administration and request code there.

With the help of OKPO.ru and EGRUL.COM resources, you can leave an application for statistics codes or request extracts from state registers.

The fastest and most reliable way is to search for OKPO code on the Rosstat website (http://statreg.gks.ru/). It allows you to create and print a notification. To start searching, you need to specify one of the details: OKPO, INN or OGRN. The search results will affect the organization, and a notification will be created. It contains all statistics codes: OKPO, OKATO, OKTMO, OKFS, OKUGU, OKOPF.

Article author: Elizabeth Kobina

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Update: January 11, 2021


Rosstat leads the all-Russian classifier of enterprises and organizations (the so-called OKPO) For unambiguous identification, business entities located on the territory of the Russian Federation (Section II of the Regulations on OKPO , apply. Order of Rosstat from 29.03.2017 N 211). And often ask a question if there is OKPO at the individual entrepreneur or not (has IP OKPO). And if it has, then how to find out OKPO IP?

OKPO: what is it and where to take it

All-Russian classifier of enterprises and organizations (OKPO) Contains two sections:

  • The first section includes legal entities, their branches, offices;
  • The second section contains individual entrepreneurs.

That is, the question happens to the IP code OKPO, You can answer the affirmative.

The code OKPO An individual entrepreneur consists of 10 digital signs. Nine of them are the ordinal number of the entrepreneur, and the tenth sign is a control number calculated by a specific technique.

Where to learn OKPO for IP

The code OKPO Assigns to individual entrepreneurs Rosstat on the basis of information about their state registration. This information Rosstat receives from uniform registers, that is, in the case of IP - from Eagip. The code OKPO assigned in an automated order and is preserved for the entrepreneur for the entire period of its activities (section III of the provisions on OKPO , apply. Order of Rosstat from 29.03.2017 N 211).

Rosstat: how to find out OKPO IP on Inn online

Code Information OKPO An individual entrepreneur is contained in the special information and search system Rosstat on the Internet (section III provisions on OKPO , apply. Order of Rosstat from 29.03.2017 N 211). OKPO IP on the INN to find out online and can be as follows:

  • Come on the Rosstat website;
  • Specify the Inn entrepreneur or his OGNIP;
  • Press the "Get" button.

As a result, you will see codes assigned to an individual entrepreneur.

It should be noted that the entrepreneur receives free and online information about the following codes:

  • OKATO;
  • OCTMO;
  • Skogu;
  • OKFS;
  • OKOPF.

Rosstat's service allows you to print information about IP codes in the form of notification.

Note that now Rosstat does not send newly registered entrepreneurs about the statistics codes, which they are assigned. That is, learn the IP codes can independently through our service free online.

OKPO Organization

Note that through the same service Rosstat find out OKPO In the Inn can both organizations.

More information on the topic you can find in

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  • Free access to the system for 2 days.
  • Any enterprise has a considerable number of different designations and codes assigned during registration. Their functions are very different, and they are used in different documents. One of the most necessary and frequently encountered identifiers is the OKPO code.
  • What is his feature?
  • Where to take him to the entrepreneur?

What information about activities does he carry? What documents are OKPO indicated? ?

Do I need to specify OKPO in

Personal employee card

Decrypt OKPO OKPO code is one of the most significant for a businessman, because it is based on its basis, it also receives other types of encodings. Without OKPO, the enterprise cannot legitimately carry out its activities, this combination of numbers is necessary for many important securities necessary for the work of the enterprise. Abbreviation


Means the "All-Russian Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations". According to this classifier, the entrepreneur is registered in the base of Rosstat on this or that the specified type of activity. ?

For what

The All-Russian Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations (OKPO) is intended Finding in the Eagle or an Enjoyment, the entrepreneur receives this number in his first registration discharge from this registry. While he will be listed by the entrepreneur, this OKPO number will be enshrined behind it, it is possible to change it only with a change in the kind of activity.


OKPO Classifier was put into effect by the Resolution of the State Standard of the Russian Federation No. 297 of December 30, 1993, and the duty to assign the statistical authorities only in 1999.

OKPO - Why? OKPO code allows you to learn almost all basic information about the entrepreneur as a business entity, as it gives access to the statistical database of Rosstat. Thanks to this code, you can simplify the connection between the various state bodies, as well as between entrepreneurs and those or other departments, because OKPO is universal. :

  • OKPO identifier performs such
  • Functions
  • Collection of statistical data about all entrepreneurs leading business in Russia;
  • Identification of the enterprise by the nature of the activity;
  • systematization of business data in a single information field;

Automation of incoming business information; props of various business documents.


OKPO is not associated with the tax system, so there is no tax on taxation in it. This identification code is intended solely for statistical purposes.

  • Who are assigned OKPO?
  • OKPO code receives at registration any economic entity, regardless of its legal status, which is subject to a single-state register. These include:
  • individuals - IP;

Automation of incoming business information; legal entities, including their representative offices and branches;

Organizations that do not have the status of Jurlitz.

If the entrepreneur carries out any activity, without having an OKPO code, he does not force penalties as soon as the verifier authority establishes this serious violation.

  • Features of the number OKPO
  • The digital OKPO identifier for one or another business entity is characterized by the number of characters:

For legal entities - 8 digits;

For IP - 10 digits.

If the IP was registered until 1999, that is, before OKPO entrepreneurs began to be assigned to OKPO, this code can be obtained in the management of Rosstat. This number is unique, it cannot be repeated. IP and Yurlitz cannot have identical OKPO, it is prohibited by law.


The only exception when two organizations can be assigned the same OKPO, this is the situation when the company was eliminated, and since then more than 5 years has passed: the number is considered free.

Structure of OKPO code

  1. In the national register, the OKPO identifier has two independent sections: the first is allocated for legal entities and organizations without this status, and the second is for individual entrepreneurs. Each section consists of 3 parts.
  2. name of the property . In this block, the full name of the business entity is recorded, as well as abbreviated. The name must be indicated in Russian, but if there is a foreign language option, it enters as additional information. For IP, the name is the name in the nominative case.
    • Identifier
    • . The numbers themselves, of which consists of an OKPO code: 8 for enterprises, 10 - for IP. The first and second numbers encode the direction of activity, there may be 4:
    • resources (natural and labor);
    • goods and other products of labor and production;

    National economy;

  3. Documentation and management. The remaining positions, besides the last, are a sequence number that got in the registration process. The final sign is control, it can be calculated according to a special scheme described in the standardization rules.

Additional codes

. In addition to OKPO, the entrepreneur receives belonging to other classifiers recorded in its statistical accounting, such as: Data on other possible classifiers, other than 6, are not provided in this block. ?

Do I need to point out

OKPO in a regular schedule

Where is OKPO coming from

The authority responsible for OKPO - the Office of Rosstat (Federal State Statistics Service). It replenishes and updates the database on entrepreneurs regarding their kind of activity.

  1. Where to take OKPO We list all possible ways to obtain information about OKPO.
  2. Letter from statistics . Jurlitsa, organizations and IP during registration need to be obtained from these Rosstat data, which contains all the basic statistical information on the new entity entrepreneurial activity, including OKPO code. If this letter is lost, it can be reused or via the Internet (re-information is provided for a fee). This requires TIN and an extract from EGRIP or an incorporation.
  3. Various documents . OKPO code is indicated on a large number of various documentation on the workshop of the company: payment orders, accounting and tax papers, agreements, acts of acceptance and transmission or work performed, reports of controls.
  4. Federal Tax Service Service . OKPO code can be found online if the Inn entrepreneur or Jurlitsa is known. On the site you can find out the address for which the organization is registered, and OKPO himself is already found out in the district administration.
  5. Tax inspectorate . Having written a written statement, you can ask for a re-discharge issuance from the EGRULT or EGRIP. For this you need an identity card, TIN and constituent documents of the company. Officially, you must answer within 5 days.

Official sites

  1. . Many enterprises, especially large, do not install from their OKPO and publish it on their Internet pages, where they are easy to find, using the "Search" function.
  2. Instructions how to find out OKPO through the FSGS website
  3. Go to the special section of the Site of the Federal State Statistics Service - https://websbor.gks.ru/webstat/#!/gs/statistic-codes.

Specify the INN or OGRN / OGRNIP organization, as well as if necessary, the name of the organization and click the "Get" button.

Official sites

In the results of the query in the data block on statistics in the first place there will be an OKPO value.

By analogy, a service is provided, intended to find OKPO by OGRNIP of an individual entrepreneur for free: In the same section, enter the ognip, click "Get" and check the code.

Screenshot for convenience of understanding:

Information about OKPO - mostly reference, it is not often needed with normal business management, it requires regulatory authorities only in special situations. Often, individual entrepreneurs are not aware of their own OKPO code, because this information is not mandatory.

Each subject of the financial and economic activities of government agencies assign various details and identifiers. One of them is the code on the All-Russian Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations (OKPO). This is one of the primary details, on its basis assign the remaining codes. According to it, organizations are classified, their branches and representative offices, as well as entrepreneurs.

The information of OKPO IP can find out online or in another way.

  • What needs OKPO
  • The classifier is approved by order of Rosstat No. 211 from 2017. It is necessary for government agencies for several purposes:
  • identifies economic entities;
  • simplifies the interdepartmental exchange of necessary information;

promotes automated data processing;

Provides compatibility of various information systems that contain information about business entities.

Statistical authorities include this information into a single state register of enterprises and organizations (EGRPO). With the help of OKPO, you can get information about the organizational and legal form of the subject, the form and place of its activities, departmental subordination. Unlike the Incorporation and the Jerip in the Register, full information about the business entity is posted.

  1. What is OKPO
  2. The classifier consists of 2 sections, the first contains information on legal entities, their representative offices and branches, and the second - about entrepreneurs. Each section includes 3 blocks.
  3. Identification unit, it is directly the OKPO itself. Organizations it consists of 8 characters, and IP from 10, so the codes are easy to distinguish. The last digit in both cases is a control number that is calculated by a special method. The first 7 or 9 characters is a sequence number.

Object name block. For IP, it includes the name and indication that this is an individual entrepreneur.

The qualification block contains codes of other all-Russian classifiers on the form of economic activity, territorial affiliation, ownership form, etc.

As you can see, it is an important props. To get information on OKPO for IP, there are several ways.

How to find out your code

The statistical authorities are automatically assigned this props on the basis of information on state registration of a legal entity or IP. As soon as information about the entrepreneur contributed to the Eagle, it is transferred to statistics and form code. If the type of activity is changing, changes also make changes to OKPO. No statements about the assignment or change in the requisite to the entrepreneur are not necessary.

The code is preserved for the economic entity of the entire period of its activity. Each of them is individual, they can not repeat. If the organization is liquidated or IP terminates activities, the code is excluded from the classifier, while it cannot be assigned to another object over the next 5 years.

In accordance with the instructions approved by Rosstat 22.12.1999, legal entities of statistical authorities are obliged to send an informational letter to assign appropriate codes. But about IP in the instructions nothing is said, so you will have to learn information on OKPO yourself.

You can get them in several ways.

Contact personally

You can seek information on the separation of Rosstat or to the tax authority. For information you need to write a statement and specify your INN. The official response must provide within 5 working days after the appeal. Information can be issued on your hands, but for this you will need to come again, or send by registered mail to the address specified in the application.

Send a request by mail

If there is no separation of Rosstat in the settlement where IP lives, it can send a request by mail. In this case, the answer can be provided not only in the form of a regular letter, but also by email or by fax.

Get on the Rosstat website

Information from OKPO and details from other classifiers are posted on both the official website of Rosstat and other Internet resources. Get the OKPO code on the Rosstat website for IP will not be much labor. To do this, go to the indicated link above and enter your INN. The system will issue not only information from OKPO, but also a list of reports that IP are obliged to provide in statistical authorities. Formed information can be printed as notice. In paper form, the notification is given only once. Additional copies can be obtained only on the official Rosstat website.

As for the receipt of props on third-party sites, the information on them may be irrelevant, for example, in the event of a change in an entrepreneur type of activity. Therefore, to use such information is unsafe.

  • Get from the service check of counterparties
  • By registering in our free service https://proverka.c-start.biz/, you will be able to get a detailed report on your company in which your OKPO code is specified. The service will also prepare reports on the reputation of potential business partners from which you will learn:
  • Actual details of the company, communication and reputation as a guideline, OKVED codes;

The service allows you to form a notification with existing IP encodings. In addition to the identifier for enterprises and organizations, OCTMO, OKUM, OKFS, OKOPF are indicated in the notification.

Financial indicators of the counterparty over the past 3 years, participation in tenders, licensing and declarations;

Data on arbitration cases in which the counterparty conducted by checks conducted, bankruptcy claims.

Is it possible to learn the code from IDP documents

The official document for IP is to extract from the EGRIP, where OKPO information is not specified. In the primary documents: accounts, acts of work performed their code entrepreneur introduces on the basis of existing information. Therefore, I cannot see OKPO in the PP documents, it is necessary to get it on the Rosstat website.

Where to see OKPO individual entrepreneur? In the statement from statistics, which is requested in the territorial department. In this discharge, all statistical ciphers of IP are listed, including OKTMO, Skogu, OKFS, OKOPF.

What is this code

The code on the all-Russian classifier of enterprises and organizations is assigned to Rosstat. This encoding is necessary for identification, statistical monitoring of the activities of economic entities and for the exchange of information between departments. In the order of Rosstat No. 211 dated March 29, 2017, there is an OKPO from an individual entrepreneur, yes, there is. In the first section of the order, codes are indicated for legal entities, in the second - for IP.

The list of enterprises and organizations forms Rosstat, the department assigns and removes the encoding.

Rosstat no longer sends a notification with the appropriate encodings registering for the first time organizations and IP. The document must be requested in a departments or receive online in the statistical information system.

In paragraph 2 of Section II of the provisions about the All-Russian Classifier of enterprises and organizations from the order No. 211 explains, individual entrepreneurs have OKPO or not, - it is. The identifier is assigned to each PI upon registration with the aim of encoding an economic subject and subsequent statistical observation. The cipher on the All-Russian Classifier is unique for each business entity.

How to get it

Apply to the application assignment is not required - the encoding is assigned automatically when registering the IP and does not change during the entire period of its operation. Accommodation is available for OKPO according to the Individual Entrepreneur in case there are no statements from Rosstat, and the information is urgently required to fill out reporting.

The code is assigned on the basis of information from the EGRIP. The IP encoding includes 10 digits: the first 9 is the sequence number, the latter is set as a control number. That's where to find OKPO individual entrepreneur - on the official website of Rosstat.

How to learn it

All-Russian classifiers lead Rosstat. All information about the IP encoding is presented in the information system of the department. Here is a step-by-step instruction, how to find out the OKPO code of an individual entrepreneur for the Inn in the system.

Step 1. Go to the official website of Rosstat - https://rosstat.gov.ru/. We find the "Respondents" section.

Step 2. In the open information section of the respondents, choose a list of forms.