The meaning of the word harpoon. What is harpoon?

  • HARPOON , -but, m. Throwing tool in the form of a spear on a long cable, used for hunting on large marine animals and fish.

    [Golle. harpoen]

Source (print version): Dictionary of the Russian language: in 4 tons / wounds, Institute Linguistich. studies; Ed. A. P. Evgenaya. - 4th ed., Ched. - M.: Rus. Yaz.; Poligraphressurs, 1999; (electronic version): Fundamental electronic library

  • HARPOON , but, m. [Goal. harpoen] (mor., hunt.). Throwing weapon in the form of a spear on a rope for hunting on large marine animals.

A source: "The Explanatory Dictionary of the Russian Language" edited by D. N. Ushakov (1935-1940); (electronic version): Fundamental electronic library

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Volume 6. Moscow, 2006, p. 415 Copy the bibliographic link:


HARPOON S. A. Arutyunov, K. A. Dniprovsky Cartoon complex of ancient-Beringomorsk culture: 1 - tip with a ring; 2 - headband; 3 - "Winged Item". Flaws. (Eng. HarpoOn), a throwing hunting weapon used in fisheries and especially in the Sea Hyfticraft. It consists of a rush with a ring, which is satisfied with a removable tip of bone, horns or a walrus with one or more teeth, connected by a linet with a float from an animal skull. When entering the body of an animal, the tip is separated from the tree, the float does not allow the animal to hide under water. A swivel tip is often used, which, after tensioning the line, turns out 90 ° and thus fixed under the skin of the animal. Rotary tips from the end of the Paleolithic - Mesolithic are found in the east. Europe, Scandinavia, from Neolithic - in North. Japan, on Sakhalin (sometimes mistakenly called tools like Ostrog with gear tips). Most developed G. with NCH. 1st thousand n. e. At carriers Ancient-Beringomorsk culture , in which the stabbing is in addition to the slicer, a stabilizer with a slot for

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