What is the meaning of life or 3 reasons to live

Somehow one sage asked the king, when he visited his dwelling.

-How do you think that the most amazing in the world?

The king thought for a long time and admitted that he did not know the answer to this question

Then the sage said:

"Smell is amazing what everyone knows that his great-grandfather died, his grandfather also died, and her parents died, but he himself believes that he would never happen to him and his children. It seems to him that his life will always last.

And we have a feeling for such a feeling, we will also talk about this in our article. We will also talk about different meanings, each of them has its own arguments. Make conclusions only to you.

What is the meaning of life, for which we live are the most important question. There are 3 reasons for the meaning of life. About everything in order.



  • What are all the old people
  • Parable about the monk.
  • What is your bad news for us?
  • What you should not worry about a good person.
  • Side Development Effect.

For what we live. What we know from our parents

What always heard from their parents when they asked a question - what is the meaning of life? The main answer was to grow children, give them a good education and upbringing. It was also possible to hear - to become a worthy person, to achieve something in life and, if possible, do something useful for society. It seems that all.

When I was 12 years old, I did not give an answer at all that the meaning of life in the children. I did not suit at all because it was still small. I have two children now, and I can not imagine life without them. I was still not suitable for this answer because every generation says that way. In essence, you were born to give life to another.

On the one hand, it is correct, and this very, very important nuance is still touched, but in my opinion, it is only part of us. Necessary, but not sufficient.

Unfortunately, our children will die. We can't imagine it in any way, but it is. Their children will die too. So is it all the meaning of life?

All the essence and the whole point of life despite the fact that we still die?

Always doubted and now I doubt


Yes, there is still something valuable for society. This is important, no less important than children. But what about ourselves? Moreover, every person can still do not do something that is special for society, and everyone has children. Then it turns out that such people live in vain? Can we be so categorical? And what about the account of the man is inflighted?

Extreme, you will say.

And what about the fact that according to statistics now they can not have children about 20% of men and women? This is a huge figure! Do they live meaningless if the meaning of life is only in children?

In the end, we do not bind our arguments only to this. Here I set doubt on that the purpose of life is to grow a child and benefit society. Children still drop out of the nest.

I repeat to the account on ourselves? We do not end our life on it!

What is the meaning of life or 3 reasons to live. Self-realization

Someone goes deeper. Self-realization is the meaning of our life! Implement our entire inner potential, to reveal and receive pleasure from the fruits of their professional activities. By the way, self-realization may be in raising children? Can!

Do you know what are all the old men?

I emphasize - all old people are independent of professional achievements.

All of them say that if they had the opportunity, they would have changed a lot at different stages of life. Old men It is said that little time was given to relatives and loved ones, and more worked. Would any opportunity - would change this proportion.

Many have more time to adjust their lives.

Self-realization is very important.

Arch is important.

Another question, if we do not understand who we actually actually do not clearly imagine the most sense of life, then our self-realization does not have a rod.

That is, it is often possible to see and hear that self-realization in the understanding of people, it is to spoil their strongest parties and their development. For the most part, this is all self-realization. Or we return to professional activities, to work.

Do you understand? What causes our potential in themselves, but then will it all end with death? One dies, whose goal was the food and a sweet dream, the second dies, who sacrificed it. What is the meaning of all this? =))

What is the essence of life if we still die? Parable of Extremes

Somehow the Hermit Monk was asked why he sits under the tree and does nothing. The hermit smiled in response and asked himself, and for what to do something?

-The time to build a house, answered him

-Why did I need a house, the hermit questioned?

-The order to marry and start the children, answered hermit

-What is your wife and children, the hermit said inadvertegable?

-What would you get pleasure from this!

-My will feed and wear? - Interested in Monk

- No, of course, you will have to work

-What is it all this?

-When you earn a lot of money, you can do nothing!

- So I do nothing now, I said the hermit!


Someone does not need to be a monk to sincerely believe that he should do nothing. We definitely understand what to be a goal, it is not the point of life. Of course, another question is that we would like to have a lot of free time for yourself and relatives, for traveling and hobbies, but it is different.

Here our meaning of life is not like idleness, but as freedom for your loved business.

If the monk is an extreme with a plus sign from a social point of view, then idleness, as the meaning of life, is an extreme with a minus sign. Repeat - live life without making anything or others, there is a worst option.

For what we live. Bad and good news

And yet, what is the meaning of life?

The bad news is that if we consider in context only one of our life - there is a lot of meaning in life. But if we say that we live countless times overlooking one body to another, then everything becomes in place. Then everything is very logical.

Do not throw me virtual stones. In my deep conviction, reincarnation is the resettlement of the soul, the religion is not related to religion. We will not talk about religion here at all.

If you want to know about it in more detail, please read my article "What is reincarnation".

Today about the friend, let's go further and in order.

If we do not believe in reincarnation, the logicality of the reincarnation theme cannot be ignored. Logistics in terms of the fact that our self-realization, if there is a reincarnation, will not be in vain.

In accordance with the rules of reincarnation, we continue our development exactly from the place from which they finished.

Of course, the arithmetic we will have to compete again, but personal experience in terms of what is good, and what is bad, will be in our genes. After all, you probably noticed that the level of mind and wisdom in humans are different. From where one person knows that it is impossible to do so, although no one taught it. And the second comes on rake from time to times.

For those who are engaged in their development, nothing to worry about.

For any decent person - especially. He is not talking about. If death is completely complete with death, so be. He was decent not because of religion, but because he considered it right, he could not differently. If, if there is life after death, then in all his virtue will be rewarded by merit. Such a person is exactly not losing anything!

What is the meaning of life or 3 reasons to live. FROM Amoe interesting

Everything makes sense if we understand that our "I" will always be. The meaning of life is not considered in the context of one life, and already chains of lives. Self-realization? Sure! The development of his heart and love is undoubtedly! Expansion of your consciousness - yes! All this makes sense if all this continues.

We don't even imagine yourself, in which universe we live and what are our prospects in this universe!


The higher our internal emotions are raised in our consciousness, the better birth will be obtained in order to further implement our abilities. And by the way, on the contrary. Read Mai Article about it "Karma - what is such simple words" .

If you build your life with the future, it will affect your actions in a direct way. Meaning will not surround here and now, but to develop myself and my abilities so that then you do not need everything you need and even beyond that. Because the developed, experienced soul has a lot of good karma in its asset.

Have a lot of good karma, it is not the goal itself. This is a side effect of your height.

Developed soul - happy soul. Happiness attracts everything and everyone.

Happiness is a consequence of the development of your personality, souls from life.

We will bring up your children even more fully, when we have real, you can say immortal knowledge. We can give them much more, including love, if they understand the main purpose of the meaning of life.

3 components of the meaning of life

As a result, there are 3 components of the meaning of life

  • Raise and grow children
  • Find yourself, to be implemented in a professional plan, hobby.
  • Grow spiritually  

If briefly, the meaning of life is awareness, development and self-realization of yourself, as individuals and eternal soul feeling a close relationship with all the universe. Soul filled with happiness and knowledge here and now.

The first item is tied to the fulfillment of its physical mission - to give offspring. The second point - develops us as a person. We cannot fully develop, and grow as a person as a whole until we can't understand who we have the strongest and weaknesses, our purpose in life.

One of the objectives of life in the material world, help us decide on. Decide who we are in their psychophysical nature.

Material energy works on this so that we are forced to look for a home and food. To do this, you need to do something. The person is forced to act in society where you want, do not want to give to understand who he is, in terms of his best and real purpose, and not what he saw others.

Conclusion on the topic of the meaning of life or 3 reasons to live

All our life lessons, this is nothing more than lessons that should pass and learn only to be happier in the future life. We are all diamonds, but without cut.


We are in three grains about each other in the material world centrifuge. Conflicts, quarrels, it's all from this area.

Those who became a diamond take away from here for higher purposes, because among ordinary diamonds it is no longer needed.

And spiritually grow is the goal of the whole chain of lives, if we accept reincarnation. Otherwise, we suspend in our development if we ignore this part. This is because the shower locomotive movement. Our abilities and skills in the material world are still limited. The development of the spiritual body and its abilities are endless.

Such is the nature of the eternal soul.

I hope that the article, in which the meaning of life or 3 reasons to live, was useful. As for the soul itself - read my article "What is the soul - complete information" . Comment, share the article with friends, ask questions Join my VC group.

And be happy!

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Many people who know professionals in narrow and extensive areas of specialization, are completely mutually adhered to one, the main thing, without which the mental activity of man is not possible - the directions: "How many people, so many opinions" or "how many words, so many talking", "What language , Such a word. " So, according to this logic - and this fact is definitely more than logical, and thereby understanding those who are used to thinking heads - all people are different.

Further, given this repeatedly proven pattern, the concept of happiness or similar ideas, as well as other states that indicate the qualities, the qualities responsible for the reflection of the reality in which the person can be different and be the same at the same time.

In a simple way, expressing: a mentally full-fledged person can think as he pleases, with the exception of the intrastable need to think so as the environment has a medium.

Therefore, that such a person himself can answer the question of the goal of its existence.

Next, it is quite obvious: people limited by understanding certain things before being in the established system of values ​​and obstacles are not able to think differently; Non-standard and does not seem.

Why does a person exist?
Why does a person exist?

I lead to the fact that a person is free to think and do so as he wants, but sometimes there is an inactivity of his own conviction or analogically wrong; As a result: "I know that the goal of my existence in creating a family" or "I am sure that I live in order to rejoice at the moment" - and subject to limitation, the question is subject to: Is it really? How to know the idea of ​​God, if you are not hurt with you? Wood you are in a limited system, when God is an energy that has an unlimited number of states?

That is, the preferential majority are engaged in being deceiving themselves, and after and the world around. They think they know when they do not know anything. They show your finger to the distinctive features of another person, forgetting that the remaining four fingers indicate them themselves. And hope that everything in this world is stacked in their categories of presentation about this world; Speaking: "I love", they understand the word "love" completely different concepts, because for someone to love it to be a loved one, and for whom to give love - similarly as love for sex or love for the sake of attention. There is also a common, adopted concept of love.

In erroneous and not consciously people form for themselves the goal of existence, forgetting about the truth nature of being in this world. It's easy to give heat on some party, but not everyone wants to spend a whole day drinking aspirin with water, right? Or:

"I don't want to die, but I want to get to heaven"

What is the sense of life?

If a lot and for a long time to scroll through this question in my head, then the answer sounds ambiguously; Many information on pieces folded into a logical smell and when dividing it into small, components - absolutely not logical!

Why does a person exist? What is the sense of life? Why does a person live? Truth near ...

It is not logical and it is not clear that the moment earlier was more than clear - doubts appear that there are even more humanity to endless attempts to understand the world, as well as unsuccessful results to open the doors of the truth (and this is true, but characterizes this fact that the existence of evolutionary Development; When the human form develops in a certain direction, without the likelihood of deviation from the usual start of development - this is the principle of the progress of evolution, and which does not fit into the usual categories, in turn, is a regression).

But if you drop the specific probabilities as not necessary and has long been spent, rotting trash, but do not reject their fundamental connections as an entirely divisible consequence of a fundamental principle, one thing is completely obvious:

The meaning is one of the categories, a word invented by a person to designate the material world, without which the brain ability to learn (from the point of view of physiological limitation) is lost; In turn, forms an incredibility of absolute meaning - for one person, the meaning will be completely not the fact that it is considered to be such.

Therefore: In order to answer this question, it is true, it is necessary to find one general principle on the basis of which all subsequent probabilities are of different order and have different variations - this will be the definition of truth.


The purpose of the human existence is to gain experience, energy, which as the basis of everything and is necessary to gain the immortality of the absolute concept of development. I exist, to obtain experience; For the accumulation of energy, which, after the death of the physical body,, depending on the type of this energy, converts, further elevates the consciousness in other embodiments, both physical and unlimited spiritual body.

That is, everything that happens and occurred in our reality on the fundamental analogies of modern society, the foundation of which is based on the universal principle of life and development (this is important) - is a school. Our planet is a place where every action has its own consequences; Where one word in various interpretations of the world of the world is a type of experienced thinking, in which one word sounds completely different in various temporary or other framework.

How to check hypothesis ?

-Gype is included in all the principal, not limited concepts of various sciences, for example, from quantum physics:

After stopping the heart of a person, his brain stops his work; On the basis of a couple of normal phenomena, related to the work of consciousness after disconnecting the vital functions of the body, the energy is not physical nature (which is scientifically confirmed and documented). What points to the fact that the quantum microworld of a person's consciousness plays an important role (that is, not only the fact of the presence of consciousness, and its economically accumulated during the physiological life information, energy). In particular, this fact is proved by the scientific experiment of Jung (the properties of the particle are not established for previously, but is determined by the consciousness itself, perceiving a particle), which was repeated in hundreds of world laboratories with a constant result.

-In generally accepted religious books, such as the Bible, Quran and other texts, the exact principal patterns are indicated, which reflect the theory of the meaning of human existence and not only; They contain all the answers to many questions you are interested in, but without an evidence base, as consequences. I mean not logical connections, but the fundamental basis themselves, that they associate these scriptures (and other evidence); This is the immortality of the "soul" and as a human goal of staying in this world, his meaning of life is to get experience.

Now I know - what is the meaning of my existence?

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Why does a person live? Who am I?

I am one or more vectors that define not only the psyche, but also appearance, to hold on and even look. The subconsciousness is hidden from us, obscured by consciousness and therefore leads our actions unnoticed for us. We commit some action movable unconscious desires, and after consciousness inventing rationalization for them so that our actions look appropriate. Thanks to system-vector psychology, it is possible to look at rationalization, to understand the true cause of what happens to us actually. To understand that hidden, which lives. The question "Why does a person live?" It appears in a completely different light. Compact of the body, subconscious and consciousness, including the type of thinking (in each vector it is yours), memory, knowledge and skills, and creates a person.

Why does a person live? Changing generations

From each person remains imprint in general mental. Even, even the smallest brick, adds experience, knowledge, experienced feelings and makes our common piggy bank richer - this allows the next generations to be born more intelligent and developed. This is very noticeable on modern children, they seem to be born with many knowledge, inaccessible to Some adults. So, the baby, without having learned to talk, already knows how to handle the computer, while his grandparents spent a lot of strength and time to master this apparatus, and some it was not possible. Each of us, asking the question "Why lives Man? ", Does it hoped to gain happiness and satisfaction. This happens in the process of awareness of the structure of his "I", his vectors, its true desires, his mental. As a result, the harmony of the world inside and the world is outside.

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What is death? Just a man was - and now the "body" say about him. Why and where does the soul go? Who or what guides this process? Why does a person live? What is the soul? Where does it come from? When and how does the body put in our body? Most people do not think about death. They are simply no time, and there is no such interest! Always remember death and not afraid of her sounds. So they have a mental manner - they are set to think about issues of life and death. Think - these are their species role, for the execution of which the sounds are given a powerful tool in the form of abstract thinking. They are able to realize their potential, becoming ingenious scientists, philosophers, creators of religions, musicians, poets. If the sound is not developed enough or not engaged in the search for the meaning of being, then its inner world fills emptiness. The greater the emptiness, the harder it is to get out of it, and there is nothing to be out of it. The manner is immersed in itself deeper and does not find either thoughts or meanings. There is no answer to the question "Why does a person live?". This leads to depressions that can end with suicide. Suicide sounding considers an act of liberation from the body along with the infraces of the body. Most of the suicide performed accounted for people with a sound vector that cannot live, if not able not only to find the meaning of life, but even look for it.

Looking for sounds also suffer and disappointed, because they cannot find answers to their questions either in Esoteric, nor in religion, especially in music or in poetry. Only spiritual development can satisfy them. For spirituality, they often imply religiosity or desire to understand high art. In system-vector psychology under spiritual development means the knowledge of himself, including the ability to understand the desires of other people and feel them within themselves as their own. Everybody choose your way. I recommend everyone who wonders "Why does a person live?", Try for yourself lectures on the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan. Only Try. The article is written using the materials of trainings on the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan. Author: Galina Maximova READ ALSO: To defeat fear - stop being afraid of your own shadow. Fear of walking from fear easily. We learn to live a joyful and happily-formatted memory card: how to erase offense Free Online Training on System-Vector Psychology Yuri Burlan

What is the sense of life? The question that at least once is asked by every person. This is the first article from the "meaning of life" cycle.

In continuation, other articles on the topic:

But why in general, the search for the meaning of life, if the life itself is temporary and actually ends with death very quickly. And necessarily and inevitably.

And in fact, the world is still, we are or not. He always existed before us and will exist endlessly after us. Thinking about this person does not want, or simply does not see the meaning and from the question of the sense of life runs away.

Well, this is one of the options. On the other hand, you look at the statistics of Yandex requests or Google, how many people are looking for anything about the meaning of life. These are hundreds of thousands of requests monthly.

The search for the meaning of life worries so many of us, this is a fact. Moreover, the popularity of this question is clearly not fading.

About myself I can only say that I am looking for the meaning of life and moreover, I found it. And I will try to tell you about my answer in this article. Best meditation training for beginners.

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1. What is the meaning of life? The most popular answers to this question

2. Who is a person?

3. So what is the meaning of life. Answer.

What is the meaning of life: the most popular answers to this question.

one. There is no sense of life either anyway what he is.

There is no meaning of life, emptiness, confusion
Is there any sense of life

Yes, many people believe that the search for the meaning of life is meaningless occupation. Their version is not devoid of grounds.

They believe that the meaning of life is needed by a person who does not want to develop, grow, build his life, to engage in important affairs, and spends his time for all nonsense, as the search for an answer to the question, what is the meaning of human life.

All would be good, but why then so many seekers? Why is so many of us gaping emptiness in the shower, which we cannot fill out and all something we are looking for and ask yourself, in fate, from the highest strength. Why constantly something is missing to fill this emptiness ...

All our important things, all concerns, all this run, business, work, why they can not fulfill the role of filler? Why is it that in itself, despite the success in life, on, it would seem, the obvious and such necessary implementation? Why do you still ask what is the meaning of life?

Success is the most important thing in life?

Yes, because we hurt from death, from her inevitability, still understand that the life of a person is temporary and finite and even including ordinary logic, it can be noted that all our external goals are essentially nothing to mean, because tomorrow they are only Dust in time space.

We can remember the great rulers of this world.

They built empires, captured the lands, fought, fought for power and their greatness. So what? From many of these empires there is no trace, times have changed, and only book dust keeps the memory of them.

Yes, one of them could have a significant impact on the course of history and on the drawing of the political map of the world. And we see what we see largely due to their actions. But what's the difference?

What is the difference in the newly born man? He came to this world and saw him like that. If then in history, everything would be formed otherwise, the new person would see everything differently, and would know the world to others, not knowing that he could be still somehow. Like this? OK. Differently? Okay, because he does not know that it is somehow different. He sees it as what is.

Maybe we live in a world that could be at times better, but we do not know that, because the world is what it is now. And maybe everything could be much worse. And maybe it could not ...

What is the meaning of life, when even the life of great rulers rather was only their game in this life than something really worthwhile.

Try to realize the size of the universe and its infinity.

Our planet inside this is immense anywhere and never ending with anything at all. She is not even a dust, which is too huge to compare it with the ground in the universe. The story of our planet is only a moment.

A person is looking for the meaning of his life, trying to somehow cling to, justify his existence here, otherwise you can just step into the abyss.

But no, we live, attach themselves significance, importance, build a career, business, are constantly doing something while we can. But still, at moments of silence, at the moments of loneliness, something like something like something, something is wrong, somehow not so, why is it all ...

What to do when bad in the soul?

2. The meaning of life in religion.

The meaning of life in religion, the Bible, faith in God
Find answers in religion

This meaning is a logical continuation of the previous one. Religion, of course, in itself, should not be the meaning of life.

Rather, it may be that this religion carries in itself, she is her essence that I found a response within you. What has filled out the empty space that always reminds of itself.

There is nothing wrong with that, but how many people come to religion simply because there is something that fills them with emptiness. What gives the answer to this already squeezing the question: what is the meaning of life, why does a person live in this world.

That is, it is just a tool for closeing the holes that we could not patch themselves. I am talking about the fact that few find the true meaning in religion. Who was able to penetrate deep into and really find the essence of his life, meaning and essence, and not just an excuse of its existence. Not just an answer to the question.

Example from life.

I somehow found myself on one of the Christian forums and tried to make a dialogue there. You can not imagine what it started. But I did not raise some sharp topics that someone's feelings could hurt, I just just asked the opinion of people. Everything was perceived as an attack as a danger and the attack began at me.

I immediately did not understand that it was generally. Very much bile, some even hate or something, many tried to express pity that I ask something that means I don't understand the essence of religion, if I can ask what to ask should never under any circumstances.

Only with one or two forum users turned out something similar to the dialogue, from which I could carry something for myself. All others perceived a person with a non-standard question as an enemy who invaded their land and begged on their property.

This means that people are not sure themselves, they are afraid to open the emptiness again. I sincerely believe that Christianity, like many other religions, can be what really makes a person enlightened or opens his eyes and teaches to look at the world in a different way, helping him in life, making it better and, most importantly, giving him His life awareness, giving an answer to the question, what is the meaning of life.

But when religion is just a hammer and a nail, then it is nothing more than just an unconscious attempt to hide. Only one way to come up with the meaning of life. But it is worth someone as you think, to encroacitate him, as you start to aggressively defend themselves, because you are afraid that someone can deprive you.

Is God? How do I understand the true faith in God? How to feel your soul?

3. Run off the whole coil.

Live breaking on full, money, sex, alcohol
Money, sex, alcohol. Take off while there is an opportunity

Probably, today this meaning of life is more popular than ever, thanks to a huge number of opportunities that have opened.

100 years ago, sex was not so available, there was no such development of technologies and technology. And of course, so many entertainment establishments, shopping centers, restaurants, clubs. Such a number of available alcohol, tobacco, drugs. There is everything, only money is needed.

And a person decides that the meaning of life consists in the money, which can be spent on the satisfaction of all increasing needs and improving passions. Why, when there is a lot of money, anyway, a person is not satisfied with life - in this article.

I do not want to say that the person has become weaker, it just became more temptations, from this and resist them much more complicated than the centuries ago. Therefore, it becomes more and more those who ask themselves, and why should I resist at all. Life is one and what I want with her, I do, especially if I like it.

The result of such a life is emptiness. And increasingly growing and increasingly depressing.

To fill it in itself, therefore, the person is drawn, for example, to the aforementioned alcohol, which allows for to forget and get a portion of illusory pleasure.

four. Meaning in family and children.

Why does a person live? For the sake of children and their family
Man lives for his children

What is the sense of life? Many will answer like that. If you choose yourself the meaning of life, then this, you see, not so bad.

When in the family, peace, peace, mutual understanding, common interests and hobbies, when there is love, then life becomes happier and joyful.

This is important undoubtedly. But should this be the meaning of the whole person's life, I'm not sure.

Such a mother who saw all his lives in the child, and then he suddenly grows and leaves the house to his own life, remains alone with himself and without exaggerations can lose this very life of life.

It will be necessary to look for a new one. Well, then the grandchildren can come to the rescue, if everything goes well, and if children often bring them to the grandmother.

And my grandmother is where in general? Where exactly is this person?

If you submit that children, seeing that all their lives need to devote to children, will continue this path. Then it will come out that everyone sees the true meaning of life in their children, those in their own, and those in their own, but no one sees themselves here.

Do you give your life to a child for what? So that he also gave his life to his child?

Parents must undoubtedly love their children to educate. But whether it is worth tied to them so much so that later, when they leave home, not see the continuation and meaning in their own life.

Then it turns out that such a mother-in-law or mother-in-law is too far away from their nose in the relationship of people who do not need this nose, because these are adults who want to build their lives themselves.

We are assistants to our children, we open this world to them, we tend to teach it necessary, but we do not need to interfere with them and live our own life, carry that Dharma for which they were born.

And if you see the meaning in children, then in this case it should be not the only answer to the question, in which the meaning of life. It is necessary to see him somewhere, if we can talk about when there are many meanings and they can be chosen.

five. Career and business.

The meaning of life in implementing himself in work, in building a business. Here, it is important for a person to feel its importance, significance both in the eyes of himself and others.

In this case, the business is more successful, it can be transferred to children if they have a desire to deal with them. In the career, the moment will come when you are asked to leave and free the place to another person. And there is a pension, where you as a specialist is no longer needed.

And the meaning of life is lost. It is asked why all this was, why were you born, for this? So at the end to remain no one needed. Why was running, sought to work for the sake of an increase in office, for the sake of reputation, why all this fuss, if everything is so.

Meaning what?

Even business remains empty bustle at the end of life. But business can be rolled out and more deep meaning.

6. The meaning of life in ministry.

You can build a business in ministry. What is it like?

For example, do not engage alcohol, cigarettes, fast food. These are obvious examples. This is a business for money.

This type of activity does not apply to this item, it is higher for money. I am talking about what really helps people make their life better, not harm to others and nature.

The farming of natural products, which are almost no in stores today in stores. Cafe healthy nutrition, wind power, solar energy, other non-traditional ways to create energy. A garbage processing company in what is needed by a person, training courses on meditation, according to Pranayama.

Then this is the point of service. Just to the place there is an article about karma here.

7. The meaning of traveling and knowledge of the beauty of the world.

The purpose of life in traveling the world, on the seashore under the palm tree
He was born to travel around the world

Someone has enough of what he sees under his window and he doesn't want anywhere else. There are warm shears, there are beloved people nearby, the book, TV, communication and nothing else wants.

But there are those who are not enough who are looking for, what is the meaning of life and finds the response to travel and the opening of new countries and cities. Who can not without the road, without flights, without knowing the new day after day. Who every instant pulls into the mountains, to the sea, and maybe somewhere where it is not to get a simple person - in hard-to-reach wild places. Whoever never ceases to admire the beauty of this stunning world.

Such a person wants to die in a journey, wants to admire and admire the last breath.

Someone can say that it needs a lot of money, but this is not always the case. On the Internet there are so many examples of traveling with a small budget when the main desire. Today the world is open, you need the intention, solution and action, and all in your hands.

Morning extensions

Powerful extensions for every day to take life into their hands, put emotions under control and become a master of your mood.

eight. In development.

A person struggles with his fears, weaknesses, passions, learns, seeks to become better. In addition, you can deal with the development of your body, swing on simulators, run and so on. You can grow and develop as a specialist in one or several areas of activity.

I would still unite personal development with spiritual development. Maybe it's easier for me to do it, because I openly take the existence of a human soul and God for myself.

Personal development in the separation from spiritual is not much different from the meaning in business and career. In essence, why develop the body, if it still becomes old, flabby and die. Why build a business if you leave this land and this business will never be yours.

Therefore, business I would add to the ministry, and the personal development of spiritual.

The importance of spiritual development.

In the final part of the article, before you say, in which the meaning of life is that it consists of this or in this, I must definitely mention a few words about who is such a person and how I see myself in this world. Otherwise, the answer will not be completely understandable.

Who is a person.

Who is man
Man is more than just a physical body

I will try in a few words.

Man is a spiritual creature. And the path of man on earth is first of all the path of the soul. This is her life experience in the human body, this is her incarnation here.

I wrote a little, why it is so, here and here. But much will be told in future materials.

This car, which is called the Human Body, can not go without the driver. Our body is just meat, blood and bones, nothing more. By itself, all this complex system cannot exist. Unconscious.

What is consciousness? To date, the scientific world cannot answer this question. But it is and without him the body is dead.

This is a consciousness, if we talk about it with a capital letter, and not as relating to a separate living thing, it is in every body, in everything that surrounds us. Also, how all the organs work are a cooler with one system - it works in nature absolutely everything. All one.

What is inside you is and inside everything around you. The awareness of this came to the people for a very long time. Here are the eastern traditions, and religion, and yoga. Everything is one thing.

To be clearer, a person has three bodies: external (material, physical), astral and causal. (More about three human bodies)

This is very cool by Vadim Demm: the role, actor and the audience. If it is very rude, then the role is the body, the actor - the soul, the audience is God.

And most importantly, that, existing separately, all this is essentially one whole, indivisible, one. God is an actor in his role, while he is the audience.

So what is the meaning of human life? Answer.

The meaning of life is to live, happy man
Awareness of the moment of life

What is the meaning of a person's life on earth?

"So, go, you eat your bread with mercy, and drink in the joy of heart is your wine, when God favors your business" the book of Ecclesiast

What is the happiness on earth, son? In order to live! The words above contain the greatest wisdom.

The true meaning of life is to live with the awareness of the moment of life, with a feeling of the flow, passing through you through you. As it is written, eat with merry bread, rejoice in this moment, feel it, enjoy it. Skip the moment through yourself. Everything is actually very simple.

Whether in full capacity, using all the senses and perceptions for this. Breathes are not on the machine, but feeling the freshness and moisture of inhaled air. I breathe with all the body, catch, grab all the smells of air after the rain.

In the morning you feel how the world wakes up with you, as the first rays of the sun penetrate the room. Note it. Note my feelings for everything that happens. Catching the smiles of people, catch the sound of wind, his cold or warm, hear the noise of trees, the rustle of the leaves, because it's all always next to you.

This can be understood only by taking and realizing himself as a soul, as one with God, with the Universe, when there is an understanding of the infinity of life, its indivisibility and unity. When you understand that you are all that you feel and hear.

Once again, the answer to the question is what the meaning of life is. Live, living the moment, realizing him, passing through itself, dissolving in it. This is read in continuation of what I am writing about.

Open yourself to full in the role you chose in this life. Each person has its own dharma, its destination, its own way. And you need to go on it, feeling and realizing every step. Not on the machine, how most people live their lives, only hiding from themselves, from their destiny and from the question, in which the meaning of our life.

You need to live with the awareness of the moment of life.

Service? So be in it all. Sport, achievement - be it until the end. Business is to put yourself in him, be there with my soul, be there with God. Understand why you do it, for whom or for what, but at the same time dissolve in the process itself, whatever you met on the way.

I can not quote the words of Haruki Murakov, who describe what I want to convey to you. This writer was a big share of his life engaged in marathon running. That's what he writes about it:

"The quality of perception of their own life is due to all sorts of objective indicators such as time or evaluation, but awareness (provided that everything goes as it should) complete merging with the action produced." "And even if, from the side and from the position of some superiority, such a lifestyle may seem aimless and meaningless or, let's say, I'm not much impractical - I don't care. Let it in it no longer meaning than in the mentioned pillowing of the water into the proceeded saucepan. But efforts were attached - this is a fact. It is bad or good, cool or not cool, but the greatest value actually has something that cannot be seen. What we feel the heart. To be able to understand something important, you need to make a lot of meaningless at first sight. But even what seems to us aimlessly or unsuccessful, it is quite possible at all is not so. " I do not know if I can continue to commit these meaningless action to infinity, but, considering that I am so long and hard and still did not disappoint, I think I will try until I leave for strength. Running on long distances (to Hoodie Lee, to Dude Lee) made me who I am today. Most likely that I will continue to live under the sign of the marathon run and in the end, it will be on the run. The logic here is not so much, but it is also life ... "

Feel your life!

It does not matter what you are doing, feeling life. All these things, all these works, I apologize for the Word, all these achievements that seem so necessary and so important, all this is just a handful of dust - blew - and there is no it.

It is necessary for a person in his physical body. The soul wants to feel life, because it is for this that she is here. In this answer. Feel your life in everything you do!

Through this feeling you can find and your favorite thing, and find friends, family. Happiness in the end.

I hope you realized what I wanted to say.


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Do you know why a person lives and why

I have everything: family - children and husband, healthy parents, beloved work, hobby. All right. However, the joy of this ends exactly at the moment when I start thinking: "Why? What's the point?" I will reach heights in your career, bring up the children and grandchildren, I will surpass the whole world, and then what? After all, everything will pass, forget. Everything will ever end ... 36002. July 31, 2019 at 20:47

Publication author: Dalia Konyshev

The question that initially puts everyone in a dead end. As if no one was thinking before. And then everyone answers, based on its own beliefs and values. Why does a person lives:

And what if no item from this list is suitable?

I have everything: family - children and husband, healthy parents, beloved work, hobby. All right. However, the joy of this ends exactly at the moment when I start thinking: "What for? What's the point?" I will reach heights in your career, bring up the children and grandchildren, I will surpass the whole world, and then what? After all, everything will pass, forget. Everything will ever end.

Which generation is already born, lives and dies, but no one still knows what the essence of the process is. Do you just need to spend time to death?

Why does a person live on earth

The question is not why it is here, and not on Mars. Wherever a person went to live, he will not be able to escape from himself and its nature. And his nature is a variety of desires: from purely biological to spiritual.

Why does a man lives a picture

"Will live!" - The nurse joyfully exclaims when a serious patient asks her a glass of water. The most tiny desire is what holds a person alive, now on earth and on Alpha Centaur in the future. And he lives then to realize his "want".

Each person's desire is individual and determined by a set of mental properties. Therefore, the answers you hear to the question - why a person lives, such different.

"The meaning of life is only in love!" - They will inspire you the most emotional and sensual nature. Not because they are hopeless romance and love to play from all the performance only in their whim. This is their natural desire to express their feelings, the strongest of which is love. People wish love and feel it with the highest value because they are given certain mental properties. At the training "System-vector psychology" Yuri Burlan, these properties are called in a word - vector. So, about love as a sense and the great goal of life you will convinced people with a visual vector.

"The main thing in life is family and children." If you heard such an answer, it is better not to argue. People who say so will not lie. The preservation of the Society of Society Nature entrusted the best wives and husbands, fathers and mothers. Only they wish to have a house - a complete bowl, and only they have the necessary properties to implement such a desire to life. Transfer experience, teach - the natural abilities of these people, due to a special psyche, with their own vector. They can teach you how to live for what to remember what to remember. However, such lessons not all seek useful.

For example, having in their mental skin vector do not put a goal of living a house, plant a tree and grow a son. Only if it gives them a feeling of success, social and material superiority over others. Yes, such people seek to be the first in his career, in personal relationships. They know how to accumulate on prosperous old age to spend it on traveling and without complaining about health. From the side it may seem that such a person lives only for himself.

Is it possible at all?

Why do people live if they die still die

The question is fair, if you imagine life in such a light: a person is born, grows, learns, then works, gets some pleasure, pleasure, aging and dies. End of history. It may even seem that the whole point in this "end" - in counting on the mortal odd, how much I managed to take from life. The problem is only that we will not take anything with you. Then why?

If you ask from realized, happy, successful personalities, why a person lives, they will answer: "For other people." Why? Like a lake that fills the water from numerous streams, a person gets good for its existence outside. However, if the water in the lake is staring, will not flow out with new streams, then over time, the lake will turn into the tempting puddle. Also, the person, only receiving for himself and not giving away, is ill. He lives the life of a small puddle, instead of takepoint in the volume of a full-flowing lake.

A person can live for himself? Yes and no. He realizes his desires when he makes a job around, gives society his skills, receiving remuneration instead. Leaves your mark. And then feels happiness.

Why do people live if you still die picture

Goals achieved, and the meaning not found

So, a person lives to carry out the desired. Making what is best of all, for the benefit of others, he will know himself. Everyone in its own way: in the love and creation of good, in creating a strong happy family, in achieving victories. And for someone, the knowledge itself lies in a different plane, intangible.

The spiritual search begins when the knowledge of the material is ends: everything is there, but something is missing. If you feel this, then you have additional properties and desires. It is they who give rise to a question in the head "why" and together with this contribute to the disclosure, finding a response. The desire to comprehend the idea, the cause of everything speaks about the presence of a sound vector, the largest of the psyche.

The owner of the sound vector does not fill the values ​​of other vectors. Love, family, success in the end may not have any meaning. Sound man feels that everything is transient. The most desirable in life for sounding it is -

However, these desires are not so easy to implement. And you can't buy for money, and it is not clear where to look.

The desire for more could be tracked in childhood. I want to know the child with the sound vector all the time what is behind the edge of the universe. How is it nothing? Can not all take away anywhere, just like that. Also, becoming adults, seekers are interested in what will happen after death. What remains, and maybe only begins when everything ends for the observer? Is nothing again? This outcome is denied by sound: then why?

The owner of the sound vector begins to seek the answer in the writings of philosophers and esoteric books. It seems to understand who I need to look, immerse yourself. But inside a dead end, but there is still no point. Somewhere in the depths of the soul there is a feeling, as it would be easier. If you realize the other as well as yourself. But the strong walls of misunderstanding separate the sound from other people every moment of his life. And what to do to remove the barrier? Pull the brick behind the brick, demolish everything? Or throw the rope and go to the other side?

According to the logic of the nature of the meaning - the main desire of a person with a sound vector - it can not be possible, otherwise he would not be looking for him. Simply, it turns out, to reveal eternity alone will not work. The body and consciousness of one person do not possess such power, to comprehend infinity you need more resources:

What's next

Material joy is not all that can offer you life. Much more pleasant to sense the point, to know the world and itself in the process of communication and interaction with others.

To cross the rope on the other side of the wall, you need to press it. Of what? From knowledge about everyone's soul. Since ancient times, the same climbers were looking for meaning, the answer: Vili's harnesses were connected to their nodes, trying to rise above. But fell and shook the land. Today is ready for a durable rope that will pull out from the bottom of the most desperate seeker and will endure the hardest of the wanderer. When the goal is clear, the path does not seem difficult and empty.

The universe contributes to the execution of the present desire. You just need to determine what you want, and do not stop in the search.

You have already asked the question: "What's next?" So what is next - answer .

Publication author: Dalia Konyshev The article is written on the materials of the training " System-vector psychology »

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