Suit stars for the new year: do it yourself for girls and boys (photo)

Princess Star

This is a very bright suit for a girl who crowns a star crown. Sew it is very simple, but it will look more than impressive.

Council. For this suit you need to take a very bright, shiny fabric. Organic will be metallic colors with a tump: silver, gold and so on.

What will take:

  • Disco style fabric;
  • cartery for pattern;
  • organza;
  • Multicolored sequins;
  • New Year's "rain";
  • Dense cardboard;
  • Brilliant paper packaging paper;
  • lounge elastic;
  • scissors;
  • threads and needle;
  • glue;
  • Elastic ribbon 3-5 cm wide.
Suit sprocket for girl

Suit sprocket for girl

What do we have to do:

  1. From disco cloth to carve out and sew a dress. The best dress-case with a narrow skirt is suitable for 1-2 palms above the knee. No need to be afraid that a narrow skirt whines the movement of the child, the "disco" fabric is easily stretched.
  2. To the seeds of the dress to sew an organz, folding it with small folds. You can put it in several layers, so the bottom layer of the skirt will be more lure. Organza must be lower than the knee, but not to reach the floor. Otherwise, during dances and games for matinees on the skirt can come and break the hem.
  3. Multicolored sequins on organza. The thick of them will be sewn, the brighter the costume.
  4. Clean the collar with sharp corners and sew to the dress.
  5. Sew "rain" along the edge of the collar and on the line, where the lower layer of the skirt from the organza was sewn.
  6. On the cardboard, draw two stars, cut and puncture them with brilliant paper. Send them to the lounge elastic band so that there are bracelets for hands.
  7. For the diadems, sew a peculiar tube from the cloth "disco" in which to insert a wide elastic tape. It should be tightly kept on the head, but not to give it. Sew a rubber band and close with thread and needles fabric pipe. Make another big star from cardboard and brilliant paper and consolidate it in the center of the diadem. Behind the edges to sew an organza and squeeze it with sequins.

Star boy

For this suit will suit the same diadem-crown, as in the previous master class. With the exception of the rear of Organza.

What will take:

  • cartery for pattern;
  • Blue, silver and yellow silk;
  • White Parce;
  • Sequins;
  • "Rain";
  • scissors;
  • Threads and needle.

What do we have to do:

  1. From blue silk sew poncho, sheathe it with silver cloth. On yellow silk carve out the stars of different sizes, cut them out and put them on poncho.
  2. From white broches sew straight pants, slightly curved to the bottom. Ahead of the pants dense the flights.
  3. At the edges of the poncho and trousers to sew "rain".

With the help of aquagrim on the cheeks of the boys, you can draw stars with white and yellow paints.

Suit sprocket for boy

Suit sprocket for boy

Ballet among Star

This masquerade sustrier suit for the girl is very similar to a ballet pack. It is simple enough to sew it. The most difficult element of this costume is kokoshnik in the shape of a big star.

What will take:

  • White swimsuit or top with double straps;
  • dense white fabric;
  • lightweight tissue of blue or silver color;
  • cardboard;
  • foil;
  • thin braid;
  • organza;
  • "Rain";
  • hair hoop;
  • Gun with a thermoclaim.

What do we have to do:

  1. From dense white tissue sew a wide poverty.
  2. From light blue or silver fabric carve out the petals and sew them to the Vangest Pottery. The more such petals will be, the more magnificent and the beautiful skirt will be.
  3. From the same colored fine tissue cut a big star and sew a swimsuit on the chest (T-shirt). At the edges of the star to shelter a brilliant New Year's "rain".
  4. On a swimsuit, leave the top strap on the shoulder, and the bottom to lower the forearm. Send to her organza and decorate the "rain".
  5. Take a hair hoop that fits the girl in size, cardboard and foil for the manufacture of Kokoshnik. Attach the hoop to the cardboard, circle it. Around his contour to draw a star: to the bottom of her rays should be less, to the top - more. Cut the billet of the kokoshnik. To the base, glue a cardboard strip. Below to the Kokoshnik, make a braid so that it can be tied under the chin.

Attention! In this master class, the costume is proposed to sew in white and blue tones. But, with the same success, you can combine pink and purple, yellow and red, gold and silver, etc.

Silver Star

This versatile suit is suitable for the boy, and for the girl. What will take:

  • Silver cloth "Disco";
  • foam;
  • White tissue grid.

What do we have to do:

  1. From the silver fabric "Disco" carve out the cape, in the image of the Sun skirt, but to make sharp edges.
  2. As a lining to cape sew a grid tissue. Their edges do not have to coincide. On the contrary, well, if the ends of the lining will look out.
  3. From disco-tissue carve out a hat in the shape of a star. The lining with it needs to be made of foam rubber. Then the hat will be good to keep the form.

Council. Under the star suit, it is best to wear white regla and white tights or leggings with socks.

The process of creating a children's costume as an asterisk, like any other masquerade dress, you can attract a child. It will be a very fun and interesting action that the baby will be remembered at least than the New Year's matinee himself.

Read also How to make a bee suit, princess or cowboy.

Beautiful New Year's costumes for children: video

No children's matinee arrives without beautiful and original costumes, stitched with their own hands or purchased in stores. Thoughtful mothers usually move in advance different options for New Year's outfits. And some of them stop at the fact that the "asterisk" is a suit that will definitely have to do with little princesses. After all, one of his advantages is that it is not limited to any urgent attributes as some other popular characters. Therefore, below we will see how to make a "asterisk" costume for the new year.

Of course,

Basis of costume

Option first. First you need to search in the closet those objects of clothing that will be the basis of the future outfit. This is top and shirt. Straps should be double. Then one pair will need to be located on the shoulders, the other - on the forearms. We continue to continue to make the "asterisk" suit with your own hands. The skirt make a multi-layer. Two or three layers - the usual option for it. For the manufacture of the lower layer, light fabric will need (it must be dense). For the top layer, you need to stock thin tissue.

Suit stars buy

It is not necessary that the top and bottom of the outfit coincide in the color scheme. They can and differ. Beautiful is a combination of shades: blue and blue, emerald and green, pink and purple and others.

Over the finished skirt we wear a skirt, for the manufacture of which brilliant fabric is taken or ordinary packaging for colors. To assemble it, you will need separate cloves that are cross-lined. Tape is taken as the basis. The most acceptable width for it is one or two centimeters, while you need to pick up such a length so that the reserve remains for ties, helping to keep the skirt on the child.

How to make a "asterisk" costume so that he looked at the child perfectly? In this case, do not do without "rain". It is attached on a T-shirt, straps are used to fix decorations. Make cuffs can be made of shiny film. Do not forget about the decoration of shoes and tights. For this purpose, sparkles or small stars are perfect. You can make and headdress - Kokoshnik. Since our goal is a carnival suit "Star" for a girl , That the form suitable for the kokoshnik will be the shape of the star. Foil or shiny film - with these materials, the finished tide can be decorated from above. With the help of ribbons, fix it on your head. So, the "asterisk" - a suit that visited the first time is ready.

Option Second - Yellow asterisk

Someone believes that the "asterisk" costume for a girl to be unsolved yellow or golden. Then it makes sense to look at the next method of its manufacture. T-shirt and leggings, of course, yellow, take the base. Next will have to get a little feather and put the covers over the shoes. We remember about the tint (it should also be yellow) and that the finished covers can easily facilitate the children's leg.

Stripes are attached to the front of the shoes, which are attached to the shape of asterisks. The material for their manufacture will be wire. Golden tinsel is selected for their decoration. To avoid the untidy type of Mishura sticking Village, the latter can be cut. Either to do with tinsel with short vile. We will need a piece of yellow fabric for a collar and skirts. The skirt again will be multi-layered. The crown will decorate the head. Without a lot of effort, the headdress is made of two materials. It is a wire and New Year's "rain". Now it is quite possible to rest, because we coped with the work and prepared the carnival costume "asterisks" for the girl. In such a dress, the baby will be irresistible.

Suit "Asterisk" for a girl: the third version

Dress, crown and decorated shoes will become its basis. As for shoes, you can stay on white sneakers or dies. Sequins or multicolored paper stars are suitable for their decor. The dress, meanwhile, is quite acceptable to replace a suitable sweater and leggings. Their combination with a white pair of shoes will be almost perfect. In the absence of a suitable set of clothing, it is easy to sew with your own hands. After all, moms are many things on the shoulder.

much easier. However, its creation is a real creative process in which your child can involve. Such an outfit will be appreciated by him much more, he will wear it not one year.

We sew a dress

Brilliant knitwear is the material with which we will work. Its length should be the two lengths of the product. In addition, several centimeters must be added with the calculation of processing. Width - arbitrary. If there is a need, the fabric can be pressed.

We make corona

The costume will be incomplete without a headdress. Therefore, we reserve the following materials:

  • Drawing tools.
  • Velvet paper.
  • Foil (its base should be paper).

We do everything neatly: After all, the crown is the attribute, without which the "asterisk" is not bypassed for the new year. . We take a leaf of velvet paper and draw a crown on it, cut it out and glue the tips. For bolding surface, we take foil. You should not worry about the amount of rays, you can choose to your taste. Miscellaneous may also be their length. When the foundation is drawn, there is no need to worry about the allowances: they are not needed.

New Year's suit with her hands

The headdress is done in another way. Required materials: Cardboard (the strip is cut out of it), foil (it will go to the strip), glue, star (glued to the seam), beads or beads (they can be disguised).

Mastery do it yourself

"Star" - suit , Which we are making today. We can not do without:

  • One meter of silver fabric.
  • Three meters of white fate.
  • Gum.
  • Hot glue.
  • Seatteok-stars.
  • Oblique beaks (silver color).

Getting to work. We take fatin for making skirt. The finished product is covered with sequins (we use hot glue for this). Brilliant tissue We will need for the manufacture of wedges in the form of a triangle. We glue them to the belt. In this case, the skirt will be similar to the star.

We take a silver cloth for cutting a rectangle. Make sure its width is equal to the width of the girl's chest girth. Additional allowances must be left for seams. When determining the length of the top, we take into account that it can easily be refilled into the skirt. After stitching, the side cut should be spent. If it turns out that the fabric is poorly stretched, the output can be stitching detachable lightning. To cover the Niza product, we take oblique beyk. Making straps, sew them to the top. Front it needs to be assisted. Rhinestones, beads, cardboard and fatin we postpone for the manufacture of a star. "Star" - a suit in which any girl will feel at the celebration of the most stylish and delightful, ready.

Silver asterisk: why not?

The advantage of this costume in his versatility: it is equally good for girls, and for boys. We check the presence of the necessary materials before making the "asterisk" costume:

  • Silver cloth "Disco".
  • Foam rubber.
  • White tissue grid.
Creating a New Year's costume is a fascinating process. Some options and elements are invented already during operation. And it's just wonderful, because the outfit will not be template, but copyrighted!

Stages of work:

  • We take fabric for cutting capes. Our sample is a sun skirt, but with sharp edges.
  • The grid fabric will serve as a lining for our cape. To strive for the coincidence of their edges is not necessarily. On the contrary, looking out the ends of the lining - a much better option.
  • "Disco" -kan will go to cut the caps (observe the shape of the star). The lining for it is made foam. It is necessary that the headdress has better retained its form.

Another option for a costume can be "Star" jumpsuit. When the hands, legs and head of the child represent the rays of the stars. A hood is overshadowed upside down. It is made in the shape of a cap. This outfit does not quite correspond to the girls' tastes, so there is a possibility that he will like a little. And it is not scary. After all, the most important thing is that the girl has a suit to cause positive emotions, then the past holiday will remain unforgettable for her.

asterisk costume

Other crown options

On the cardboard sheet, you draw a crown, it must have teeth. Cutting it, closer in the circle using the stapler. For the decoration of the crafts, beads, rhinestones, sequins, tinsel are suitable. The crown can be wrapped with foil.

Suit sprocket for girl

If there is a wire in the home reserves, you can make the crown and from it. From white wire I wipe the frame, using pliers. Watch it with "rain" silver color. The shape of the frame may be any. But with dimensions do not follow: they must coincide with the size of the children's head. The workflow will take decent time, it means that there will be pre-planning. After all, any mom wants the "asterisk" costume for the morning perheard of her daughter's best.

Suit stars for the new year

Useful advice

Choosing materials from which the costume will be made should be remembered that they must comply with such requirements as hypoality, child safety. If during the work to bring your own ideas, then the outfit will not be so template, but enriched with copyright ideas. Those who needed the pattern of a "asterisk" costume for a girl can see it higher. With its help, the work will not take much time.

Of course, there will be such mothers who adhere to the opinions that the "asterisk" costume is difficult and spent in time. It is much easier to purchase it in a children's store. Nevertheless, the creation of such an outfit is a real creative process, to participate in which the child himself will be happy. And from this appreciate it will become more, especially since the costume of the costume will not be for one New Year's matinee.

Suit "Star". Member №16.

Suit asterisks do it yourself

Hello, friends!

Here is the end of our New Year's competition of carnival costumes!

We saw so many wonderful works, so many interesting characters that you can arrange the parade of the stars! What we, by the way, will very soon and do.

In the meantime, meet a new star of our contest "Merry New Year!"

Yes, today, really on the pages of the blog "do not forbid beautifully!" Executes Olga member with an amazing "asterisk" costume, which she sewed her husband's sis.

That's what Olga wrote in a letter:

Hello, Elena, I would like to participate in the competition.

My name is Olga, my husband has a little sister, her name is Lisa, she is big fashionable. The baby is only 4 years old, and when we were told that she was an asterisk at the New Year's evening, we decided that we had to come up with something special.

It all began with the fact that our star is engaged in dancing and loves to spin very much, so I got the idea with a super-magnificent skirt.

The pattern of the Lifa built itself by its standards. While I crawled Ryushi for a skirt, lepensing something and then ran up and asked "soon the dress will be ready," and the second question I just killed me - she asked Olekka, and I would definitely be the most beautiful? ".

When the dress was ready, we dressed her and combed, she watched 3 hours in front of the mirror and danced. When we told her that it was not all that there would still be asterisks and straticles, she with burning eyes removed the dress came running to my room and sat next to, asking after each sewn asterisk "Well - Ready?".

Today we had a Christmas tree, coming home lezing pressed to me and says "Thank you very much, I really was the most beautiful asterisk." Now I will present my job to your court.

The process of creating a suite asterisk.

Suit asterisks do it yourselfSuit asterisks do it yourselfSuit asterisks do it yourself  Suit asterisks do it yourselfSuit asterisks do it yourself

And here is the wonderful "asterisk"!

Suit asterisks do it yourself

Suit asterisks do it yourself

Suit asterisks do it yourself

Olga, thanks for participation! Your asterisk Lisa is just a miracle! I liked the "asterisk" costume, especially the color - such an unusual and skirt turned out to be glorious.

It is immediately clear that you are not indifferent to the desires of a little Lisa and give her a good mood.

P.S. I remind you that anyone can leave your feedback, in the form of comments and support the participants of the competition. And the most active commentator will receive an e-book as a gift "Carnival costume with your own hands? EASILY!"

With the wishes of good luck, Elena Krasovskaya!



4 years ago

For a very small girl, this is so unusual, but a completely simple sewing suit. We cut the skirt of the Sun-Clash and cut out the edge, like the asterisk. We are wearing a foil.

You can come up with a crown in the form of a star. The second dress is also not difficult to sew, it is for an older girl.



8 years ago

how to make a sprocket suithow to make a sprocket suit

Suit asterisk

Maybe this New Year image is not so common on the background of the princesses and fairies, but if you want to do this suit, and you break your head, how to do it, you can share the ideas here. It seems to me that such a suit for the girl can be done so.

Making the crown, we glue with hot glue on the elastic rim of an asterisk and golden twigs.

Let's make the sleeve for a suite asterisk, take the golf and cut off their desired length. Safety bright shiny ribbons. The skirt is better to make it lush, to the fathest to shoot or glue the gum, do not forget to stretch it when working. On the body make a beautiful belt from the braid with sequins. You can supplement the sustriece with a magic wand.

Brilliant makeup either will not be superfluous.

Inspector Sean.


2 years ago

My advice for moms who work and value their time. Now how many times have happened, you will come for a child in kindergarten, and here a surprise: "You need a costume costume for a matinee!"

And what to do, where to make me? Yes, just in the locker with children's clothing can be viewed. Find an elegant dress, or a suit with a skirt. Take the brilliant cardboard color of zlata silver, scissors and cut more small stars. And neatly, light stitches, decorate with them at the dress.

Moreover, the color of the dress can be any. Here is a blue option.

The universal skirt reserved us for more than once. And here we can handle! Only on the head to the hoop, a brilliant star is picked up. Well, if mom is skillful. Then it is possible to shine an individual star costume. Moreover, it is possible to shine in the literal sense. Just select fabric with overflows or with foil effect.

Brilliant makeup either will not be superfluous.

I will give a direction for needlework. Maybe much more beautiful invent. Dare, beauties!

Carnival costume sprockets for girls

Go Green.


If an asterisk suit for the New Year's holiday is needed for a young person, the basis of such a costume will be any brilliant dress and beautifully made by aquagrim asteris. We apply a sponge or brush to the middle area of ​​a purple color and draw stars, make eye makeup, highlighting them.


Go Green.

Carnival costume sprockets for girls

Go Green.

A suit of an asterisk for a girl can be done by taking the press the base of the turtleneck of black, white and the same color tights and producing two skirts.

The lower silver or gold color and the top carve out of the petals of the wrapping cellophane for flowers.

Go Green.

Carnival costume sprockets for girlsCarnival costume sprockets for girls

Go Green.

The upper skirt will transmit the star's shine.

You can make a rim with an asterisk made of golden cardboard.

You can also make a pelerin with sharp ends.

The costume of an asterisk for boys can be done otherwise, overlooking the star so that it becomes both clothes and headdress.

Go Green.

Carnival costume sprockets for girlsCarnival costume sprockets for girlsCarnival costume sprockets for girlsWe measure the desired size of the star on the scope of the hands of the child, make the pattern of the star and make a cutout for the face.


Crow the star double from dense fabric or plant both parts for a sealing procession, the fabric will be golden.

The base of the costume is black pants or tights and a black turtleneck.


[70.3K] An asterisk suit is desirable to sew from shiny fabrics. Preferred colors - gray, blue, white, yellow. There are several options for sewing a stars costume. The easiest way is to draw a star pattern, transfer to the fabric, to spend the edges, leaving a place for the neck and sleeves. You can wear a rim with a star, a bandage with a star or a hat with a star upstairs. For example, this is:


Also quite well look the skirts-packs in combination with the top. You can also put on the girl with an asterisk with an asterisk:

  1. You can just put on a blue or silver dress, decorating it with an asterisk:
  2. Stals
  3. [227K]
  4. In order to perform an asterisk costume for the new year, we need to stock in the following materials:
  5. Silver fabric, approximately meter,
  6. About three meters of white fate


Bay of silver color

Adhesive pistol. Rubber.

I will offer your version of the "asterisk" costume. Such an outfit is always relevant for children's New Year's matinees. For top, take a white blouse or turtleneck. We will make a skirt from a fate. We cut the white fatin on the strips of 25 cm and in length 2 times more than the planned. We measure the waist of the girls and take a 3 cm gum less, cut off. We cross the ends into the circle and put it on the back of the chair. We fold the fatebands and in a circle of gum at a uniform distance they will be tied up until all the gum will be filled. We take a silver cloth and cut the triangles from it 4 pieces. Send to the elastic skirt stitch counted. Decorating the skirt with decorative asterisks.

White top is wearing or stuck with the same decorative asterisks and sequins as the skirt. In the hair, the tapes from the fatey are decorated, too as an asterisk, so the costume will look organically. On legs white tights and white shoes.


[366K] 5 years ago

Brilliant makeup either will not be superfluous.

To sew a dress for a suite of an asterisk, you need to carve out a plain rectangle, immediately note the neck and the armor. Length above the knee. We sew like an ordinary one-piece dress and a belt on the row, you can ribbon, you can ribbon. But the third part, the zigza-like Volan is sewn separately. And it will be beautiful if it is from transparent fabric. Fabric color for all costume blue. Separately sews a collar and a rim with a star.

Costume Pattern Asterisk For Girlsuit asterisk on matinee

You can always do one detail - cape ponch and appliqué on the chest in the form of a star.

  • Mmm Danone
  • [26.4K]
  • The matinees are approaching, many girls wish to be on a holiday in an asterisk costume. To create an outfit, you can choose the option - an asterisk only on the head, or to all the body:
  • Suite materials:
  • Porolon - 1 m
  • Fabric (Golden or Silver)
  • English pins
  • scissors

Super glue


sewing machine


Determine the size: which is needed to create a suit, then on the template, make a blank for a suit:

Foambust decompose in two layers and draw a circuit marker according to the child's age

Cut the star along the contour.

On the pattern of the foam rubber, cut out the pattern from the tissue (taking into account the allowance of 1 cm).

Determine the facial and backside of the costume.

We connect the front and rear side on the edges of the glue, but do not forget to leave the opening for hands and legs.

Curra fabric with take off the side (exhaust) and place. Employ for heads to stall the pins.

Remove the fabric on the front side and pull the sprocket layout from the foam rubber.

Manually break the edge of the fabric at the opening of the upper beam for the head, the bottom - too (leave a place for the legs).

how to make a sprocket suit

We process secret stitches left places for opening.



7 years ago

There is one idea - to make a thumbnail in the form of an asterisk (here everything is simple, cut out a zigzag neatly fabric, we attach a belt to it, which later tie) and the head is also not forget to come to your head, as in this photo:
  • Do you know the answer?
  • It's time to prepare outfits for our princesses! True, on holidays, girls can choose another image for themselves. Therefore, I will show how to choose and how to sew a suit for the girl for the new year with your own hands.
  • Let's show with the help of photo and video materials, how to collect each of the outfits for girls. But first I will show how to make a lush skirt that can be the basis of each ensemble.
  • Tutu skirt - Option 1
  • It will take:

Fatin (or any other thin material) of one or more colors;

  1. Wide gum;
  2. Scissors;
  3. Needle with thread;
  4. Line.
  5. Mastery:

Cut the desired length of the gum (waist girth, minus 2 cm). Stitch.

Cut fatin stripes: width - 15cm, length - double length, depending on the growth of the girl and your wishes.

We stretch the gum to work more convenient.

We fold the fire strip in half. The middle of the stripes are told under the gum. In the formed loop, we stretch 2 pins of the strip. Tighten.

That's all! The richness of the skirt will depend on the number of strips (from 40 to 60).

By the way, as shown in the video, with a rubber band, too, there may be options, for example, an elastic band, or just a tape. Then the ribbon on the finished skirt will need to be tied up on the belt belt.

Suit asterisk for girls for the new year

How to make a lush tutu-skirt, we know! If you combine blue, blue and white tissue strips, it turns out very bright and beautiful.

  1. By the way! For the "Star" edge of the edge of the ribbons on the skirt, you can cut clinitive!
  2. The top can be like blue and white
  3. We draw up the patterns in the form of a "star" using sequins or rhinestones.
  4. Another moment! Skirts can be made 2 or 3. beautifully if they are multi-level
  5. As for the "crown", then this accessory can be prepared easily:

Encry the hoop with a cloth to the tone of the dress.

Cut from cardboard 2 stars. You can fold it to be volumetric. How to make a bulk star here.

Glue with scotch. Inside the star put a wire spiral. To do this, the wire is wound on the stick tight. Cut the tip. Match the wire length and the diameter of the stars with the size of the star.

Lubricate the resulting star glue, spray generously sparkles. When the glue dries, sprinkle the star with a lacquer for hair so that the sequins do not scatter.

The edge of the star can be decorated with Mishur. Such a star can be glued to the hoop.

If you want, you can complicate the pattern or decorate it

Suit Cinderella

Our Cinderella is going to the ball! Let's help her:

The lush skirt is a long tutu, just below the MK how to do it.

Topic is a rectangular segment of the fabric. Seam make a back (you can get a lightning into it).

To the top of the topic we feed the white shoulders so that they are slightly descended. But you can make a scarf from this fabric. Sketch on the shoulders and pinch to the top. It turns out at all like Disney heroine

  1. A pair of gloves and a thin rim will complement an image.
  2. Suit Christmas tree If you have a suitable green dress, my skirt decorate vertical stripes from a fate:
  3. If not, we make a skirt tutu, it is much easier than it seems. And it is not necessary to sew anything!
  4. Tutu skirt - Option 2
  5. Cut the fatin tapes 15 cm wide, 50 cm long. For the waist, less than 50 cm you need about 50 bands. That is, 1 cm waist - 1 Strip of Fatina. We take a wide elastic band of the desired length (waist grumps), stitch, we put on the back of the chair.

Fire strips fold in half, we draw into the gum in such a way that the tails of the fatength of 25 cm are rendered. We are tied up with a rubber band around with a rubber, without cutting the edge.

We also do with the second part of the Fatin, wrapped with the same thread of a rubber band, without cutting it again. So we fasten all the strips so that the hole does not work with the skirt sock. Thread - a gum at the same time stretches, does not break and does not prevent freely to wear a skirt.

In parallel, we do a tape through one strip.

  1. At the end, it is well fixing a thread of a rubber band.
  2. Tie a bow from the tape.
  3. Details in video
  4. Top

This option Top was already considered in the Cinderella dress:

We need a rectangular segment of the fabric (the length of it is chest girth, the width is height from the waist, before the chest).

Seam is made at the back, lightning is sewn into it. If the cloth knitwear, then the zipper is not needed, we divide the gripping of the chest in half and cut out two rectangles, stitch on the sides.

Straps-shoulders are made.

It will only remain to dress our Christmas tree with bows and balls.


On the top of the Christmas tree star! Cut the star from Foamyran or Cardboard, the base is curved in the shape of the rim and glue on the rim. How to draw a star and even make a bulk here.

Multi-tiered Christmas tree suit

An interesting option. You can implement, even if not milented in sewing. To be honest, I like the Yarus Costumes of the Christmas tree more like more they look like a Christmas tree. We take the foundation - a board of knitwear. You can break the T-shirt or dress of the girl and sew the basis yourself.

Then you need to make tiers from the fate. We take the organization or the fatin of the same green color (but you can take a tone with darker or lighter), cut out strips (length of the strip 2 times wider girth in the place where you will be sewed. We flash every strip on top and guide a little, shifting the cloth Through the thread. We sew these strips to a dress in a dress. If it is difficult for you, then you can use the line for the line and use the portno needles.

We sew strips, process the armies, the neck, the bottom of the product and can be treated. If you are hard to work with organza, then on the bottom every strip can be simply falling over the candle. Just do it carefully so that the fabric does not spoil. And if it is fatin, it is not necessary to hemate.

Another pretty version of the Yarus Christmas tree.

Also, a green dress is taken as the basis, it is sewn up in a three-dimensional organza dress. Looking a dress with folds-tiers, we get a lush Christmas tree. Complete outfit banses, beads, rhinestones.

Suit Wardens - Snowflakes

The name itself assumes that the suit is small, for crumbs. I picked up 3 models.

With the buying "holey" top

  1. The easiest option is to buy a knitted top with holes in which you can stretch the tapes of the fate. Read more in video
  2. And one more kind of fate skirt is not a tutu. This is "chrysanthemum". Here, the folded triangles of the fatey are sewed into several rows.
  3. With topik
  4. The bottom we will make it easy, especially if you use the Tutu technique. A little higher is the MK how to make such a skirt, only she is from red fate.
  5. But for the top you need to pick up the tone tone. Further:

T-shirt babes fold in half and circle on paper. It is a pattern.

Fix it on folded in half fabric. Communication, taking into account points of the seams.

Strip and sew.

To the bottom, sew a lush tutu.

One moment! When we make a belt, it is better to join him better snowflakes.

Creative style

This is an elongated tutu. Only an elastic band is not on the belt, but on the chest. Two more gums are sewn to this gum (they will be on their shoulders). They are also strips of a fate name, only short. It is sleeves

  1. Suit icicles
  2. As for me, it should be an elongated model. A long dress or a white (blue) color suit is suitable. From above - cloak cape from chiffon.
  3. Cape we are wearing snowflakes and glitters. You can choose the Elsa dress, it looks like an ice icicle, here is a detailed MK. And on the head there should be a crown (see the article about the manufacture of the crown from the Foamiran). Can of the thermoclause?
  4. Suit squirrel
  5. You can collect an ensemble from: Skirts (from yellow or orange, to brown); Tights;
  6. Beautiful shoes;


Tail. You can make it from wool under the color of the costume. Sew 2 billets, between them - Sinypron.

Another option of the tail is from the fate.

  1. Fabric tape, with a size of 20 cm by 1.5 m in the middle in length. Tighten the thread by sending into the folds. There will be only one edge to sew to the skirt, and the second (retreating from the end of 10 cm) - to the turtleneck.
  2. Ears. They can be constructed as triangles with "tassels" on the rim. Or make it right on the head of the baby, out of the hair. Tinging thin tails with ribbons or rubber bands. Leave "brushes". Or even perform in Kanzashi technique
  3. Costume to sew fur or decorate to your taste.

Babe suit shots

  • For this ensemble you need:
  • Dress Balahon. It is desirable for 2-3 size more.
  • Papin vest. It is possible to make a peculiar patch for persuasiveness, sewing a piece of burlap.


Of course, this is just the basis of the outfit. You can add it:


Suffering a vest fur,

wig, etc.

  1. Suit Gypsy
  2. The main thing in this image is a lush sun skirt.
  3. It is easy to sew:

We fold the matter in half.

We plan the middle.

From this point, measure the distance equal to the waist girth separated by 2 values ​​π (3.14). R = from / 2π, where from - the volume of your waist, and π is a permanent value of 3.14. Draw a small semicircle.

Add di to the resulting radius (the length of the product is measuring from the waist to the floor the growth of the girl), that is, the length of the second semicircle will be the length of the product along with R. Draw a large semicircle from the same point.

This is a drawing of patterns. I cut 2 parts of the skirt on it. We sew them. Top sewing elastic.

If you still make a handkerchief of their same bright matter, and turtleneck. You can also sew the turtleneck. On the head bright flower add and image ready!

Suit "asterisk

Do not forget to subscribe to new articles, because the topic continues. One of the following are carnival costumes for boys.

Our new video:

Think what suit to choose for the upcoming matinee, holiday or thematic party? Want something new and incredible? An asterisk is a suit that meets quite rarely. It is quite simple to make it, but it looks spectacular and perfectly suitable for lovers of sequin. In addition, the asterisk is a suit, for which there are no well-established traditions of appearance, such as for the image of Cinderella or other popular characters.

  • For any age
  • The photo shows the version of the apparatus for an adult girl, but using this technique, it can be adapted for a child.
  • The base of the costume is golden leggings and a shirt or body. Since metallic colors in fashion, find them in the store will be easy. Shoes can be both golden flashes and old sneakers painted with golden paint from the canister.
  • glue;
  • But to get a real asterisk, the costume will have to supplement the special decor.
  • For its manufacture, you will need:
  • dense cardboard size 50 by 50 cm;
  • Golden paper for creativity - 2 sheets of 50 per 50 cm;

stationery knife;

Golden rim for hair (you can take any color, but then you have to paint it from a golden paint can;

  1. glue pistol;
  2. bodily color knee-colored golfs;
  3. Many tapes in different shades of gold (the metrar depends on the growth of the carrier of the outfit).
  4. How to make a sprocket suit

The process of work is simple and does not even require sewing:

Cut the star from the cardboard and stick a leaf of beautiful paper on it.

Showing text

Put the hair rim for hair on the workpiece, circle it, cut down the contour. If necessary, paint it with golden paint. Then glue the rim to the star using the adhesive gun.

  • For its manufacture, you will need:
  • Cut socks at golfs, cut the golden ribbons on long pieces. Stick them to the kapron tissue.
  • Complete the image of makeup with sparkles.
  • Suit asterisks for girls for the new year
  • If you are faced with the task of making a unique outfit for the matinee, you will have to work a little more. But the result is worth it.
  • You will need different materials to work, many of which can be found in the departments with Christmas toys:
  • Elastic headband;
  • Wide gum;
  • finished big asterisk or a dense cardboard with sparkles to cut it;
  • Golden twigs;
  • Many golden ribbons;
  • Golden and white fatin with sparkles;
  • decorative wire with asterisks;
  • a bottle of beautiful shape;

white sequins;

  1. Golden leggings or golfs;
  2. Bodies beige or golden color
  3. wide braid with sequins; New Year's costume star
  4. scissors.
  5. Making a little miracle
  6. Let's start with the crown - we stick with a hot glue with a hot glue with a hot sprigs.
  7. Then make beautiful handbounds on the same principle as for the previous costume - cut off a piece of golf or stunted length and glue ribbons.

Make a lush bow and decorate it with decorative wire.

In a beautiful bottle, white sparkles smear - it will be "star dust". We glue the ribbon to the throat of the bottle and make a beautiful suspension from it.

You can make skirt in two ways: you can set the fatin (from below white, golden top) to the gum, and you can just glue. In both cases, do not forget to stretch it when working so that later the thin tissue does not break when the tension.

Showing text

On the body make a beautiful belt from the braid with sequins.

From lush Christmas decorations and ribbons you can make a magic wand to complement this suit of an asterisk for a girl for the new year. Brilliant makeup either will not be superfluous.

Showing text

Non-standard solutions

Most often asterisk suit for the girl make in golden tones. And it is quite logical - because it should literally glow from the inside. But in order to see the stars, you need a night and darkness.

How do you like this asterisk:

Suit asterisk

The costume is made in dark, but sparkling colors and perfectly shams a golden headdress, which is made in the same way as in the very first version of the costume. T-shirt with sequins, lush skirt, cardboard decor - make this outfit quite simple.

Here is another example of such a costume:

Here the focus is also paid to the crown of wire and decorative paper.

Showing text

Shooting star

Showing text

You can make such a charming meteorite:

To do this, from a long piece of felt you need to cut "tail", decorate it with silver paint with sparkles and make the loops to fix it on the shoulders and wrists.

asterisk costume do it yourself

Send 2 stars from yellow fabric, scratch them and score. Attach to the tail.

asterisk costume

And from the lush fate with sparkles you need to make a skirt: take a gum, cut the fatin ribbons, fold them in half and knots to fix on the rubber band.

If you still have a golden color, then you can make such a cute pack:

Suit asterisks for girls for the new year

As you can see, when creating a "star" suit there is a huge scope for fantasy and creativity.

New Year's costume starNew Year's suit for the girl do it yourself - a photo, how to make

Photos - Variations on the topic of snowflakes. The easiest option of such a costume is a white dress, a tiny crown, the crown on the head, you can hang a snowflake from tinsel to the ribbon and give the baby in hand.

Presented dresses from cheap Chinese brocade, quite simple cut. The "cloves" on the second were made by a conventional machine zigzag (not embroidery), on the back, smooth fatewood coil, fastened on a small butt and "zipper" - on the pair. The peculiarity of the sewing dresses from the PARCHES is be sure to sew on the lining (otherwise the sections are displeasted very quickly, and the child is unpleasant to the touch of such seams to the skin).

I know that the costume is quite banal and not at all original, but still decided to send :) White ballet swimsuit, white skirt. Everything is trimmed by a rain. In my opinion, our costume turned out interesting, because I picked up a very beautiful rain - white with blue snowflakes on it. Thanks to this, we immediately stood out among all the other snowflakes :) They usually make a crown on your head, but we danced in this costume and the crown prevented, so I tried the simple white bow of the same rain :)

Suit asterisk

This day for kids is a real fairy tale, and parents, in turn, try to do everything for their child to feel like a part of this long-awaited holiday.

Children look forward to the New Year also for the reason that in schools and in kindergartens there will be merry matinees for which they put on interesting and unusual costumes. And the girls are primarily concerned, because they still long before pre-holiday training begin to dream of what way they will appear on the New Year holiday. Each mom will surely agree that make an outfit for her baby much more pleasant than to acquire a finished product in the store. Suit sprocket for girlHow to sew an asterisk suit with their own hands?

Very popular manner for meeting the new year is an asterisk costume. It is perfect for girls of any age. Let's find out how to make such an outfit with your own hands.

As the basis, we take a swimsuit, a T-shirt or a specially cross-stitched surface of white. There should be two straps on the product - on the shoulders and forearm.

Next, we need a skirt of several layers. The bottom is made of dense white tissue, and the upper must be made of lighter colored material. T-shirt and skirt can be both the same and different, but combined with each other, colors. Great combinations: blue - blue, purple - pink, emerald green - lilac and many others.


On top of the colored light skirt, an additional skirt, shown in the figure, is put on top of the colored light skirt.

It is manufactured from individual parts in the shape of the teeth. All elements glued slightly flashes. After it brought all parts, we sew them on the tape from the fabric, the width of which is 2 cm. The length of the braid should be such that after attaching the "teeth" there are still ends that can be tied the skirt from behind. You can also make a fastener in the form of buttons and loops.

To decorate a T-shirt on her edge (from the back and in front), on the second right straps and attach the rain or thin shiny strips from the film. On the wrists you can make shiny cuffs on a rubber band from the same film. Next, you need to pick up the flakes (slippers or ballet shoes) and tights under the color of the suit. Shoes should be decorated with small stars and sparkles.

Now let's start making the kokoshnik in the form of a star.

We take a piece of dense cardboard, belable it on both sides of the foil. In order to cut the decoration, you need to take your daughter's hoop and circling the contour on the cardboard. After that, around the circuit draw triangles, as shown in the figure below. Cut the kokoshnik and connect the inner corners with one solid strip so that the basis turns out. Downstairs glue ribbons for tying.

The costume of the asterisk will make a gentle girl and refined. And it is especially nice if this outfit you did with your own hands.

Star suit with their own hands.

Necessary materials:

- Silver fabric - 1 m

- White fatin - 3 meters

- rubber

- hot glue

- sequins-star

- oblique bay of silver

Manufacturing process:

1. From the fate, take the skirt, take it with sequins using hot glue.

2. Go to the belt to stick the triangular wedges (they must be made of shiny tissue). In this case, the skirt will be similar to the star. At the ends of each wedge it is necessary to sew beads. This will allow the skirt to lie more beautiful.

3. From the silver fabric cut the rectangle. The width of the rectangle should coincide with the width of the baby's chest girth. Additionally, it is necessary to make allowances for seams. The length of the top should be such that her without difficulty can be fed to the skirt. Side slice Sustach, wash. If the cloth is poorly stretched, squeeze the plug-in zipper.


4. The bottom of the product cover the oblique baker.

5. Sequins stick to the upper beyk.


6. Make straps that are visiting the topic.

7. From the front side, the top is set.

8. From Rhinestones, Beads, Cardboard and Fatin, make a star, fix on the bandage, bay or ribbon. This design will be an ornament for the head.

And as you


Children's costumes do it yourself - Princess Night

New Year's suit of an asterisk for a girl


At the heart of the costume - dress, crown in the form of a star and decorated shoes. From the shoes you can pick up white sneakers or sneakers, which can be simply decorated with sparkles or multi-colored paper stars. By the way, together the dresses can also take a suitable sweater and leggings. With white shoes, they will be combined just perfect. If you have not been suitable clothes, you can easily sew it from knitwear.

The dress.

To create you need a piece of brilliant knitwear. The length of the piece should be 2 product lengths. In addition, you need to add several centimeters for processing. Take an arbitrary width. If necessary, the cloth can be assigned. Match down in half. The cutting of the neck and the shoulder seams will be on the fold line. Find the middle of the line, set aside in two sides of the neck, divided by half. Make a cut. Take a blank on the girl, lay the folds on the shoulders, notice. On the waist and chest, you can additionally make several folds. The folds will burst, launch the side stitches, wash the neck and bottom of the dress overlock. Decorate the dress with pieces of foil, beads, beads, etc.

Make it

Costume for the girl do it yourself "Meltelitsa"


To create the crown you will need:

- Tools for drawing

- Foil with paper base

- velvet paper

On the sheet of velvet paper, draw the crown, cut out, glue the ends. Puck the surface of the foil with a paper base. The number of rays can be any. Moreover, they may differ from each other in length. When you draw a reason, there is no need to make allowances.


The headdress can be done differently. Cut out the strip from the cardboard, take it with a foil, glue the edges. At the place of the seam, stick the star. Seam can be masked by beads or beads.


Cloak for the boy.

The costume of the star can be made not only for the girl, but for the boy. It can be made it from a monochrome training suit. Best if it is black. Decorate his stars from foil. The crown is done in the same way as in previous master classes. In addition, the boy will need a raincoat with a brilliant knitwear or velvet. It is very easy to make it: from the cutting of the tissue, take a circle, the radius of which should be equal to the length of the sequence. In addition, this figure needs to add a radius of the neck for the neck. Do not forget to add multiple centimeters to build. Cut the excavation and circle, do the cut. The edges and the neck are treated by baker. Side Side. Decorate the raincoat with stars made from foil.

Your baby will like and


Yellow suit for the girl


Suit sprocket for new year photo:

Cloak can also be made it with a corrugated skirt. In the waist area, collect the skirt, cover the shaped assemblement of the collar of dense fabric, fliesline or colored paper. WANAANS Make it as follows: Circle is cut into a large size, it is done in it. The resulting ring must be cut. It will be one half of the volana. It is necessary to sew the second half of the volana. Cut the stars of different sizes from the foil, enter the raincoat. In the regions of the wrists, sculpt the cloth with a pin. Attach several colored flutes. It remains only a cap. It is cut out with paper and turn the cone.

Sustain I.

Dress for the New Year for the girl with their own hands "Snowflakes"

Suit sprocket for girl photo:

The crown for suit can be made in several ways. We offer some options.

Cardboard crown.

You will need:

- Glue

- Pencil

- Foil

- Cardon

- scissors


Stages of work:

1. In order for the crown well on the head, measure the girth of the child's head. Make a crown for several centimeters more, because it will need to lock on the head. After you decide on the length, cut the cardboard strips.

To decorate a T-shirt on her edge (from the back and in front), on the second right straps and attach the rain or thin shiny strips from the film. On the wrists you can make shiny cuffs on a rubber band from the same film. Next, you need to pick up the flakes (slippers or ballet shoes) and tights under the color of the suit. Shoes should be decorated with small stars and sparkles.

2. The height of the crown may be different. From above, you can draw "cloves" and exactly over the contour to cut everything too much.

3. Unlock foil roll, wake the glue one side. Apply the lubricated face to foil. Rate down a few centimeters, cut the foil.

4. The remaining part of the foil is thrown along the crafts, stick to the other side. Leave the craft for a while she dried. Rush foil between the tooth, wrap foole each of them. Finally, simply turn the strip into one circle.

There is another option to create a cardboard crown. Take a sheet of cardboard, scissors, pencil and stapler. Draw on cardboard crown with cloths. Cut by closed in a circle with a stapler. Decorate the cradle by beads, rhinestones and sparkles, wrap foil or decorate the Mishera.

- Glue

Crown of wire.


- Wire

To decorate a T-shirt on her edge (from the back and in front), on the second right straps and attach the rain or thin shiny strips from the film. On the wrists you can make shiny cuffs on a rubber band from the same film. Next, you need to pick up the flakes (slippers or ballet shoes) and tights under the color of the suit. Shoes should be decorated with small stars and sparkles.

- Pliers

- Beads

- Glue

Using pliers, bring the frame with a white wire. Frame wrap a silver rain. For a frame, you can choose any form. However, the sizes of the frame must approach your child's head. Please note that the creation process will take you a lot of time, so it must be planned in advance.

Lace crown.

- scissors

- Beads, pebbles and beads for decor

- Brush

- Glue "Moment"

- Glue

- Thread

- Igole

- Acrylic paint


- Stachmal

Sustain I.

- Lace ribbon with gear or curly edges

1. Cut the lace the required length, turn into a circle. Gently susht, so that threads did not see. Starch the crawl, put on the glass jar, leave for drying.

2. Color the crown of paint. You can apply paint to the entire surface, and you can only on the edges.

3. After drying the paint, lock the beads, pebbles and beads on the cradle.

Crown with plastic bottle.

- paper

- nail polish

- Scotch

- Rhinestones, large beads, colored sand, minor decorations

How to do:

1. Take a prepared bottle, make a plot in the center, which must match the width of the crown.


2. A sheet of simple paper is caught the edge of the segment.

3. Draw on the sheet the top outlines of the crown, cut out.

4. Remove the paper.

The costume of the star can be made not only for the girl, but for the boy. It can be made it from a monochrome training suit. Best if it is black. Decorate his stars from foil. The crown is done in the same way as in previous master classes. In addition, the boy will need a raincoat with a brilliant knitwear or velvet. It is very easy to make it: from the cutting of the tissue, take a circle, the radius of which should be equal to the length of the sequence. In addition, this figure needs to add a radius of the neck for the neck. Do not forget to add multiple centimeters to build. Cut the excavation and circle, do the cut. The edges and the neck are treated by baker. Side Side. Decorate the raincoat with stars made from foil.

5. Decorate the crown of varnish.


6. Enclose beads, beads, various decorative parts.

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