What to write when there is nothing to write

Night. Notebook. Blank screen. You are sitting and tormented in search of inspiration for the fourth hour. Neither Google does not cope, neither absinthe nor Tomik Yesenin. And send tomorrow the client is not-hu.

How often do you have it? Well, when there is an approved content plan, rubrics and even in advance the headlines. But sooner or later ideas are swinging, the fingers cease to stop tapping thoughts on the keyboard and it's time to retire. Joke, despair too early! We broke all check-sheets, remembered life situations from our own practice and made an article-assistant for you. Read, save and use.

When there is no product or services for photos or video

If your client does not make cakes and bouquets, no one cuts, does not paint nails and generally sells info-product - content for it is generated with creak. That's what life can make it easier:

  • Maskoty . Here is our article about how to use them.
  • Team . Ask the team to share expert comments, talk about your lifehaks, to make a selection of useful and favorite books.
  • Free tutorials . This item is especially useful for those whose customers are associated with infobusiness. Check-sheets, collections, excerpts from books and all that will help prove your expense and put on a hook of new subscribers.
  • Bloggers . Collaborations with these professional content generators - let not the cheapest pleasure, but effective. So you will attract a new audience and increase the loyalty to the old one.
  • Quotes . This, of course, already forbidden method, however, can be useful if you need to dilute the content plan. The main thing is to find a fresh approach, and not publish long-stayed thoughts.


When there are no new ideas

Writing non-stop fresh articles are quite difficult, especially if your client requires publishing almost every day. Therefore, you can go for some tricks.

Write down the interview . Interview is a convenient format for generating content. When he holds, the main thing is to remember that questions need to be asked based on the interests of the audience. Do not know who to ask them? Spend a survey, let the subscribers themselves choose the hero. Here is already plus 2 publications in the content plan.

Remember the old . On the eve of the new year, most brands and specialists make various predictions: "New trends in 2018", "How to behave in 2020 to the entrepreneur?", "What will be fashionable in 3000?" And so on. Find one of the similar materials among your publications and analyze. And then write what came true, and what not. If absolutely all items coincided, publish the old material under the new sauce - "8 predictions that came true this year."

When you publish old materials, make sure that they remain relevant. Of course, the audience is constantly updated, and for someone it will be absolutely new publications. However, they must comply with the real sums of the current time.

How often can you allow yourself a similar library? Depending on the speed with which your community grows. For someone, this is a publication with a period of limitations in 1 year, and for others - in several months.

Arrange Likbez . Increase your expert significance in the eyes of the audience. Surely there are topics or questions related to your activities, about which subscribers know little. Boldly share them. This, by the way, may include the history of people, things and concepts.

Write a retelling . Read an interesting or useful book? Retell its content or a separate part. It can be useful to your audience. Especially if the book is suitable for your community.

Join the controversy . Some brands immediately take into account such posts in the Content plan. To create them, it is necessary to monitor accounts of experts and leaders of opinions from their sphere. And if you find statements that do not coincide with your thoughts, feel free to create a post in which you need not only to celebrate this person, but also argued to explain why you disagree with him.

Collect a selection of the best of the past . Extreme way, but working. You can make every few months to really collect the best, and not suck out of your finger.


Tell me something personal . Quite personal. From the life of the content-producer, accountant, director. Something that will cause emotion readers will help them experience them, survive your memories.

Ask about something readers . Make them to show activity. You can ask a question in style: how do you do in this situation.

When the goods or services are small

Selling content in which the goods are presented in all its glory, usually takes no more than 20%. The rest of the posts illuminate the product only indirectly. What content can these 80% consist of?

User Content . Stimulate the audience of hashthegami march photos with your product or service. Collect such content. Publish it in the form of reviews, check under the posts of content creators. And maybe with you happiness.

Independent content . If there is nothing to come up with, you can always publish a survey, statistics, announcement of future events, infographic on the topic, a selection of useful links, discounts, answers to frequently asked questions. As a last resort, remember the holidays. It has always been glorious food for content professionals.

Series and films . It would seem, the obvious trick, but not many remember it in a difficult moment. It is not about just publishing pictures and links, but to use the plot of a movie or a series to create your own unique content. For example, frames from Dr. Strange are easily suitable for communities associated with fashion, and for communities associated with tea drinking. Frames from the film "Shopogolik" and "The Devil wears Prada" can use even banks that publish articles from the "How to save in the store" series, "how to be fashionable without excess spending", etc.


Female images . If the community has a rather significant part of the audience, men are occupied, women's images are your rescue circle. It does not matter whether they are in conjunction with the product, or you just picked up a suitable image. Use them in the template, add some screaming header, and covers are provided.

Translations . Often, the same denied materials appear in communities with the same topics - the fact is that everyone is looking for information on the same resources. But if knowledge of foreign languages ​​allows you to scan at least English-speaking sites, you can more. The main thing is not to assign yourself authorship. Boldly talk about the articles translated, and publish them in the community.


When you have a piece goods

Products that exist in a single copy is the headache of content professionals. And when they end out stories about the creators, about the product itself, the team and the direction, silence comes in the community. What to do in this case?

Device brainstorming . One head is good, and two better, remember? Look for different creative techniques that will help reveal consciousness, and take advantage of them at the nearest meeting with colleagues. Or at least at the gatherings with friends.

Visit the sectoral event . Exhibitions, Conferences, Shaw - All this can be not only excellent food for inspiration, but also a place to generate a new content.

Imagine that the end of the world will soon . As usual, we manage to do something ambitious when the grandmarkets are supported, the fire begins, or money ends. Therefore, in order to start generating cool ideas, it is necessary to simulate the situation of "hopeless position" so that the brain understands what to act. There are various headlocks and ideas that can push on a decent thought. This method is particularly effective if you have already trained in advance and repeatedly constituted a list of 10 things that ... well, for example:

  • 10 unusual inventions
  • 10 books that you can write
  • 10 business ideas
  • 10 areas of activity for which the mediator do not need
  • 10 ways to surprise your loved one
  • 10 people with whom you need to make friends
  • 10 things I learned yesterday
  • 10 chapters for a new book

Those who train every day, to generate new ideas for posts in an emergency situation is not so difficult.

Do you have your own lifchats on generating content in a difficult moment? Share them in our comments!

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Each site owner and blogger from time to time finds itself in a situation where it is not about what. Yes, everyone knows that this can be avoided if you plan a content strategy. Nevertheless, everything falls into this position. What to write about if you forget to update the editorial plan? You will be helped by a list of content ideas.

Good ideas can be found everywhere
Good ideas can be found everywhere

Concrete Content Ideas

1. List of best posts for the selected period. An example from our blog is the best posts "Texerras" for 2016.

2. List of your favorite tools. Tell us about what services and programs you use in your work.

3. A detailed overview of one of the favorite tools. And how many of them are there all the list?

4. Book Review. Better if the book is related to your business.

5. Mini-Case. For example, open the web analytics systems and evaluate the site efficiency metric. Describe the dynamics for half a year.

6. Interview. For example, talk to your leading specialist.

7. Photo report. Publish photos from the last industry event you visited.

8. Video review. Remove the roller about one of your products.

9. Guest post. Perhaps one of your familiar experts can promptly provide an article.

10. Reply to criticism or mention. Perhaps someone from colleagues recently mentioned you in publications? Well, if you are criticized. Write an article-answer.

11. Write a detailed answer to the client's question. Find a sharp and actual question.

12. Submit the results. For example, write about a successfully implemented advertising campaign.

13. Description of workers algorithms. For example, write how you make a semantic kernel, diagnose the car engine, treat myopia.

14. Services of answers. In them you will find dozens of ideas for posts.

15. Description of plans. Write about business goals for the next periods. Do not write how much you want to earn, the tax on this will know in any case. Tell us about the projects that you want to implement, planned personal achievements, etc.

16. Forecasts. Write what you see your industry in a year, five or ten years. What to prepare your colleagues and competitors?

17. Announcement of the draw or competition. Offer the audience to have fun. Think about the prizes in advance.

18. Test or check list. Create a test that will be useful for your audience. For example, if you treat heart disease, make a test "Don't you deal with the cardiologist?"

19. Infographics. Take any article from your blog and turn it into infographics.

20. Presentation. You understood what to do.

21. Podcast. Write your thoughts on the recorder about the current situation in the industry. Publish an audio file.

22. Instruction. Tell customers and colleagues how to properly care for leather shoes, how to clean the laptop keyboard, etc.

23. Comparative characteristics of products. You can compare your products with each other or with products of competitors.

24. Product Frearyting .Yes, write what fell. Yes, then it will have to be published. Do not be afraid, your subconscious does not pick up.

25. Story about the profession. If you sell cakes and baking, tell me who are such a baker and confectioner. Explain how to find out a good specialist.

26. Story about the company. Update your business page. Surely there is still written that you are dynamically developing with all young professional team.

27. The promised article. Browse your old publications. You will surely find in some of them phrases like "But this is the topic for a separate article", "this question must be considered in a separate post." Act.

28. Requests of readers. Check out comments on old publications. They certainly have requests to tell about something more. Show that listen to the requests of subscribers.

29. Essays about man whose creativity and life inspire you.

30. Spore with a famous person. You may have a great article-provocation. For example, Warren Buffett and other famous investors recommend buying shares cheap and sell expensive. Write that this is a complete nonsense, as 99% of investors are made with an accuracy of the opposite.

31. Updating the old post. There are probably the articles that need to be updated in your blog.

32. Glossary, explanation of terms. Create a sectoral dictionary. The meaning of some words you can explain in separate posts. If you provide marketing services, tell me what positioning, branding, adversary.

33. List of quotes. For example, write the post "20 statements of great people who should know each insurance agent."

34. Personal diary. Share with the audience with your thoughts, emotions, expectations. An example of such an article on our website is "against creative".

35. Discussion. Write a note "What will happen if ...". For example, "What will happen if the advertisement is completely banned." Offer users to share opinions in the comments.

36. Post in the format "Behind the scenes". Show the audience how your company works. Remove the video, make a photo report, write text.

37. Call. Remember how some time ago the network exploded because of Ice Bucket Challenge? Come up with something similar. For example, assume to read two professional books per month and transfer the colleagues relay.

38. Parody. Try kindly to laugh at the famous colleague. Write down the video or write an article in which try copying the style known in the specialist industry.

39. Choice of the day / week. Tell the opening subscribers you made this week. Describe some interesting chip, praise a new blog, recommend users a product.

40. Gift. Perhaps you have an office with an excess mug with a logo or a book with an autograph of Steve Jobs? Give it to users. Tell me that a gift will receive a one who will explain all the best in the comments, why does he need this mug or a book.

41. Alien content. Perhaps you recently read some cool article? Publish it with reference to the source. Explain why you liked this material.

42. Descriptions of product categories or blog columns. Users often begin to search for a suitable product from the pages of categories of online stores. Explain to visitors that you sell.

43. Newsjeking. Sandline the actual information trend. For example, write the article "50 shades of paint for the floor and walls of the paintwork plant No. 1".

44. Post for dummies. Take any article in your blog and rewrite it as if you explain something to an eight-year-old child.

45. Online broadcast. If you are going to the sectoral event, drive a broadcast using Twitter or services to transfer streaming video.

46. ​​Page "Our Team". Introduce customers with company employees.

47. Product descriptions. Even if there are already descriptions on the site, review them. Perhaps they require actualization.

48. Declaration of uniqueness. Write a post that explains why customers favorably cooperate with you. Write than you are better than competitors, how do you work and what problems are solved.

49. Post in the format "For and against". For example, if you traded the tires, write "for and against the use of studded rubber in winter."

50. Cheat sheet. Create a downloaded cheat sheet for users, which they can use when choosing products.

51. Video in fashion formats. Remove the roller using Vine, Instagram or applications to create a timelaps video.

52. Public commercial offer. You have to get a promotional post decorated in the form of a commercial letter.

53. E-book. Most likely, you will have to spend on creating content this type for several days. Start today, you still have nothing to write about.

54. Story about the company name. Explain why you call Macrohard or Peach.

55. Tale. Why not. Write a fairy tale about your business or product. You can even ride on competitors so that it will not be over with something.

56. The story "How to become an expert." Explain how to become a specialist in your business.

57. The history of the client. Tell us how your product helped your client solve the problem.

58. An article on recruitment. Write how you select the staff, what qualities you must have a job candidates in your company.

59. Open letter. Write an open letter, interesting to your customers and colleagues. Choose a recipient depending on the scope of activity. For example, in our field it can be an open letter to Platon Shchukin.

60. Article "How to save on ...". Do not be afraid to share secrets, customers will thank you by purchases.

61. Decoding video or audio.

62. Translation. Translate an interesting post in a foreign language.

63. Ranking. Create a rating of the best companies of your industry. Ask the audience to independently determine the place of your business.

64. Story about the hobby. Share your personal preferences and tastes of employees.

65. The history of the industry. Tell us what computers were 20 years ago or cars 100 years ago.

66. Reviews of partners. Someone supposes you to drinking water to the office, helps to report tax or has cleaning services. Write about it.

67. The perfect market. Write what your industry lacks to become an ideal market. Perhaps these are laws, new products, other structure of demand, etc.

68. PRICE LIST. Surely it is time to actualize.

69. Text for template letters. Rewrite the content of letters that your customers get after purchase.

70. Copyright information. Explain unfair competitors that and how you will take off if they try to steal your content.

Sources of Content Ideas

71. Take advantage of search engines. Start entering your business in the search field associated with your business. You will receive several content ideas.

72. Discussions on social networks. Surely in your group there are discussions in which topics are raised, decent articles.

73. Presentations from the last seminar you visited. Surely you will find ideas for a couple of dozen articles.

74. Research results. The share of Google has grown, and "Yandex" fell? Write about it. Explain actual trends.

75. Industry forums. Here you will find not only ideas. The forums often discusses valuable ideas and describes exclusive experience.

76. Blogosphere. Pay attention to LJ, read offline blogs. It comes across very valuable information that some miracle does not fall into the field of view of industry media.

77. Social network subscribers. Ask friends in Twitter or Facebook, which should be your next material.

78. Employees. Collect them for 30 minutes and make a brainstorm. Record any ideas. You will choose later.

79. Customer support service operators. Learn from them, the most often ask customers.

80. Your failures. This is one of the most valuable sources of content ideas. Write, why the last PPC campaign failed, why did you not hand over the layout on time, as you managed to lose half of buyers.

81. Google trends .Run on the site of this service, you will find a lot of ideas.

82. Content Exchange. Register on several sites and see what content is ordered by freelancers.

83. Books. They definitely have ideas that can be described and discuss with the audience.

84. Records of seminars and webinars. Start looking from the place where the audience asks questions to Lekrara. The most interesting questions are your content ideas today.

85. Search by site. See what users are looking for on your site.

86. Related search queries.


Start the compilation of your content plan with the study of these 86 ideas. I am sure you will handle a lot of useful for yourself.

Author: Dmitry Dementi, author of the blog Texterra

What to write to the blog. 25 ideas for posts | Blond Barvara Llyagina StartBlogUp.com

Familiar to the feeling of emptiness when you look at the flashing cursor on the monitor and do not know at all what to write about the blog? Or is your blog standing for the month abandoned, because you do not write?

The writer stupor associated with the lack of ideas is also familiar with those of us who are usually full of ideas.

Do not suck your finger ideas! Use templates topics. This will help you not only get out of the writer stupor, but also create a really interesting and current content that users will definitely notice.

Adapt these ideas under their topics and the sphere. The amount in the topics is conditional, you can change it. You can come up with a few topics one by the same template. If you publish a post in a blog every week, then these ideas will have enough for half a year.

Subscribe to my instagram with daily inspiration and finds for creative entrepreneurs.

1. For whom you should follow in social networks, if you want to be aware of H.

Tell us about those who read about colleagues, about those who in your field inspires you to something. This format is good for non-massaging and is suitable for those who have not yet considered themselves an expert, but demonstrates their interest theme. Mark people, give them a link to your post so that they can also share them with friends and subscribers.

My blog came out a selection of telegram channels for those who write and promoted using texts.

2. 5 books that need to be read if you are H.

Such a post will be organically looked, if you adapt the list for your target audience. The owner of the store of bedding can compile a list of books with which it is pleasant to bother in bed. A family psychologist can collect books about the relationship between children and parents. I went out in a live broadcast with the theme of "5 table books for creative entrepreneurs."

3. Everyone thinks about it, but no one tells this about H.

Think how you could deploy this idea how to apply it to the sphere of your business. Perhaps you will be able to disrupt the covers from the theme that everyone is bypassing the party, and you will attract attention to yourself and your project.

4. What a moment or man changed my approach to x.

At once two ideas for excellent personal history, which will help you tell you about your beliefs, experience and values. Somehow in the newsletter I wrote about my former supervisor and what she taught me. If you play with this template, then your post may not be about one moment, but about five lessons you got.

5. 5 gifts for those who ...

A wonderful idea for some reason is not very often used in the Russian-speaking space. If you have a blog, you can make a gift selection with partner links or advertiser products. If you have your own physical product that can be a useful gift, turn it on to the thematic selection, as I did in the post that I will give a blogger.

Calendar blogger

6. 5 questions that you should ask yourself if you ...

In such a post, you can answer frequently asked questions and inform the audience about your services and the approach to the case. For example, a stretching school could write a post "What 5 questions need to be asked if you want to sit on the twine this year."

7. Events and conferences that should be visited by everyone who ...

Tell us what events you could recommend your ideal client. After all, you can already be useful because customers and subscribers will receive important news from you.

8. 5 skills that should be developed to everyone who ...

Attach this topic to your field of activity and specify your post. For example, stylists could tell about 5 skills that it is worth developing to everyone who wants to change their style.

9. What resources on social networks you should be signed if ...

Think about what your readers want, what they dream that they can be interesting. Pick up the resources for those who want to quit from work, change the wardrobe, open our business or ... Substitute your option.

I know that my audience is creative entrepreneurs and bloggers. To make a useful post, I somehow collected 7 Facebook groups for these people.

10. Myths and facts about H.

Another topic that can be divided into two, if you tell us separately about myths, separately about facts. For example, the photographer could write post 5 myths about the family photo shoot.

25 ideas for posts for half a year ago

Leave your email and get 25 ideas for posts. This is enough to fill the blog weekly publications for 6 months ahead.

Hooray! Everything worked out. Check your mail, a letter with reference to the checklist is already on the way.

11. How to maintain a balance between X and Y.

For me and my audience would be relevant the topic "How to maintain a balance between the time to do business and blog." Stylist could write about how to maintain the balance between the style and the convenience of clothing. The seller of mattresses would tell about the balance sheet and choose between a high-quality and expensive mattress. Many options, adapt the idea for yourself.

12. My top 5 applications / programs / plug-ins / telegrams.

The template from which you can pull out at once a few topics for posts and easily adapt to each business or project. For example, 5 applications for learning English / traffic rules / for planning of the year, etc. One of the popular posts of my blog is "10 programs and applications for a successful year."

13. Review of the last / ego H.

An inexhaustible topic for posts in which you can share experiences or emotions. Tell us about gadgets that use. About the latest viewed films, read books, developed applications. For example, I made an overview of the equipment that I use to record the video. The review was useful to people who also master the video format. If you are delighted with some kind of device or applications and constantly tell everyone friends about him, think, and is it time to just write about it in a blog?

14. 5 key mistakes that make those who ...

Again, substitute those who are your audience and write a useful post for them. What errors allow those who make up the wardrobe without the help of a stylist? What mistakes most often allow those who poses a photographer? One of the videos that we did together with Kate Nikityuk are the 10 most frequent blog errors.

15. 5 major errors that I did / -A when ...

This format is good in that it is possible to tell about errors unobtrusively, in the format of the stories that happened to you. Such posts are easily read, and at the same time they are useful, as you can protect your readers from our own misses. On this topic, I recorded a video about 5 errors that I did when I got a blog.

Calendar blogger

16. You do x wrong.

What do your customers do wrong? Incorrectly pick up the color range on the site, the domain name is chosen too long, they make template photo shoots, put on eight exclamation marks in suggestions, etc. Write about this friendly post, without criticism and attacks, but with a competently argued position of the expert.

17. How to stop buxing with H.

The topic in which you can share your experience overcoming difficulties. How to stop postponing for later sports / photo session / obtaining rights, etc.

18. The story of how you came up with or did.

For example, I told in one of the direct ether, as I came up with and made a calendar "Blog myself will not write." Illustrator Polina Khoronko, told about how he won in the competition, and her drawing got into all stars of Russia. Tell me and you are your story! Format of backstage stories (Behind the Scenes) - at the peak of popularity.

19. 5 things I wanted to know when I started /-and ...

... blog / run / taking pictures. This is the format of the post, in which you can stretch your hand to those who make the first steps in something. I wrote a post "6 useful things for newbies bloggers." If you are not ready to talk about how you mastered some kind of area, the idea can be expanded otherwise: Take a comment of the expert in this area, let him point to the most difficult moments.

20. My forecast for what will happen from X next month / year / season.

It is important to make a personal opinion about what is happening in your field. In such a post, you can support and substantiate expert forecasts, so to challenge them - it is even more interesting. It is worth considering a different level of awareness and experience of your readers. For advanced you can make a detailed deep analysis of the market and trends, for beginners - you most likely have to formulate trends in other words and bring relevant examples.

Calendar blogger

21. 3 most frequent questions that ask me about ...

... blogs / conducting direct ether / writing texts, etc. This format is the very evergreen content that everyone speaks about. Write answers to the most frequent questions once and will post all the time to this page those who come with similar. So, I wrote a post about moving, answering the questions of my readers.

22. What's wrong with x.

... Online marketing / business style in Russia / family photo sessions / tourism, etc. Be prepared for the fact that this post can become a holive and cause a lot of discussions and disputes around your topic. And this is good!

23. The complexity that I have right now and how I plan to cope with it.

The topic is not easy and requires the manifestation of vulnerability, sincerity. But if you talk about some kind of difficulties in the format of the series, step by step, then this can cause a big wave of interest in you and your blog. See how Aja Dang applied this idea, told about how the money saves money, pays a loan and with what financial difficulties is fighting. If you are not ready to open so much, tell about something more neutral. For example, I have in instagram and blog "the house that I want to come" was a series of posts about moving and repair.

24. History of industry development and my forecasts.

Another fertile topic for those who love to dig up a dealer. Suitable for publishing at the end of the year or another significant period. You can create your own forecasts and comment on other experts. So, for example, every year I write a post according to the results of the declared color of the year by the Pantone Institute and invite interior designers to give their comments on this topic.

25. 5 fears that have every x, and how to cope with them.

Think what fears or fears will be achieved in your heads of your customers, which prevents them from making a decision or buy your services. Waving these doubts with useful tips on how to cope with driving / photo shoots / critics / writing texts and many other things.

There are new ideas about what to write a post in a blog or shoot a video for your Youtyuba Channel?

In working with ideas it is very important not to miss them, but immediately write to a single list.

To keep the content plan of your blog, I recommend using the calendar "Blog itself will not write." It is not only convenient to store all ideas, but also plan a monthly output of posts and a blog development.

In order to fix all new ideas, I suggest you download "25 ideas for your blog." Print these several pages and you can save the ideas of your posts for the future to return to them.

25 ideas for posts for half a year ago

Leave your email and get 25 ideas for posts. This is enough to fill the blog weekly publications for 6 months ahead.

Hooray! Everything worked out. Check your mail, a letter with reference to the checklist is already on the way.

I liked the post, but no time to apply in practice right now?

Keep your post to Pinterest. When you need to write a post, and I will not have ideas, this information and examples will be at your hand.

What to write to the blog. 25 ideas for posts | Blond Barvara Llyagina StartBlogUp.com
What to write to the blog. 25 ideas for posts | Blond Barvara Llyagina StartBlogUp.com

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