The meaning of the word gourmet. What is gourmet?

  • GOURMET , -but, m. Amateur and connoisseur of thin, sophisticated dishes; deli. [Admiral] ate fresh caviar with the pleasure and thoughtfulness of the gourmet gourmet. Stanyukovich, brilliant appointment.

    [Franz. gourmand]

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A source: "The Explanatory Dictionary of the Russian Language" edited by D. N. Ushakov (1935-1940); (electronic version): Fundamental electronic library

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Food is not only a source of energy that supports the life of our barrage. Since ancient times, the food was attached to mystical significance. There were always those who knew the lot in her preparation, and those who loved to eat well. Perceiving food as a tool for the aesthetic knowledge of the world, a person learned a long time ago. And lovers are delicious and beautiful to eat every year becomes more and more.


What is the difference between gourmet and gourmet

If you are a person who loves to eat tightly and tasty, or, in a simple, suffer increment, you can assign yourself to gourmet. True, for this you have to go to France. It is there, gourmets are not at all those who understand the food and appreciates sophistication in food or drinks. Gourmet translates from French as "greedy". An ordinary household grocery, wetting. But a person who knows a lot about food, appreciates the delicate taste of various dishes, shattered in wine, referred to as otherwise - "Hurma".

Why then many sincerely believe that gourmet is just a connoisseur of unusual food? Dictionaries and encyclopedias explain this incidentally simple: in the 19th century, the substitution of these concepts occurred. No wonder to confuse one with another. The exquisite food was expensive. And people with good prosperity, as a rule, did not refuse themselves. Including the pleasure of tasty and satisfying to eat. There is nothing surprising and unusual that the concept of "gourmet" displaced the word "gourmet", connecting both values.

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If you want to know the taste of food, eat more

In order to understand something very well, you need, as they say, eat not one salty powder. It turns out that the gourmets eat a lot. In any case, in some period of his gourmet journey, they should try so much, take the food and rein the drinks, how much simple person does not need. So gourmet is who? Roads or connoisseurs? To become smart, you need to read a lot and think. To deal with food, you need to eat a lot and try. But this does not mean that Gourmet is a man suffering from an increment.

Gourmets are different. Someone prefers exotic cuisine, someone else to taste sweets, and someone crazy about differentties. Cooking as art gives the world their works, and gourmets are strict and sensitive critics of these masterpieces. Gourmet is a person who does not just try or likes some specific dishes or drinks and knows how to eat food with an important look. First of all, it is a culinary aestet that is able to appreciate the efforts of the cook.

Gourmet is a man

Not a single bread

Gourmet is often creative nature. People are quite erudented, interesting and self-sufficient. They seek to convert, decorate, turning dishes into artwork. Knowing a lot in food, you know how to cook and, most importantly, to eat. The real gourmet will never overeat or drink too much. In the meal, everything is important: table setting, the number of ingredients and their taste combination, spices and sauces. They eat at no rush, tall, giving a considerable meaning of taste sensations received from the dish. A leisurely meal and good mood contribute to the best learning of food, and also do not allow to overeat. Therefore, people with overweight among true gourmets are much smaller than among ordinary incinerations.

Gourmet is

How to learn to appreciate food

Gourmet is someone
Want to become a real gourmet? Then learn not to eat, but taste. Take a big plate, put everything you planned for lunch or dinner. But the number of servings should be minimal. To have enough for one or two bite. Cover the table, turn off the TV, set aside the newspaper, the tablet and the laptop away. Do not forget about a beautiful napkin and cutlery. By the way, if during meals to use the knife, and the fork, as required by etiquette, then the time is spent on the meal. The stomach will be able to submit a signal in time that you are found. Learn to eat slowly, gradually moving from one dish to another. And the meal will not be so boring and monotonous in taste, and the benefits of food intake will be several times more.

Gourmets are those who appreciate food not only for taste, but also for aesthetics. For such a person, the process of physiological thickening of hunger or thirst has long turned into a magical ritual, in a way of knowing himself and the surrounding world, in aesthetic pleasure. We take a break in familiarization with the kitchens of the peoples of the world. There are still a lot of stories ahead. Now it is necessary to focus on the very concept of "gourmet". After all, our channel aims to educate everyone and all! It is really tired of seeing people to be deceived everywhere, offering alleged culinary masterpieces. But the most offensive thing is that by ignorance people like to eat it is not clear that, and then - praise in their stories the next beautiful restaurant, where instead of the real Striploch of grain fattening brought herbal beef of incomprehensible origin, and not yet "Medium", and "Medium Val " All these terms may not be embarrassed, we'll talk about meat, and more than once. But now let's stop at Gourmet Station. And we will get acquainted with this man who fought Nirvana from food. Gourmet - First of all, the one who hunts no quantity, but for quality. Region is not his path. Therefore, restaurants with star rating Michelin, mainly practicing sets with the supply of extremely small in size in size, but absolutely finely complementary each other, which creates a one-piece picture of the present culinary pleasure. Be gourmet is not easy. Product quality should be able to determine from the semi-displays. Know the basic principles of cooking dishes. In this sense Gourmet is the most real doctor of cooking sciences and professor. Theoretical knowledge needs a lot. And also, which is very important

Be gourmet means to appreciate yourself and abandon those dishes whose quality does not reach excellent marks. The feeling of hunger in no way should interrupt the feeling of the beautiful. We are starting to become real gourmets, but only if you will be on long-long years with us!

We guarantee the full immersion in the world of sophistication and cancellation, insist on the need to become a true connoisseur of art to eat!

Are you with us?!

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