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Cosmetics can work wonders! Daily millions of girls around the world apply a variety of decorative drugs and become the participants of the delightful transformation. Most often makeup is used to mask defects and underscounted advantages. In the process of development of the beauty industry, new techniques have appeared, which allowed not only to improve natural beauty, but also change natural shapes! So, making some successful strokes, you can visually reduce your nose, highlight the cheeks and hide cheeks. What is it

The contouring is the technique of applying cosmetics of different shades to give contours of relief. The main principle of sculpture is the game of light and shadow. Bright tones, meeting with dark, capable of visually changing the shape of the chin, eyes, lips and other parts. Initially, this method was used by the grimers in the theater. The actresses had to look impeccable so that the viewer would notice them from any point of the hall. Over time, the methods were traded by Mike-APU specialists and used it during preparation for photo sessions or fashion show. In 2010, the notorious division of Kim Kardashian literally opened sculpture for ordinary girls. Since then, contouring has gradually become part of everyday makeup of many girls.

Preparation for proper contouring face for beginners (photo)

Even if you can paint the most technical makeup artist of the world, you will not get anything good without preparatory actions. So that the base smoothly lay down on the skin, it is necessary to take care of her well.

Proper face contouring: Step-by-step instruction cleansing

  • Cleansing. With the help of foam, special oil or lotion, wash the remains of the old cosmetics. Even if you are no longer painted, this item is still not ignored. The cleansing agent will help remove excess skin fat and contamination.
  • Toning. Immediately after washing it is worth wing the skin using a cotton disk, moistened with tonic. It will make the skin fresh and prepare it for further actions.
  • Moisturizing. Whatever the dermis: oily, dry or normal, in any case you need moisture. For health, it does not always have enough of the fluid that enters the body. That is why after the toning stage, it is necessary to apply a moisturizing cream.
  • Toning. After the full spectrum of mandatory leaving procedures, you can proceed to makeup. Apply a primer or database: so the meke will last longer. After that, use any tone base convenient for you. You can also use bb-cream or powder. It is important that the remedy is suitable for the type of dermis and combined with the rest of the cosmetics.


To deal with them, it is important to have an idea of ​​all the products that make makeup. There are several types of proofreaders.


They resemble the eyeshadow with something. In the manufacture of such cosmetics, pigment and minerals are connected to each other under the action of the press. The crumbly means for the contouring give a very natural effect due to the fact that they fall like a rather subtle weight layer. It is more convenient to apply them with the help of special brushes. If there are no, you can use the pillows of the fingers.

Proper face contouring: Step-by-step instruction Pallet


Such proofreaders have a very dense texture. They hold well, but they must be carefully cutting. With an insufficiently good distribution of the product, there may be no shadow, but very inappropriate rough stripes. It is best to distribute sponge or tough tassel.


They are similar to the tonal creams. To understand how to properly contour the face in this way, it is important only to recall the mechanics of applying the tonalnik. You simply extrude a little liquid on a sponge or a dense brush, and then distribute it. As a result, it turns out a natural and persistent effect.


This is a professional cosmetics option. Such a corrective product is a simple pigmented powder, not mixed with additional binding substances. A similar texture allows the makeup in independently determine the degree of saturation of application.

Tools for sculpture

They are selected depending on the purpose of makeup and the structure of the funds with which it is performed.

Brush with a bevelled edge

It is ideal for using dry or crumbly bronze. It usually applies a blush, but it is also suitable for dimming the cheekbone. It is convenient to distribute the cream on the skin and naturally decide it.


The porous "egg" appeared in the cosmetic market not so long ago, but rapidly managed to conquer the hearts of all girls. It helps evenly distribute the tone. Also, with the help of sponge and gel or liquid proofreaders, you can make delicious sculpture. The contents of jars can be as "driven" by clapping movements, and simply smear.

Sponge aromacode


It is very thick and tight bruster. To understand how to properly apply a liquid for the contouring of the face, applying it, much mind is not necessary. Kabuki takes good and dry, and cream textures. The straight line allows you to draw sharp lines and at the same time it is to decide so that they are not visible from the side. Pigment taken on the brush, the most convenient to apply driven.

Kabuki Aromajode


The villus of this tool is formed with a fairly wide area. This allows you to paint as much as possible and naturally. "Fan" is convenient to contour the forehead, cheekbones, zones under the eyebrows, as well as clavicle and chest (if necessary).

Brush Ferra Aromajode

Silicone sponge

In the form of its own, he resembles the petal. This beauty product does not absorb the cosmetic and allows you to fully use it. Spontaneity can be twisted or bend in order to draw contours of a certain width.

Silicone sponge aromacode

Little flat brush

Step-by-step photo information for the contouring of the face for beginners will tell how to properly apply the cream cream from a palette. We advise you to make accents on small details: an eye corner, a nose tip and a bow of the upper lip. It is most convenient to do this with small brushes. They are also suitable for the use of shadows.


The main and the same item is equal to all type - smooth tone. Before proceeding with sculpture, it is necessary to prepare a good skin, it was described in detail in one of the preceding points.


A circle

The main goal of makeup in this case is to make a round face more elongated.

  • Well dink the hair growth line, while not affecting the area of ​​the temples.
  • On the sides of the lower jaw, apply a dark tint so that they are visually narrowed.
  • Shaking line highlight the zone cheek: they should be sufficiently rude and sharp.
  • Distribute highlights in the chin area.
  • Add a light pigment into angle corner, on top of the lip, forehead and apple cheeks.


The photoseman of the contouring of the face in this case implies the addition of smooth lines and smoothing all angular contours.

  • Emphasize the line of the zick bone with large triangles.
  • Apply thin black or brown stripes on the top of the forehead.
  • Add some dark color along the bottom jaw.
  • Slightly highlight forehead.
  • Draw long glare on the cheekbones.
  • Highlight the inner corners of the eyes, chin and the back of the nose.

What we do contouring


Girls with a triangular type when applying makeup is important to balance all proportions.

  • At the edges of the jaw apply a highlight.
  • In the center of the chin, add a dark spot and rush it well.
  • On the growth line of hair to the temples, spend a wide dark line.
  • Highlight cheekbones with the game of light and shadow.
  • Add shine to the rest of the protruding parts as necessary.


How to use a palette for contouring face elongated form? Follow the basic rules. The oval silhouette is considered ideal among the makeup artists. It does not need to change anything, just emphasize all the features.

  • Add the drive to the bottom of the chin.
  • Arc dock the top of the forehead.
  • Stress the zick bone.
  • Add a highlight to an eyebrow, on the tip and back of the nose, on the top of the lips and forehead.

Correction of lip

In this case, you may have several goals, and for each of them there is a special method.

Lip contouring pencil

  • Visual increase. In order to visually visually increase the sponge, it is necessary to take a little consiler or a light corrector without a flickering substance in the composition. For this case, a thin white pencil is perfect for this, otherwise you can use a thin brush. Light or bodily cosmetic product draw contour. Next, on top of this, you can apply lipstick or shine, slightly leaving the edges and creating the desired form. You can also take a darker color and have already draw perfect lips.
  • Giving sensuality and relief. Many videos on how to make the contouring of the face, contain the lessons for the selection of sponges. To give them a plump and passionate look, you need to make a small focus on the top "bent" using a highlight. This is done with the help of a brush, sponge or (for incuracy of these) with a finger pad. Finally, you can put the color to be lost, but they can be left and natural.

After registration of this zone, the contour can be brought with light powder: so it will seem more smooth.

Selection of cosmetics by skin type

Whatever expensive the cosmetic products that you purchase, there will be no sense from them if they are not suitable for you. Some of them are perfect on one type, but they roll on the other and simply look disgusting. Derma, which characterizes the normal selection of subcutaneous fat, as a rule, reacts perfectly to all textures. About what to do people with other features will be described below.

Oily skin

This material has repeatedly been said about the importance of the selection of suitable leaving. Contrary to all prejudices, girls with an increased number of rigorous sequels on the skin, the epidermis is not at all. It is enough to choose the right palette. So, cleansing should be carried out with foams, and moisturizing - with a cream providing a matting effect. "Tonalnik" can be preferred to the powder or point it from above. As for the tools for contouring, in this case it is better to give preference to dry textures. You can choose a brutzer or crumbly pigment. It is important that all cosmetics create a matting effect. Liquid and cream textures can "flush" or add inappropriate glow. We also advise you to carefully use a highlight. In order to avoid the effect of "oil pancake", apply it only to the tip of the nose and in the corner of the eyes.


Moisturizing! Here is the main thing in caring for this type. To wash it better to choose special oil or gentle milk. With cream, probably, questions will not arise: it is better to choose something very fat and nutritious. As a tonal base, all cream textures are suitable from the standard "tonalnik" and ending with BB creams. Powder in these conditions will not be completely appropriate. The corrector's palette must contain gel or liquid cosmetic products. Choosing something nutritious and oil, you restore the balance, because of this, all skin covers will look healthy and beautiful.

Of course, all these recommendations are individual. Some moments, if necessary, it is better to discuss with a dermatologist or cosmetologist.

How to make a facial contouring: step-by-step advice of makeup artists with a photo

Contouring Example 2.

  • Rastashevka! Do not forget to carefully decide the pigment. Otherwise, you risk becoming the owner of ugly coarse bands that have nothing to do with the effect of the shade.
  • Be original: many decorative tools can be used in different situations. Brown shadows can become a proofreader and vice versa, and highlyer - beautiful shimmering shadows.
  • You can contour the whole body. Among the popular bloggers did not have a trend on the drawing of the contours of the press and even the chest. By the way, everything looks quite natural, and therefore this way works!

Cosmetics can create real wonders! Material on "How to make a contouring face for beginners step-by-step" will help you comprehend the basics of this technique. Experiment and train: everything comes with experience. And any kind of emphasize good spirits that you can choose yourself in our online store.

Facial correction Makeup: from general outlines and up lips

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Change the face with makeup is quite simple. It is only necessary to have a lot of time to practice and readiness to repeat the same thing once again, until the result becomes satisfactory first, then pleasant, and then - perfect.

Facial correction Makeup

What it is

Make-up face correction is an old technique that is constantly developing. So, in ancient Egypt, fashionista used powder, tinted eyes and lips. In the modern world, the arsenal of funds became much richer, but the principles remained the same: if it is necessary to correct what nature worked not diligently, the woman appeals to the cosmetics. Personal correction includes a complete transformation: first you need using tone cream and auxiliary materials, to adjust the oval of the face, bringing it to the ideal one. Then distinguish your eyes, make more noticeable eyebrows, fix the nose (if there is something to correct), outline the contour of the lips so that it becomes beautiful and clearer. On all this, the girl who piled a hand and perfectly knows how makeup changes face, goes less than half an hour. Features and advantages

Facial correction MakeupAny technology has its advantages - it is relevant for the correction of the face. Thanks to her, you can:
  • Hide any disadvantages. Round face - narrow, triangular - expand, square - to make less angular, elongated - shorter;
  • feel confident in the world, where in most cases people judge still in appearance;
  • Do not think about plastic operations. Why, if cosmetics copes no worse, it is cheaper, but does not give complications;
  • Look perfectly on any occasion: at work - with a restrained daily make-up, on a fun party - with makeup bright, evening.
Technique has only two drawbacks: you have to spend on a full-fledged cosmetic set (if there is a desire to experiment, then such a professional makeup artists use), plus - every time spend a relatively long time to go through all the stages of the process. What it isWhat it is

How to choose cosmetics

The first stage of the face correction is the choice of suitable cosmetics. The set should include:

  • Prime. Special base that is applied to the skin even before the tonal cream. He primarily masks all the flaws, aligns the skin, gives her a pleasant shade. All other cosmetic products lie on it better than clean skin, and hold longer. In addition, most primers include special substances affecting the production of skin fat, which allows the face longer to lose freshness;
  • Highlight. In the literal translation from English, something like the "eviller" will turn out. This word perfectly reflects the appointment of the fund. Highlights lace up those parts of the person to whom to attract attention. Sometimes there is a shimmer in its composition (the word is formed from English "shine"), which gives the face a pleasant light glitter;
  • Consiller. The opposite of the Highlight is a darck. It is used to distract attention from problem areas, having fallen into them;
  • corrector. It is applied point, to mask defects. Different shades are suitable for different purposes: green, for example, masks inflammation and redness, lilac - hides freckles and painful yellowness;
  • blush. Create an emphasis, highlighting some one part of the face;
  • concealer. Leaves skin tone, makes it a shade smooth and pleasant.
Facial correction MakeupFacial correction MakeupThis assortment is complemented by means for working with individual facial features:
  • For eyebrows, either a pencil or shadow is used. Shadow is easier to apply, but they are more expensive. Pencil is cheaper, but it must be adopted to him;
  • The lips use a pencil, which emphasize the contour, and lipstick, which contour fill. Sometimes two or three lipsticks are required to get a truly interesting effect;
  • For eye, the mascara is used, which emphasizes the length of the eyelashes, and the shadows that the disadvantages adjust.
And, of course, do not do without auxiliary materials: tassels, sponge, mirror, liquid for removing cosmetics. It is desirable yet to take place where you can safely apply it all: it should be light, located in a quiet corner, where no one hurts.
There are two options for the selection of cosmetics:
  • individual. Suitable for thoughtful, cautious girls who like to select tones for a long time, to compare different brands, experiment and some part of their lives in cosmetic stores. With this approach, all cosmetics are selected individually and bought separately. On the one hand, so you can be sure that the whole is needed. On the other hand, it is as expensive and longer;
  • mass. Suitable for girls who value their time and cosmetics are considered rather as a utilitarian, and not as a hobby. It is bought simply ready-made pallet shadows, a ready-made set for facial correction, a pair of lipstick, lip pencil, eye pencil and mascara. So faster and easier, but there is a chance that some of the colors are not suitable, and they will have to either give, or throw away unused.
In any case, cosmetics need to buy high-quality. Not necessarily expensive, but necessarily with a large number of positive feedback from living people and suitable for a specific person. To choose, you need to try: it's good that there are testers in all cosmetic stores. How to choose cosmetics

Step-by-step correction schemes: face types

The second stage is the correction of the facial oval. This action resembles an attempt to impose makeup and many girls it seems even interesting. Before the passage goes, lipsticks, tassels and a mirror will go into the course, it is worth a wash with soap, carefully wipe the skin, apply a moisturizing cream and wait until it is absorbed.

Correction of a round face

Round face has a soft jaw line, pronounced cheeks. The height is equal to the width, the upper part is lower. This type of person was very popular in Russia of the XIX century, but now it is considered too plump. The main task of correction is to visually narrow and pull it out. For this you need:
  1. Apply primer first, then tone.
  2. Apply a consillion on cheekbones, whiskey and cheeks on the sides.
  3. Apply a highlight on the chin, forehead, under the eyes.
  4. Apply a blush on the cheekbones.
When everything is ready, it will be something similar to the Indian combat coloring - it needs to adjust the decisive. At first, dark plots are slightly cut into the tassel, then light, then mix their edges so that it does not have a noticeable transition. The movements of the brush must be confident and light. Facial correction Makeup

Correction of a square and rectangular face

And the square, and the rectangular face suffer from the same problem: they are angular.

Wide jaw, pronounced chin - this type is considered beautiful in men, but for women it is undesirable. The difference between the square face and rectangular is that the first height and width are equal, and the second height is greater. The main task is to adjust the angularity and make the jaw already. For this, after applying the tone, you need:

  1. Apply a consillion on the corners of the forehead and jaw.
  2. Apply a consilet from the lips to the ear so that he will be a triangle.
  3. Fill the bridge, space under the eyes, the center of the forehead.
  4. Blushes impose on the cheeky line and a little on his cheeks.
The result should be growing and sprinkled with powder. Contrary to common misconception, it is not needed at all in order to align the tone of the face or to make it paler - there is a tone cream. Its main task is to remove the fat brilliance, give the face a pleasant mattness. Facial correction Makeup

Rhombid correction

A diamond face is distinguished by wide cheekbones, while it has a relatively narrow forehead and chin. It is considered beautiful, because high cheekbones are now popular. But still needs correction:
  1. Dark it is necessary to highlight the triangle from the ear to the corner of the lips on both sides.
  2. Next, you need to dry the corners of the forehead and jaw, the center of the forehead and space under the eyes.
  3. Blush is put on the cheek, but in no case on the cheeks.
The result can be sprinkled with powder, after which it starts to the main makeup.
Facial correction Makeup

Correction of a triangular face

The triangular person has wide cheers and forehead, but at the same time a sharp narrow chin, which is noticeably disharmoned with them. To make it more harmonious, you need:
  1. Sharing the corners of the forehead and a sharp chin center.
  2. Lighten the forehead, corners of the jaw, space under the eyes.
  3. Rushane apply on cheeks.
As a result, either will seem more proportionate and therefore beautiful. Facial correction Makeup

Correction of trapezoidal face

A trapezoidal person is also called a pear-shaped or "inverted triangle." In a narrow forehead, it has a wide jaw and pronounced chin, which noticeably outweigh the upper part. Need to:
  1. Darken corners of jaws and triangle from lips to ear on both sides.
  2. Large the center of the forehead, the space under the eyes, the nose.
  3. Blushes impose on cheeks, although you can do without it.
It is advisable to combine correction with the lush hairstyle, which is somewhat equalifies the face. Facial correction Makeup

Nose correction

When the correction of the facial oval is complete, you can focus on smaller details. First nose:
  • A long and narrow nose is easy to fix - it is necessary to darken its tip and nostrils, and then evil the central part, growing and sprinkled with a powder;
  • A wide nose is corrected differently - along the entire length from two sides, they darken, causing a consilertem on the wings, and then the back of the nose is lazy, growing and sprinkled with powder;
  • The hubbie compensates, causing a consilertem on it, and the bridge is covered with a highlighter, which is why all attention is concentrated on it;
  • The raised tip of the nose is darkened, and the central part is evicted.
It is very important to carefully decide the cosmetics so that the nose is harmoniously looked on the face, and did not seem to be smeared.
Nose correctionNose correction

Allocation of eyebrows

Eyebrows can be highlighted in two ways: with the help of shadows or with a pencil. But before being taken for business, it is worth identifying the perfect eyebrows:

  • The beginning of eyebrows coincides with the corner of the eye - they must be on one vertical line;
  • The tail eyebrows requires a little more complex calculations - it is necessary to spend mentally from the wing of the nose to the outer end of the eye, and it is nimble;
  • The break is determined by the line, it is carried out from the wing of the nose through the appearance of the pupil.
Persons with the upper part, which is heavier lower, - rhombus, triangle, heart - need light, thin eyebrows, clearly defined, without strong bending. Persons whose upper part is lighter, on the contrary, need thick, noticeable eyebrows, raised, with a break. With the help of shadows, apply an ideal form simple:
  1. First paint the tail eyebrows on the principle: the upper line is the bottom line - to filter the contour.
  2. Then draw a break of the same principle.
  3. Then hold the lower line from the end to the resolution, from the breakdown to the tail.
  4. Then they carry out the top line from the breakdown to the tail (it is not necessary to look at the end, it should look blurred and fuzzy, natural).
  5. Then filled with the contour of small, light strokes of the brush so that the smears resemble the hair.
  6. Then dip the rash in the wax or in hair polish and combed an eyebrow.
The result is very noticeable, perfectly complements makeup. The main thing is to practice before adjusting your eyebrows on the ready-made tone. Otherwise there is a chance that you have to redo it. Facial correction MakeupPencil can compete with shadows at a price, but not by simplicity of application. It is harder to erase if something went wrong, he leaves clearer and noticeable lines. But the main principle is the same: to highlight the tail, break, the bottom line, then the upper and fill the resulting contour with light strokes.

Editing Lip Shapes

The lips diverge the pencil, giving them an ideal shape, then toned lipstick. If you want to visually enlarge them, the pencil takes the darker of their tones, and they apply the contour with a small indentation from the edges of the lips. And then fill the contour of lipstick, which is lighten to them on a couple of tones. In the middle of the lower lip make glare. If you want to visually reduce them, do on the contrary: the pencil take a lighter, the line lead exactly along the edge of the lips, fill the contour of the dark lipstick. Editing Lip Shapes

Stressing the eye

Change the shape of the eyes with a pencil and shadows. The principle is the same as everywhere: shadows need to sharpen obviously unsuccessful areas, a pencil to allocate successful to which attention should be attracted.

Covers of makeup artists: what you need to correct the face from cosmetics

In any case, there are nuances. Correction of a person is not an exception, and it is better to use the tips of the Masters of Jasha, so that training went faster, but the mistakes performed less.
  • Moisturizing cream is required for those who use corrective makeup, otherwise the skin will constantly disar. It is necessary to apply it not only on the face, but also on the mossy of the ears, and on the neck;
  • You do not need to take too much primer: there will be enough drops like a pea to cover the whole face;
  • Tonal cream is distributed to the pillows of fingers, light, soft movements. No need to apply it on the face of the points, and then he has already filled to smear;
  • The powder must not be applied to a sponge, but a wide brush with natural hair. And a good idea - to do it through a thin paper napkin - it will not be possible to apply too much tools;
  • The eyeshadow should better apply a bevelled thin brush, and not the tool that comes with them in the kit;
  • Blushes need to be applied little, preferably on the "apples" of the cheek, and not covering all the cheeks;
  • Lipstick is better to apply a professional brush, rather than faster. It is easier to fill each fold on the lips and create a smooth tone.
Little tricks make a lot of life. Although, of course, they require the purchase of several additional brushes.
Facial correction Makeup

Common mistakes

There are several major errors capable of completely destroying the effect that cosmetics for the correction of the face should have been given:
  • Insufficient decisive. The person's tone should look even and natural, otherwise all the impression will go to the pump. That is why it is so important to apply makeup with a good daylight, without a rush and attempts to make a clear outline where a soft transition should be;
  • Wrong color selection. You need to choose a color slowly, trying to different options, trying to different shades. It is advisable to take someone from her friends with me to have a person's assessment from the side. It is even desirable to get rid of cosmetics in time, which did not come up, and not try to apply it, sorry for the money spent. And trying the means not on the back of the hand, but on the chin, otherwise the difference of tone may affect;
  • Lack of experience and desire to learn. You can not hold a color correction, make a good contouring, create a good image without workout. It will take time - from several days to several weeks - to adapt and understand how to reduce face with makeup and how to make a face fully with makeup;
  • Too long storage of cosmetics. Overdue funds do not give that effect that should. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully monitor the expiration date and throw out old without pity;
  • Improper storage of cosmetics. Store cosmetic bag in the bathroom - a mistake that many girls perform. Meanwhile, the humidity adversely affects the properties of the means. It is better to find a cool dark box somewhere in the closet.
Cosmetology, like any other area of ​​knowledge, requires thoughtful study. It is necessary to treat it as a hobby, improve and acquire experience, and then create beauty with the help of a lanetus of shadows, brushes and lipstick will be pleasant and easy.

If you have any questions - leave them in the comments under the article. We or our visitors will gladly respond to them

Not all women are satisfied with the form of their face and the status of the skin. One of the magical ways to correct deficiencies of appearance without surgery is the correction of the face by consilers. A good result is possible only if you correctly picked up a cosmetics and use it, observing applying technique. This article will just talk about all these nuances.

How to choose a corrective, palette of colors and analogues

Tools of point disguise and sculpture of the face you need to choose very carefully. Not only the fame and demand of the brand, but also a consistency, shade and compliance of the product with natural skin color. With the wrong choice, you can get a completely opposite result - the flaws will be even more noticeable, and the correction of the face by the consilers will attract excessive attention and it will look unnatural.

The minimum set required to adjust the face with the help of consilers is only two products, one of which is 1-3 tone with the lighter of your natural skin color, and the other on the contrary is much darker. When choosing a dark shade, preference is worth paying products without explicit rim, in this case, the makeup by consilers will be as inconsistent as possible and create the effect of a natural shade.

The means of consistency can be liquid, creamous or in the form of a stick or pencil. Liquid idle well and are chosen, but poorly disguised pronounced flaws. Creamy - perfectly mask wrinkles, vessels, inflammation and irritation, and the shape of the pencil makes it easy to adjust the face.

There are labels with several shades of the consilees of one texture. This option is optimal for professional makeup artists or for those who do not want to be limited to only two colors. In addition to standard bodily shades in Paletki, more often presented colored options:

  • The yellowish shade is suitable for earthy skin, helps to hide traces of fatigue, make the face more bright, and skin relief - smooth;
  • Orange tint is used for "porcelain" skin, it makes it warmer and healthy;
  • Pink consilet helps to become younger, fresh and more tender, used to correct deficiencies in the Eastern and Mediterranean type;
  • Green perfectly copes with vascular asterisks, inflammation and redness;
  • Blue, purple and lilac consilers neutralize freckles, pigmentation and painful yellowing of the skin, and also fit the ladies with an Asian type of appearance.

Such consilets are intended for point and local application.

Palets of consilers are presented in many leading brands, for example:

If the cream textures do not like it, the sculpturing powder can serve as an analogue of the consiler.

It is possible to successfully make makeup using a consistent, experimenting and trying different stamps, textures and shades.

Facial correction by consilers

It is believed that the correction of the face with the help of consilers is needed only to hide pronounced shortcomings - bruises under the eyes or traces of fatigue. In fact, the possibilities of such funds are much wider. With their help, you can do real wonders:

  • hide the traces of inflammation and dark pigment stains;
  • smooth out expanded pores and wrinkles;
  • Align skin relief and mask vascular asterisks.

Perhaps the design of the face with the help of consilets is a change in the form of oval, the correction of congenital or acquired asymmetry, advantageous focusing on only advantages. In skillful hands, this tool becomes magical. But this does not mean that every girl should complete the courses of the visa: For everyday image, it is enough to just explore the basics of how to make makeup with consilers .

Corrective tools can also be used as a base for lipstick. The natural color of the lips slightly changes the shade of lipstick, and the base of the consilertes will exclude such an effect.

The most important thing is not to overdo it, because excessive simulation is appropriate only for the scene, outbreaks of chambers and light sophisticates. For everyday makeup, it is not worth abuse of decorative cosmetics.

Schemes and step-by-step instructions

Correction of a person with consilers can be started only after careful skin cleansing, applying moisturizing agents, primer and tonal base. The most common mistake in applying and the main cause of failures is the application of the product at the very beginning of the creation of makeup. Without a base, it can create dense stains on the surface of the skin, which will be difficult to adjust the tone.

The basis of the correction lies in the fact that with the help of light shades, protruding parts of the person are distinguished, and with the help of dark, on the contrary, a sense of depth is created. Thus, the face acquires an additional volume that could be lost when applying a tone.

For the same principle, the contouring of the person is also built: by changing the light pattern and shadow, you again create or adjust the required volumes.

In the photo below, you can familiarize yourself with the conservator application scheme for different facial forms:

Correction Face Correction ConsilersCorrection Correction Correction SchemeCONCILERATION FACE CONCLICATION SCHEMEDark sections of the face visually always seem smaller. If you are guided by this property when using a consistent, you can easily change the shape of the face and its individual parts. Consequently, apply a dark consilet on a round face in order to visually pull it out, it is necessary as follows:

  • sublocking space;
  • from the temples along the hair growth line;
  • side surfaces of the face;
  • According to the contour of the chin and down the side surfaces of the neck.

But the middle of his forehead, smell on the chin, tick over the upper lip, plots under the eyes, the back of the nose and the top of the zick bone need to be made lighter.

One of the most frequently asked professional makeup artists questions - how to reduce the nose with makeup. In this case, the nose correction with a dark tint begins directly from the fold of the upper eyelid and smoothly goes into a straight parallel nose. Dark lines continue up to the tip of the nose and are connected to each other by the upper border of the nostrils. Nose wings are also exposed.

In order to vice versa to make the nose visually longer than the line should begin on the inner base of the eyebrows.

Get rid of the barbell is also very simple - you need to darken it.

In more detail and clearly familiarize yourself with the Makeup faces by consilers, you can in the following video:

[videos file = "https://youtu.be/je qhu6yroqm"] [/ videos]

The video presents the option of lightweight casual makeup by consilers:

[videos file = "https://youtu.be/zshivo3arss"] [/ videos]

And a small video lesson for easy facial correction by consilers:

[videos file = "https://youtu.be/m80ssnkwtda"] [/ videos]

How to Fix Unsuccessful Makeup Consiller

The appearance of a pimple can be eliminated, having a pencil as close as possible to the natural color of the skin of the shade. The liquid form of this means will also be able to help, but only if you did not drink a face.

Incorrectly applied blush can be corrected if you use the consilet on the top of the cheekbone, in the field of temples and under the cheekbones. The shade must be as close as possible to the shade of the tone base.

If during the day you noticed that the nose or chin look too heavy, you can apply small parts of a lightweight consileder from the general "picture" of parts, and then point the correction made.

You can fix with a consilert with a consilerte, and too aggressive makeup, when the sculpture of the face was unsuccessfully done, and the error is noticed too late. The strongest faces are asked close to the tint. It is important that at hand there is also an additional correction tool - a tone cream or powder, which were used as the basis.

It is necessary to make a correction of ready-made makeup with a consideration with a bright, but natural light, so that every damn face and the problem is clearly visible. All movements should be thoughtful and confident.

In the skillful hands, the consilet becomes a versatile means for creating perfect makeup. The first experiments with him need to be held at home, in those days when there are no outlets into the light, in a relaxed atmosphere, without a rush. You can fix the results using a photo or video .

Questions considered in the material:

  • What cosmetics will be needed to align the tone of the face
  • How to choose a makeup tool
  • How to prepare the skin for mekup
  • How to align the tone of the face with makeup help

Recently, a steady trend in makeup remains a beautiful, smooth complexion. He came to replace the contouring technique of a popular previously, when with the help of the Bronze and Highyater, the features were adjusted. Natural beauty is also in demand: natural shade of skin with a slight radiance and barely noticeable blush. How to align the face make-up to achieve such a result, read in our article.

What cosmetics will help to align the complexion

How to align the face makeup

The basis of beautiful makeup is a smooth tone of the face. Even if you make an impeccable MEKAPE eye, beautifully place your eyebrows, the eyelashes will take it all in vain. If your skin is an uneven shade, with inflammation and bruises under the eyes, these shortcomings will be noticeable first.

But if you make a bet on skin tone, you will achieve the perfect color, you can hide traces of fatigue and irregularities, you can perform light makeup. Just apply mascara on eyelashes and lip gloss. Extra distribution is obtained by Nude technique. Such makeup is often used on fashionable shots of famous designers. The makeup artists seek the effect of velvet skin, perfectly even color, as if shining from the inside, leaving the focus on the cheekbones.

In order to create a MEAAP, which will fit your image, you need to correctly pick up cosmetically means, given the type of your skin.

  1. Prime.
  2. The primer is a cosmetic tool, which is used as a basis for makeup, before applying a tonal cream. It is necessary in order to make the texture of the skin smooth and slightly moisten it. Then the tone cream will better fall, there will be no traces of peeling. Primers that contain a pigment (pink, yellow, green, lilac), will cope with the problem of uneven skin. For the face with a pronounced reddish-pink tint, a remedy with a green pigment, which will eliminate unwanted redness and give the skin a natural look. Pink color neutralizes olive shade, yellow will cope with pallor and blue, lilac brighten the skin and give her radiance. The primer matures the skin perfectly fills her moisture.

  3. BB-cream (CC-cream).
  4. BB and CC cream literally turned the ideas about makeup. What is the secret of their popularity and efficiency? These tools provide the skin of a great care, after which it looks great, and this is with minor monetary and time costs. Such cream is truly unique, as it provides a smooth skin tone, moisturizes it and protects against harmful factors.

    The big advantage of this product is that it has a lighter texture than a tone base. It is applied by a very thin layer, so the remedy is completely unnoticed on the skin. CC cream is an advanced version of the BB-cream, it has an even easier texture with a matting effect. This cosmetic is perfectly suitable in order to align the tone of the face with makeup, if a woman has bold leather. Manufacturers strive to improve their product: complement it with antioxidants or include substances that prevent skin aging.

  5. Highlight.
  6. If you are looking for an answer to the question than to align the face before makeup, a highlight is perfect for this. This tool is used to highlight individual sections of the face, making them lighter. It is used on the cheekbones, the middle of the bridges and foreheads, the edge of the upper lip, the moving age. Highlight is often used simultaneously with darkened shades or bronzers. This product differs in texture: it can be liquid, cream, powder.

    Highlight can be used as a basis for a tonal cream or mix it with it. As a result, you will get the effect of smooth, luminous skin, literally with pearl light. When creating evening makeup, a highlight is applied over a tonal cream or matting powder, but for the daytime it is better to distribute it under a tonal basis. So the skin will acquire a slight glow and will look natural.

  7. Consilers and proofreaders.
  8. These products speak for themselves. In make-up they are used to eliminate local flaws. Green shade corrector helps to cope with redness, and reddish-pink color - neutralize bruises under the eyes. But the tone cream is not suitable for this. To eliminate dark circles, you need to use a special tool that will not only hide them, but also help moisturize the skin.


    Proofreaders are damaged to those zones of the person who needs more thorough study. They differ in the texture: from the lungs and liquid to dense cream. The first can be used to apply tone. The second gives not only the desired hint of the skin, but also smooth irregularities due to their mattness. It is convenient to use them to hide inflammation and pigment spots.

    Dense compact correctors remove not only color, but also smooth skin relief due to their mattness, for example, fight pimples and pigment stains. With it, you can prepare the foundation in order to further align the tone of the face with makeup. So that the corrector has fixed on the skin, it needs to be slightly swept.

    How to align the face makeup

  9. Shimmer.
  10. Translated from the English "Shimmer" means flicker. This cosmetic is used in makeup when they want to align the tone of the face, eliminate the dimming of the skin. Shimmer helps to achieve this with a shiny effect. The main difference between this means from Highlyera is that it contains substances (pearl, minerals, mica), which ensure radiance. Thanks to pigments of different tones, Shimmer makes the skin color multifaceted. It is best suited for the evening image, and it is necessary to apply it using a special brush from an artificial pile. Pooked texture will help align the tone of the face and complete the makeup.

  11. Base for makeup.
  12. If you are striving to align the complexion of the face makeup, you should pay attention to such funds as a primer. For those who have oily skin, special matting bases are suitable: they neutralize the shine. For dry skin, you need to select the option with the effect of moisture. The primer is famous for irregularities, fills the pores and wrinkles. It is not only perfectly suitable as a basis for makeup (it is applied to a tone cream), but also provides its resistance.

  13. Concealer.
  14. Without a tone basis, do not do if you want to get a beautiful smooth complexion. To pick up your perfect option, pre-apply a means to the skin. So you can evaluate its texture, resistance, is it suitable for you this shade. After all, the tone cream must merge with your skin, it is not allowed so that it is lighter or darker. The tone base creates a kind of "canvas" from his face, which allows you to experiment with makeup: draw the arrows, make "Smokey Ice" or put on the lips of red lipstick.

  15. Powder.
  16. It is used to complete makeup. With powder, you can fix the final result and save makeup for a long time. But you can apply it yourself, without a tone basis. For problem skin, a variety with antibacterial components is suitable, and for dryness to dryness - with weightless finishes.

How to prepare the skin to make up to align the face

Before you begin to equalize the face, it is required to clean it thoroughly. After all, if plots with a strong peel remain on the skin, no makeup will eliminate it. Special attention should be paid to cleansing and moisturizing.

How to align the face makeup

If you do not care about the condition of the skew, do not care for her daily, it will not be able to achieve a smooth tone. Dusty unhealthy leather with a yellowish tint will make any woman older. Deaded cells, if they do not remove them on time, they will make it impass the moisturizing means, respectively, the tone will lie unevenly. As a result, makeup will be performed poorly, and the appearance will be untidy. Before aligning the complexion of the face with makeup, be sure to use scrubs to ensure full skin care. A beautician can hold you special procedures for chemical peeling or peeling beta-alpha hydroxy acids.

How to Align the face makeup: Step-by-step instructions

  1. The first thing to start, - moisturizing. To do this, you can use the database for makeup or any other means (serum is perfect). It is enough to apply it with a thin layer on the face, neck and zone neckline. Pay additional attention to the area around the eyes, use a special moisturizing cream. On the lips, apply a dense layer of balm.
  2. Using a brush with a thin layer, cover the face with a highlighter liquid consistency. You can mix it with serum and get so popular now the effect of the "wet" shiny of the skin.
  3. For normal, combined or oily leather, a tonal base is suitable in a stick, which will provide a dense and resistant coating. For skin prone to dryness, a cream of liquid consistency with a moisturizing effect is suitable. When applied, use the decisive technique from the center of the face to the periphery with light circular movements.
  4. With the help of liquid or dry highlaud, spread accents. Apply it to the speakers of the face: cheekbones, central part of the forehead, chin, nose back and tick over the upper lip. This will avoid the effect of the "flat face", which is a common occurrence. Use the consileter or stick to neutralize the circles under the eyes.
  5. If you are slightly tanned, a liquid highlight is suitable for makeup in a bronze shade, be sure to apply it to the movable eyelid. For girls with pale or light skin, a classic pearl shade is used.
  6. Now proceed to the technique of contouring. Pre-break the dry brush over the entire surface of the face, so you remove the sebum (excess skin fat). Use a palette for the contouring: beige-gray color for the cheekbone area, the darker shade - for the temporal zone and the chin line. If you want to visually reduce your nose, adjust its shape, then slightly dial the wings. Apply the brightest shades to the following facial zones: the central part of the forehead, the back of the nose and chin.
  7. It's time to use blush. Take the brightest shade out of the palette and apply it to the area located just above the cheeks apples, then on the abnormal arcs and on the chin. To achieve a natural effect, carefully grow in.
  8. Continue working with blush. Fuchsia and light pink shade use as shadows. Use dark color for the zone of the rolling age, where the fold is, and bright apply to the central part. This will add ease and freshness of the image.
  9. Juicy pink shade is suitable for lips. Top lip cover more intense color, go slightly abroad. And the bottom lip is only slightly add the shade. In the end, apply a moisturizing balsam. It will give lips light glitter.
  10. At the end of the image, use a bulk mascara that will make a look more expressive.

How to align the face makeup 

Tone drawing on face: 20 Makeup Lifehakov

  • The correct procedure for funds.

It is necessary to apply the corrector first, then tone and after the consilet. And only in such a sequence. Corrector will eliminate skin deficiencies (acne, dark circles, pigment spots, vascular grids), the tone cream lines the complexion and block the corrector. And the consilet will help express accents and emphasize the virtues of the face. You can not use the proofreader or consilet, if you do not feel necessary, but the procedure for the use of funds cannot be changed.

  • Pick up the correct corrector.

If you have difficulty choosing a consumer, the following rules will help you:

  • Pale pink is needed in order to neutralize the bruises under the eyes, traces from the pedestal, provide a smooth tone of light skin.
  • The peach will cope with the earthen-pale tint, blue under the eyes and lines the complexion of the middle tone.
  • Orange suitable for dark, tanned skin, with his help it will be possible to eliminate pigment stains and stains from the pedestal.
  • Yellow will come in handy for masking dark circles and bruises under the eyes on the tanned skin.
  • Green will eliminate redness.
  • Lilaca levels yellow skin shade.
How to align the face makeup

If dark circles are explicit enough, it is worth using a consillion in two layers. The first time - on clean skin, and the second time - at the end of makeup.

  • Mark the T-zone using the primer.

This stage is especially important to those who have oily skin. The primer will eliminate the effect of oily shine and will help fix the tonal cream on the skin.

  • Control the density of application.

Do not use a tonal tool for the whole person. For T-zone, veils, fluids, BB, or CC-creams are best suited. The area of ​​cheekbones, temples, chin, and also the oval faces should be covered with a more dense agent. If the skin on the cheeks is smooth, without flaws, it is enough to use the core base of the average density.


To find the most suitable shade, apply a tonal agent to the middle of the cheek. Go from the mirror about the meter-half. If the base from such a distance merges with the color of the skin, then it suits you. Tonal cream of a darker color will be needed for the contouring of the face.

Apply a tonal agent on massage lines from the center to the periphery. Start from the nose, move to the tip of the nose, and then go to the forehead line and temples. Now from the bridges are moving to the cheek zone, to the cheeks, then again from the bridges on the wings of the nose, from the nasolabial area to the chin.

How to align the face makeup

With the help of the brush, walk along the neck and ear sinks. After all, they should be with the face of one shade.

  • Align the complexion and neck.

With good light, look, is there a difference between the skin of the skin and neck. Often the neck zone is lighter, as the sun's rays fall on it. If the difference is too noticeable, you will have to start a separate tonal agent, and the border is carefully cutting.

Apply a consillion to the moving eyelid, this technique will help add expressive eyes, they will become brighter and more. The face will acquire a fresh, rested appearance.

The perfect option - if the lighting for makeup will coincide with the one in which you plan to be. If you spend all day in the sun, choose a bright light that falls from top to bottom, for the office - the usual daytime, for the evening - electric. If it is difficult to perform this condition, use a backlit desktop mirror, and make fixed assets with you to adjust the MEAP in place.

For fatty and combined skin, you need to select a water based agent.

If suddenly the skin inflamed, an acne appeared, and it did not turn out the desired consiler, use the usual tone tool, which applies to redness for 3-5 minutes, and after a slightly rising.

To eliminate skin dryness and give the face a healthy rested look, use the next cunning. With the help of a sponge of light movements, apply a drop of oil on your face. The result will be the beautiful effect of the glow!

If it is impossible to choose the ideal on texture and color the basis, mix different means among yourself! A dense tone can be connected with moisturizing cream, matte - with a primer with a radiance.

  • Determine your color.

Before you choose a tonal cream, analyze, you feel about the warm or cold color. To understand this, look at what jewelry go more. If from yellow metals, then warm, white is cold. It will also help a white color that goes cold color. If it seems to you that there is no definite answer, then you have a neutral color, you can use in makeup and warm and cold shades.

How to align the face makeup 

If the time allows you to use a brush: With it, you will get carefully and evenly apply the tonal base on the skin that will fall a dense layer. If you are forced to hurry, it is better to take a sponge: it will not leave stripes that may appear if you work with quick movements. With it, you can apply a thin layer. Before use, first wet the sponge, and then squeeze.

To thin hairs that have on the face of each woman, do not need to attract attention, so apply all means in the direction of hair growth.

If the shadows face, they will influence the entire result of makeup. A smooth skin color, which was spent so much strength, will be spoiled. Take advantage of our advice: in front of the eye make-up, make special patches on the area under the lower eyelid. Either first apply the shadows, and the tone align the after.

  • Correct makeup completion.

To fix makeup, use a special spray or walk through light movements with a brush and powder throughout the area of ​​the face.

Each woman dreams of being beautiful, but, to great regret, not all fair sex representatives can boast the presence of a perfect appearance. As you know, a person can be of various forms: round, diamond, rectangular, triangular, trapezoidal, square and oval. Asymmetry in the features of the face and various disadvantages are also found. In order to fool the nature and hide it all, the beauties apply various tricks. One of the effective ways to disguise is the use of makeup.

Forms of persons
Forms of persons

To determine your type, you need to get up in front of the mirror, remove your hair back and trace the similarity of the face form with a geometric figure.

Forms of persons and their correction make-up


Oval face
Oval face

The oval form is a little stretched due to the wide forehead and chin. The chin is not acute, but smoothly arched by the arc.

Oval face is considered the closest to the ideal. Such a form does not need strong correction, just to emphasize the cheekbones and work out the evilution zones.


Round face
Round face

One of the most common facial types is round. It is observed, the owners of this type very often have a second chin.

The vertical and horizontal size of a round face is almost the same. The hair growth line is needed by forehead and chin, with rounded outlines.

With the help of sculpture, such a person must be visually pulled out and lead to oval (an oval form of a person is considered ideal). The evillation zones are the T-zone, the chin center and the zone under the eyes.

Forms of persons and their correction make-up

You can darken the side contours and edges of the cheeks with a dark tonal or powder with a brush. The volume of the cheeks can be reduced, applying a blush in the form of a triangle from cheekbone towards lips.


Square face
Square face

A square face is widely cheerful, and its upper part has rectangular outlines.

It is necessary to impose a dark shade of powder or a tone cream to all corners of the face. Use only bright shades of the Rumyan. Rushane apply from the temporal part to the corner of the lips.


Rhombid face
Rhombid face

The forehead and chin of the diamond face are narrow, cheekbones are expanded.

If you want to adjust the shape of a diamondy face, bringing it to oval, then the main task is to visually expand the forehead and chin, and level the width of cheek. If the ratio of the length and width of the face is less than 1.6, then additionally needs to lengthen the face. The increase in length is always well replaced by the error of the form: the longer the person, the less pronounced cheekbones, the main thing is not to rearrange.

Soften the pronounced corners. To do this, dial the side circuit of the cheekbone and the sharp peak of the chin. Blushing is better to apply on the front, from the lip line, not bringing to cheekbone.


Triangular face
Triangular face

The triangular face can be with the base below and at the top, that is, narrowed either to the chin, or to the forehead.

Triangular face must be corrected with a dark tinge in the side zone of the temples and the outside of the forehead. Smoothly on the downlink from the temples to apply blush.


Rectangular face
Rectangular face

The rectangular shape is characterized by an elongation, the height of the face exceeds its width. The forehead is quite wide, the cheekbones are not very highlighted, the chin is wide and angular.

A rectangular face must be visually done wider, with a slightly shortening its length. For which a darker tone is applied along the hair growth line and on the lower jaw, and the cheeks and whiskey are brighter. Rushes are cut on the cheekbones in the form of an oval in the horizontal direction.


Trapecoidal face
Trapecoidal face

For trapezoidal (pear-shaped), a narrow top and wide bottom are characteristic. Cheeks do not stand out.

A trapezoid face will look more proportional if you visually reduce its lower part, and the upper, on the contrary, increase. For which the sidelines in the field of the lower jaw are applied with a dark tone, and on whiskey and depressions under the cheekbones - light. Blushes are applied along the rectangle, which is pulled down in length to the temples. Of course, they are required to carefully grow.

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