How to install a Christmas tree at home?

To celebrate the New Year, you need to create a suitable atmosphere. And the real forest beauty will help in this. It is very important not only how the Christmas tree is decorated, but also as installed. Of course, many people in storerooms and cabinets are stored artificial Christmas trees, which can be quickly collected before the celebration and disassemble after it. But these plastic analogs will never compare with the real smell of needles, with fluffy "spruce legs" and with the beauty of wildlife.

Those people who prefer to decorate their house with Christmas trees who came from snow edges, knew perfectly well that establish a forest beauty Quite not easy . This is an easy and made at the plant artificial Christmas tree, the same plastic stand is attached, and the natural tree requires a special approach.

How to install a Christmas tree at home without a stand?

Acquire Stand It is easy, they are sold not only in stores, but also at points where the trees are traded. This method should not even mention, but you can collect a stand and independently. Wooden crosses It is easily done and simply from two bars that are squeezed and bonded with each other. Christmas tree is attached using Long Samorza Which is screwed into the cross, and then into the trunk of the tree.

How to install the Christmas tree at home in a bucket?

The easiest way who enjoyed many people before, is Normal bucket . It was filled until the middle Sand or gravel Then the Tree was put in the center, and the side was sealing the selected material until the tree acquired stability. But this method has Several minuses . For example, Sand to receive In December, the city is not so simple (if you do not go to the construction store). In addition, to avoid getting this very sand on the carpet and laminate you will most likely not be able to. What to do in such a situation? The most ordinary challenges will solve the problem plastic bottles Capacity and a half liters. Such "Upgraded" way It involves the use of water filled bottles instead of sand. They are placed around the perimeter Inside the bucket, and in the middle put a Christmas tree. If the tree is unstable, then small pieces of fabric should be blocked between it and bottles.

How to install the Christmas tree to stand for a long time?

Having bought a living tree, I want to see him Green and fresh Long weeks, and not a few days. But very often the tree begins to lose the needles immediately. What is the reason? If you acquire a tree that was stored in the cold, then you are not hurry to immediately bring it in a warm apartment. Let the spruce be a little late in the storeroom or on the landing, adapted to the new temperature . Only after that you can bring it to the house.

All hostesses know that the flowers need to trim. So they actively absorb water and live longer. But the trunk of a tree also requires similar care. Neatly spire thin wood plate To provide a tree a more active influx of the useful fluid.

Water in which the tree will stand should contain Antiseptic . Take advantage of the most common aspirin which prevents the development of bacteria. To focus a forest beauty, dissolve in water pinch of salt and table spoon Sahara . Such a "cocktail" will retain her life for long weeks.

How to put a Christmas tree on Feng Shui?

Ancient teaching about the correct placement of objects in the house allows you to distribute the energy of qi by the right way and to activate the desired side of life. Someone dreams of love, and someone is more important to health, someone has a career problem, and someone with finance. To succeed in the new year, put Christmas tree in the center of the room , then you can equally strengthen all parties. And those who know exactly in which area need special assistance, the grid of Bagua is useful. Position Christmas tree in the desired zone And wait for changes in the new year.

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How to install a Christmas tree at home

We are all looking forward to the arrival of New Year holidays. Each person since childhood associates New Year with miracles, with the beginning of a new, unknown. But what a real New Year holiday can be without a Christmas tree. Each of us independently determines which Christmas tree to choose. But after the acquisition of the cherished tree, the question arises: how to put it with it, so that it is as long as possible the eyes of family members as long as possible and created a unique entourage of the holiday.

There are simple uncomplicated rules, following which you can for a long time to extend the life of the New Year tree.

  1. Do not immediately bring a tree into a warm house with a frost. Better give him some time on temperature acclimatization in a cool place.
  2. Installing a coniferous tree is better directly before the eve of the new year, and until that time storing it in a cool place. For example on the balcony of the apartment.
  3. It is necessary to put the Christmas tree at the maximum distance from the heating devices.
  4. We can highlight two main ways to install and fasten the Christmas tree: installation using tripod; Installation in the sand bucket.

so that the Christmas tree stood for a long time

Let us dwell on the installation methods.

1. When installing the Christmas tree in Trenog If necessary, cut the lower branches so that the distance from the place to the nearest branches is at least 20 centimeters. If the trench is metallic, then the trunk of the Christmas tree must be strengthened in it with the help of clamping screws, and when they are absent - with the help of wooden wedges. If the tripod is wooden, then screws are used to strengthen the tree trunk in it.

2. When installing a Christmas tree in a sand bucket (without stand) It is required to pre-clean the tree trunk from branches for 25-30 centimeters. The end of the trunk near the sleeve is cleared from the bark, it is desirable to renew it myself. After installing the Christmas tree, water flooded in the sand.

  • Water is pre-prepared: 1 aspirin tablet and 3-4 cl are used. Sahara on 1 liter of water.

At the edge of the bucket of the tree, the tree is fixed with two straps, which are attached to the trunk of the tree with screws.

How to put a new year tree

Installing the Christmas tree in the sand bucket more preferably because the tree will not dilute and longer will retain its natural look.

After the installation is completed, the bucket can be decorated using white tissue or paper. The Christmas tree is dressing garlands, balls and other christmas toys, serpentine and decorative rain.

With the right installation and fixing the New Year tree, it will delight your loved ones during all New Year holidays, and after graduation it will leave less garbage and it will be easy to remove it. Happy New Year!

How to install the Christmas tree at home if there is no stand?

How to install the Christmas tree at home if there is no stand?

New Year's Christmas tree is one of the main traditions of many nations. But sometimes the installation of this symbol of the coming year is predicted. The complexity lies in a specialized stand, which often does not happen at home. In this case, there are a number of options, how to install a Christmas tree using ordinary things as a stand.

How to put in the bucket

Install the living tree of the house if there is no special stand, you can, using the usual bucket. This method is considered one of the most common, as there is almost every house.

First you need to select the right tree.

The most important thing is that she has such dimensions that can withstand the bucket. And so that the Christmas tree stood longer, it is better to choose the option of the place.

After the tree was cut, you need to cut down the lower branches so that at least 20 cm of the trunk can be placed in the bucket, and outside the distance remained without branches. This will give the tree a more natural look, because in the environment of her habitat - in the forest - the Christmas tree does not have branches on the ground. If, according to the result, it turns out that the Christmas tree still does not hold in the bucket, then some branches should be shortened in order to give the whole tree a more stable position.

The bucket is used according to the size of the tree. If you take a big bucket, it will be strongly allocated on a general background. If the little one, the Christmas tree will hardly fix it in it.

After selecting the right "stand" you need to prepare what the tree will keep. Usually used sand. For very unstable trunks, you can additionally use gravel or stones with which the barrel is fixed, after which the remaining space is falling asleep with sand.

In cases where to get sand is difficult, you can use water bottles. With their help, the Christmas tree is fixed, and the gaps can be filled with a cloth.

After these processes, sand is worthwhile to pour water with aspirin so that the spruce later began to crumble and stood longer. In cases where water bottles are used, to extend the life of the tree in this way, unfortunately, it is impossible.

How to fix in the leg of the office chair

Another version of the stand at home is a leg from the office chair.

Moreover, it does not have to be the chair - such a "rack" is also found in computer chairs, and floor fans.

A Christmas tree is used, but it will be better fit small and artificial - with them less than the right. The metal leg will be better than plastic, as it is heavier, and therefore it will endure a more massive fir.

So, first you need to find some chair or fan, from which you will need to remove the bottom. The leg is dismantled, after which, if necessary, you need to remove the gas lift. Such need is found when using the legs from the chair or chairs, as they often have the function of lifting and lowering. This is done with a hammer that should be hit from the bottom by the mechanism so that it falls on the other.

After that, it is worth comparing the diameter of the resulting hole and the diameter of the tree trunk.

As a rule, living trees are with fairly large trunks, so they are worth a little to grunt at the base.

Also evaluated the height and mass of the tree and is compared with a mass of leg and its floor height. If the legs are inability to keep the Christmas tree or in the case of a thin-barreled artificial tree, an additional tube of suitable diameter will be required. She will keep a heavy trunk higher, not letting it fall, and for an artificial tree will create a suitable diameter. For a more durable fastening of the legs and trees, you can drill in a hole in the pipe into which to tighten the self-tapping screw.

In this way, You can get a "mobile" tree, which will be able to move without unnecessary trouble from one place to another. In the case when such a function interferes or simply not needed, you can get rid of it, just removing the wheels.

Other options

The two methods described above are the most common and efficient. But, As mentioned in the accession, there are many ways to fix the Christmas tree without a shopping stand.

In homemade crosses

This option requires some skills of working with wood. The homemade stand on the functionality almost nothing will differ from the purchase, but it will be done with their own hands.

To create such a design, 2 bars will be required. They should be connected in the form of a cross, and in the center cut a small cavity. You can even bore the bars even glue, but for reliability it is better to use small screws.

After that, you can mount the Christmas tree. Previously, a slightly modified trunk. At the bottom, he will need to wrap the extra branches and, if necessary, pose the foundation of the tree itself to give it more stability and beauty. The Christmas tree is installed in the center of the Cross and mounted with a long self-tapping screw to be twisted below the base

In clay pot

Such an option is some replacement for the usual bucket. The pot will suit, rather, for small desktop Christmas trees, rather than large outdoor. But Its great advantage is that it allows not artificial Christmas trees as decoration, but real, alive.

For this method, only a good pot is needed. You can take old out of domestic flowers. If there are no such, then the pot needs to be purchased in the store. After that, as in the case of a bucket, the sand falls asleep there, which will water water with aspirin. A Christmas tree is already put in it.

In stool

A very simple and original method is the fastening of the tree in the stool. The big plus of this method is to easily use. It is also not necessary to keep houses of unnecessary details all year for the next time to use them for the new year. The stool after this holiday can be returned to the usual functions.

So, you need to take the stool and put it up in the place where the tree will stand. Then you need to find a good rope that will keep the tree. The trunk needs to wind well so that the spruce stood firmly. After that, everything will be ready, it remains only to cover the stool of some sheets or a Christmas strained.

To ceiling

Very interesting method. It is to fix the Christmas tree at the base, but at the ceiling. It will be suitable for the one who has a big tree in height, and the usual bucket or the crossing can not hold it.

To attach the Christmas tree to the ceiling, you will have to find any options for fastening. The easiest is to fasten small hooks to the ceiling. After that, with the help of a strong rope, we must take the top to these hooks.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the top of the ate can be quite thin, so wrapping is just below it.

From the bottom you can put a bucket with water so that the Christmas tree stands longer and later began to crumble.

In water tank

Also a good way, similar to the bucket with sand, but with the addition of the toaster. As a tank, you can take anything that in form and properties is reminiscent of a certain barrel. It will take to pour water with aspirin, and put the Christmas tree inside. The holding tank itself must be installed in the stool, thereby giving it greater stability. Well, then, as in the method with a stool, it must be covered with something.

All of the above methods for fixing Christmas trees at home are an excellent alternative to purchased, special crosses.

Another method of installing the Christmas tree house without a stand in the next video.

Installation of the New Year tree.

The new year is considered an excellent family holiday. Before celebrating the New Year, everyone seeks to acquire delicious foods and prepare unusual dishes. An integral attribute of the holiday is a Christmas tree. This Christmas tree will help to decorate the house, as well as make a holiday to true truly.

What Christmas tree is better to install for the new year: true or artificial?

Of course, each family has its own traditions regarding the New Year tree. Someone prefers artificial, and for someone there is no holiday without a living beauty of the forest. Therefore, the live trees are acquired. Most often buy pines or New Year's fir in the markets. Parents of young children believe that the Christmas tree smells good and only the living tree should stand at home in the New Year holidays.

In fact, the New Year tree improves the mood, and also helps soothe nerves. In addition, the smell of pine and ate improves the condition of the respiratory system and helps reduce the manifestation of bronchitis.

Benefits of a live tree:

  • Good smell
  • Low price
  • Ability to calm the nerves and create a New Year's mood

Many prefer not to fool their heads every year and therefore buy an artificial tree. This is also a good tradition and is perfect for those who have an allergy on the smell of ate. Therefore, parents who have asthmatics children, or they have atopic dermatitis, allergies, better acquire an artificial Christmas tree. With proper care, it does not cause allergies.

Christmas tree
Christmas tree

How to choose the right christmas tree on the Christmas Bazaar: Tips

Please note that the live tree serves you long enough, it is necessary to make the right choice. To do this, it is necessary not to acquire the Christmas tree in advance, that is, it makes no sense to acquire the New Year's Thai earlier than two weeks before the New Year.


  • It is best to buy a tree on the eve of holidays. Pay attention to appearance and tree condition.
  • It is necessary that the entire barrel is covered with needles. In addition, when compressing the needles, they must be elastic and do not break.
  • Pay attention to the bark, it should not be broken, crumble or lag behind the trunk.
  • Needles Christmas trees should not be brown, yellow. Otherwise, such a tree will dry quickly and appear needles.
Beautiful tree
Beautiful tree

What date can you put the Christmas tree at home on Feng Shui and in what place in the house, apartment?

A lot of attention of the New Year tree is paid to Feng Shui. The fact is that with the help of this New Year's tree, you can significantly correct your life. You can with the help of the Christmas tree and the place of its installation, attract a certain event in our new year. Put the Christmas tree, December 30-31.


  • If you want children to appear in the house, you need to install the Christmas tree in the right corner at the end of the room.
  • If you want your financial position to improve, you need to install the Christmas tree directly opposite the entrance to the room.
  • Planning promotion? In this case, install the Christmas tree in the far left corner.
  • If you want love and meet your soul mate, install the New Year tree in the right-long corner of the room.
Christmas tree in Feng Shui
Christmas tree in Feng Shui

What is better to put a living christmas tree at home, if there is no stand, crossmen?

Many people want to acquire a living New Year tree. But they stop the absence of crosses. In fact, now in many points and New Year bazaars for sale Christmas trees already with New Year's Cross. If you do not want to overpay, you can not acquire them.

There are several ways to install a New Year tree without crosses:

  • Installation in buckets with sand. The easiest, effective and reliable way. New Year's Beauty will not be able to fall out of the bucket and will not turn over.
  • Bucket with clay or with earth.
  • If you do not want to water, get dirty or you do not have the ability to dial sand bucket, take the usual bucket and install three plastic bottles filled with water. In the middle of these 3 bottles, fasten the New Year's beauty. Most often in the bucket there are so many places to establish between these bottles of the tree trunk.

There are still many diverse interesting ways to install the Christmas tree without a cross. See more video.

Video: Installation of the Christmas tree without crosses

Where to put a live tree, so as not to sleep: Installation of a live tree in the apartment: Tips

Of course, the best and most optimal option for planting the Christmas tree is a bucket with sand. The fact is that with constant moisturizing of the sand, the New Year's beauty will not have a long time.


  • For this, the sand is gained in the bucket, watering with water, a tree is installed.
  • In addition to the selection of tanks for installation, it is also important where you put a tree. The best place is the corner at the very beginning of the room.
  • It is necessary to try to install the New Year's beauty away from the sources of heating, drafts and from the entrance door.
  • Choose places where there is no draft not very hot, high enough humidity and cool.
Christmas tree in the apartment
Christmas tree in the apartment

How to put a live tree at home without a stand in a sand bucket for the new year?

In order to put a live Christmas tree at home without a stand in a sand bucket, you will need a big bucket. It can be plastic or metal. Also required sand, water, tree and assistant. Before installing, pour a little sand on the bottom of the container. Fill it in about one third. After that, slightly moisten the sand, install the Christmas tree and ask the assistant so that he supersed the trunk.

Let your assistant lines the New Year tree. At this time, take dry sand and fill the bucket to the top of the top. After that, plenty of sand with water and slightly flow it. Thus, your tree will be tightly fixed.

In order to extend the life of the Christmas tree, you can use some tips:

  • Before watering the sand in which there is a Christmas tree, it is necessary to dissolve 2 tablets aspirin and a tablespoon of sugar in a liter of water.
  • It is this solution that stands to water the sand. In addition, in order for the tree longer standing, the bark from the bottom of the tree is best cut off.
  • This can be done with a small ax or knife. Such a manipulation of improving the population of the tree and she will have a lot longer. The barrel will be better absorbed water.
Christmas tree on the stand
Christmas tree on the stand

Do I need to put a live tree in the apartment in the water?

Another good way to install the Christmas tree is the use of water. Very often, the water is poured directly into the cross. It is worth noting that this method is not the best, since mold and putrid bacteria can be started in water. Therefore, the most optimal option is the use of a bucket with sand, earth or clay.

How to put the Christmas tree if at home is a small child: tips

In order to maximize themselves to protect yourself and their children, you must install the Christmas tree in the right place and follow our advice. If there are small children in the house, which are active enough, they can turn the Christmas tree on themselves and break the New Year toys. This is not only fraught with sad consequences, but also the fact that the child can be injured.


  • If you still decided to acquire a New Year tree, prefer artificially, it is much easier. If she falls, the child will not be able to be injured.
  • Another good advice is the acquisition of non-fighting toys. It is best if it is balls made of plastic or foam. Also a lot now on sale toys from felt. They are very beautiful and bright.
  • If you still decided to acquire a living New Year's beauty and install it in a sand bucket, take care of the reliability of its consolidation. To do this, you can bind the Christmas tree with the help of ropes to the battery or some rigid support.
  • Thus, if the child even pull the Christmas tree over the branch, she will not fall at him. Also a good option is to put a small Christmas tree on the bedside table so that the child does not take out. But look and make sure that the baby can not reach his hand to the branch and pull the Christmas tree with a bedside table.
  • Try not to hang on the Christmas tree New Year's garlands and dangerous toys with sharp edges. It is forbidden to hang on the Christmas tree easy to fight glass toys. This can cause a child's cut.
Christmas tree for the new year
Christmas tree for the new year

How to fix the live tree at home so that it does not fall: tips

There are several ways to fix the living Christmas tree at home. Many advise to bind the top to the eaves. But this option is not suitable if you have a ceiling eaves and an expensive drywall ceiling with inserts from the fabric, or a stretch ceiling with a photo printing. Therefore, if you are worried that the child can pull the Christmas tree and tear off with the cornese, it is better not to do. The optimal option of consolidation is the installation in a bucket with sand.

Moreover, the bucket must be taking no 10-liter, but 20 liter. With this volume, the bucket is sufficiently heavy. The child is unlikely to turn such a heavy bucket. Another good option is to bind the Christmas tree to the battery.

Is it possible to put the Christmas tree to Muslims?

For the first time, the decoration of the Christmas tree appeared in the ancient German people. It was they who went to the forest to Christmas, chose a beautiful forest and brought home. They decorated with a variety of felt pieces, candles. In Islam, it is not customary to dress up a New Year tree, while it is believed that the implementation of manipulations that are adopted in other religions are unacceptable.

It is believed that all those who set the New Year tree on the festival are sinners. After all, the one who is likened to someone becomes one of them. Therefore, Muslims are not recommended to install the New Year tree.

Christmas tree in Muslims
Christmas tree in Muslims

As you can see, a very much believer is associated with a New Year's beauty and will accept. Not all nations approve and perceive the New Year tree as a symbol of holidays. In some countries and religions, this tree is prohibited.

Video: Christmas tree

What will help raise the New Year's mood? Of course, a lively Christmas tree that will give you a joyful feeling of a holiday, warm memories and a miracle waiting! His kids rushing every adult. In order for the festive tree to deliver a lot of joy, you need to know how to choose the right Christmas tree for a holiday. And then it will remain fresh for the time of all New Year's festivities. How to choose, put, save fresh live beauty at home, read further!

What you need to know when choosing a live tree

Choose a beautiful live tree for the new year is not difficult there, but you need to try a little and show care. There are certain criteria for choosing a New Year's Beauty, read about all this below. First of all, shortly before going to the store or the market for the acquisition of the tree and choose a live tree, decide where it will be to stand:

  • In the middle of the room, it will be preferable to choose a fir symmetric and chic from all sides;
  • But if you put it in an angle, then one-sided one will fit.

We advise first of all to determine the distance from the floor to the ceiling in your home to choose the live tree of the appropriate height. Usually buy a fir of 1.5-2 meters long. The height of the festive barrier attribute is not measured at all from the top of the top, and from the beginning of the first twigs. Think in advance how you put it: in a pot with sand, a bucket with water or cross.

Useful tips and recommendations of how to choose a live tree for the new year:

  • We advise you to purchase it in the day to notice all the flaws of the tree.
  • Having come to the store, you should find out when the tree was cut down, inspect the branches carefully - the needles should not fall out. Shake the trunk to see the number of fallen needles. Several needles, of course, falls to the ground (if more falls, it should alert).
  • Fresh fir has a bright green chewing, brilliant color. The needles ate should be fragile and oily (pursue them to check).
  • Dry needles without a characteristic smell of needles will tell you that the tree is damaged, frostbed.

  • Check freshness ate can be hit by a twig. Flexible, elastic branches will tell about the good condition of the tree, and vice versa, tough, dry branches will tell that the tree is old and just just just.
  • Cases of processing by sellers of living fir trees for longer storage. How not to get caught on the trick? Just sniff it, if you feel a strange smell (perhaps, caustic and nasty) - Of course, such a fir should not take.
  • There is an opinion that it is more correct to choose a living Christmas tree with the trunk that is thorough because it speaks of her condition. The thick trunk is considered to be the size of 7-8 centimeters in the grip.
  • Inspect the cutting of the tree, do not choose the option with dark stripes on a cut or mold. Mold and fungus can cross your apartment, so it is especially important to focus on this. Required resin on a cut, a large number of resin speaks of a recent tree cut. At the same time, at home you need to make a new cut of the festive Christmas tree, the extra resin will interfere with water.
  • Carefully inspect the fir - the lower branches must stick up.

The living tree for the celebration of the New Year is best acquired for 5-7 days before the holiday, since the spruce can be stored in the fresh form 2-4 weeks.

Buy the New Year tree is preferably in the forest or on the market - they are grown specifically for the new year, and therefore you probably will not be an accomplice of illegal cutting of young coniferous trees.

It is necessary to use a special mesh or cloth to wrap the festive Christmas tree after purchase. To do this, gently bend the branches from top to bottom, wrap the grid and secure all this with a rope so that you do not break the branches on the road.

To drag the New Year's miracle with the trunk ahead to avoid damage. But to put into the house, on the contrary - ahead with the top.

So, you chose the perfect Christmas tree for the new year! But how to bring her home so that she does not "lose his beauty" on the way? " The most convenient way Transportation after shopping - transportation by car.

Brings the Christmas tree on the car like this:

  • In the trunk. But the place in the trunk is quite limited, so this option is suitable only if the village of very small sizes.

  • In the cabin. If the Christmas tree does not fit in the trunk, then it is necessary to simply fold the rear seats and accurately accommodate it.
  • In the trailer - the simplest and most convenient way to transport the festive tree, but the trailer is not all.
  • On the roof. The optimal version of the carriage, especially if the trunk is installed on the roof of the car - you only need to fix the winter beauty and that's it.

If there is no trunk, then you need to put a thick tissue on the roof, if there are rails - to tie them, if not, you can skip the ropes through a slightly lowered rear doors.

To bring a live tree home and not harm neither the machine itself nor the Christmas tree, the following recommendations should be taken into account:

  • Before you load the Christmas tree to or in the car, you must carefully tie it with a rope (so as not to break the branches, and it has become more compact).
  • It is advisable to wrap a bag with a bag / plastic / tissue. This is necessary in order not to scratch the car and do not drink the salon.
  • When transporting, contact the Christmas tree for the new year very neat.

There is another interesting version of transportation - on sledding. It is suitable for those who live close to the seats of sale.

What to do after you brought her home

It is not recommended to bring a live tree immediately to the house after purchase, it does not make a big difference in temperatures, maybe even falling a large number of needles, because of what it will seem rare and ugly. Leave the New Year tree in the entrance or in the hallway room of a private house for 30-40 minutes, during this time the tree will adapt to your temperature regime.

How to install the Christmas tree

It is considered the most correct and optimal option - to consolidate the living Christmas tree at home in a bucket with sand. Many people simply put on a cross and wrapped with a damp cloth. It is better, of course, choose the option with a bucket of sand, it will be more reliable, and the tree will last longer.

To establish a living tree in the sand bucket, you need to do the following manipulations:

  1. Just clean the bottom of the barrel from the branches (approximately 15-20 cm) and stall the bark. It is more reliable to do this by a special knife or hatching.
  2. The trunk dip deep into the bucket, the sand is rambling and equal to the Christmas tree vertically, along the way, placing in a bucket with sand stones or bricks. It will help qualitatively consolidate her at home.
  3. Stand can be decorated with beautiful cloth or bright paper.
  4. Next, to beautifully install a live tree in the apartment, you need to be seen space on which it will stand, bright packaging paper, cloth. Now sprinkled needles will not fall on the floor and clogged into the gap, similar to the needles will be to a lesser degree to the house.
  5. And if you have a small child, then at the end you need to crop down the lower branches, so that the child failed to bother with needles.

Such a simple option will help to install a living tree at home without a stand and save it for a longer period. Convenient for both private houses and apartments.

Video: How to install a live tree at home.

How to keep a living village for a long time

Even after the New Year holidays, it is nice to admire the living Christmas tree in the apartment room or a private house. She adorns and revives any interior. But how long is the living tree at home? It can stand in excellent condition about 2-3 weeks. To extend the "life" of the festive trees and stop the yellowing and shower of the needles, you can use some tricks.

Performing the following recommendations, you can save the living Christmas tree at home longer:

  • In order for the tree to surrender more and the needles did not appear, the sand is watered with cold water with a sugar spoon and a tea spoon in it. Experienced people advise to add a tablet of ordinary aspirin to water or use warm water and a few drops of acetic or citric acid. This will help keep the live tree in a great condition before the new year and until the end of the holidays.
  • If you use sand, then sometimes sand needs to water several times.
  • It does not like dry air, for this reason the room should be provided by an air humidifier or every day splashing the branches with water from the sprayer. They will help to properly care for the living Christmas tree for the New Year.
  • Using a simple wet rag, it is also possible to put a live tree. Simply climb it the trunk and fix in the cross. The only thing, do not forget sometimes watering the cloth, it will not start to crumble.
  • Help to extend the freshness of the live tree can be if you put it away from heating devices and furnaces.
  • Do not use candles and homemade electrocircums to decorate it.

Performing these simple recommendations, you can easily save live beauty at home.

Video: How to keep a living tree at home longer.

How to dispose after holidays

Unfortunately, the Christmas tree sooner or later will begin to dry out and crumble. Do not forget that it needs to be properly disposed. It is necessary to prepare for the emission, because most often, disassembled and recycling the tree, it is impossible not to nourish the shrinking dried cheese. To avoid this, it is necessary to carefully remove the dried tree so that the needles should not be selected throughout the house and in the entrance.

Here's how to properly dispose of the New Year tree:

  1. put on mittens and top clothes with long sleeves;
  2. Cut the branches as close as possible to the trunk and gently fold them into large packages;
  3. Now you have only a naked barrel, you can throw it on the trash, without worrying that you are a muddle of an apartment or an entrance.

Video: How to properly dispose of the New Year tree.

Observing all of the above recommendations, you can easily choose and install a lively silent beauty both in the apartment and in the house. It remains only beautiful and festively decorate it. By the way, as for the decoration of the chief symbol of the holiday, here you can implement the most bold ideas and ideas. We wish you choose the most beautiful live tree for the new year!

A source

We will tell you how to store the Christmas tree where to put it and how to do it right, and also - how best to endure a forest beauty from the apartment, without leaving the needles.

Buy a live tree follows a few days before installation so that the branches after transportation have managed to deal. It is necessary to store it in cold rooms (balcony, garage Or a cold entrance hall) so that the needles remained longer than fresh.

As a New Year's tree, you can choose a pine (it is more fluffy) or fir - its needles almost never pricks, but the price is higher.

Choosing a place to install a tree, remember the important rule: the Christmas tree should not interfere with anyone. Put the Christmas tree away from doorways, chairs and sofas. Do not put it in front of the window so as not to overlap the light. If the room is large, it is recommended to establish a forest beauty to the center, but in this case the carpet must be removed.

It is strictly not recommended to put a Christmas tree next to Battery Otherwise, she will begin to dry the next day. For coniferous than cooler, the better.

Put the gloves, cut the lower branches by the secateur and shorten the cutlets with a saw so that the tree is easier to pick water. If the diameter of the stand is less than the diameter of the barrel, tick the barrel with a knife.

The most reliable version of the stand is with a water container. One-meter memeter pine per day can drink all the water from the stand, so do not forget to regularly pour your Christmas tree.

Gently insert the end of the barrel in the stand and fix the position of the tree with screws.

To get rid of the tree, put on gloves and saw a tree into parts with Hoven On the lamps of 40-50 cm. Spread them on the packages along with the husky cheese and take out of the house.

Install the live tree

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