LMAO - decoding and translation

LMAO, LMAO or LMAO means "laugh wildly", "Loudly laugh." Reduction from English Laughing My Ass Off - "We laugh so that the ass fall off." As usual on the Internet, this acronym is recorded with lowercase, and capital letters.

A rougher option - lmfao, Laughing My F ** King Ass Off, that is, "I laugh so that fucking ass fall off."

This abbreviation is used in Internet correspondence from the beginning of the 1990s, since then it has become firmly in the network slang and even somewhat outdated. Typically, LMAO symbolizes the unkinded ferric laughter, can be used to mock the opponent. For example: "LMAO, well, you and an idiot."

LMAO serves as a synonym for slanging expressions of Kek, Rofl and Lol (LOL - Laughing Out Loud, that is, "laugh in voice"). Sometimes it is possible to combine two abbreviations in one - Roflmao.

Russian analogues - "Rju", "Out to Bolosin" and outdated "Patsatal".

LMAO in Memakh

Acronym LMAO often decorate pictures memes with laughing people.

Mao Zedong and LMAO

Ayy Lmao. Mem with the alien

After 2012, a picture with aliens and names of Ayy Lmao became popular in the Tumblr social network.

Ayy Lmao. That's very picture with aliens

For a short time, users made a mass of the same type of pictures with humanoids and signature Ayy Lmao.

Mem Ayy Lmao.

2What does LMAO decryption mean?What does LMAO decryption mean?

Social networks and instant messaging are one of the most popular and basic communication systems. However, during communication


It can detect incomprehensible jargonism or abbreviation. To help you find out the meaning and origin of similar terms, on our website Fashion-Words.rf, a separate heading was created in which we decipher such a word. Do not forget to add us to the browser bookmark to be able to quickly access. Today it will be about a rather strange reduction, this


What it means, you can learn a little lower.

However, before I continue, I would like to advise you to familiarize you with another couple of other popular articles on


Abbreviation. For example, what does it mean


, what


What means


how to understand



So, will continue

What does LMA mean

Decryption? This abbreviation happened from the expression "Laughing My F *** Ing Ass Off", which can be translated, "I just fuck *, like," or literally "laugh up to the ass" that in Russian sounds not very.

LMAO - This expression is sometimes used instead of emoticons: D, to express laughter in text form

LMAO is one of the most common and popular words used in text messages, instant messaging, chat rooms, and Facebook and Twitter. You may have already seen this popular Internet


"LMAO". But have you ever wondered what LMAO means? Have you ever tried to find out what LMAO is?

What does LMAO mean?

Today I am going to give you a clear idea of ​​what LMAO mean decoding? In fact, LMAO is an abbreviation, which is simple means "

Laughing My Ass Off

" Many people all over the world use this acronym when they detect something funny on the network. Basically, when users find something extremely funny, then they write "LMAO".

LMAO is an Internet slang that is widely popular, and is mainly applied by the young generation. But sometimes this acronym LMAO is quite complicated for someone who is not familiar with this language.


. Now I will try to give you an example from the real world and explanation of use


, and the meaning of this language slang. In most cases, LMAO or Laughing My Ass Off is simply used when someone finds something funny.

For example, two friends diverge, and suddenly one of them sees how

a monkey

Trying to drive the car. Then he use the Internet Slaga language or LMAO abbreviation to show how it is funny.

Laughing My Ass Off or LMAO is used only when someone detects something causing laughter to tell its nearest partner on the text or chat. This abbreviation is mainly known since mid-2012. Like others


Abbreviation, this one was one of the most popular and use it almost every day.

How to write LMAO correctly?

LMAO can be recorded in all lowercase strings, for example, like "LMAO". And in the capital, and in the lower line version means the same "Laughing My Ass Off". You can still use either uppercase or lower LMAO register.

What does LMAO mean on Facebook?

We all know that Facebook is a social network number one. Facebook offers one excellent feature that is the Facebook Messenger application, and people use the Slaga language widely during communication with each other. So what does LMAO mean on Facebook? LMAO is one of the most popular and extremely used acronies on Facebook. It simply means "Laughing My Ass Off", this acronym applies only when someone finds something funny. Basically, people use LMAO in a chat in Facebook, while talking to friends or relatives.


It is used by millions of people for communication with each other. They are talking using the Facebook application, share their status using the Facebook message or group message on Facebook. Therefore, they mainly use hundreds of abbreviations and jargon during a conversation on Facebook. Laughing My Ass Off or LMAO is also widely used on Facebook.

What does LMAO mean in Instagram? Instagram.

- This is a site dedicated to the joint use of images based on the publication of your personal photos. Millions of people attend this resource every day. In addition, there are many acronyms or


The expressions they use in Instagram. This social network is mainly actively used by young people and adolescents. So what does LMAO mean in instagram? It simply means "Laughing My Ass Off" on Instagram.

What does the LMAO mean in the text?

Basically, the LMAO LMAO language is used to communicate with each other with Facebook, Instagram or any other text messaging software. The reduction of LMAO is usually applied when someone finds something raising the mood to tell about his meaning to his friends during the chat. This Acronym LMAO is becoming more popular with each day.

After reading this article, you learned

What does LMA mean

Decoding, and can now decrypt this abbreviation.

What does LMAO mean?

Communicating dating sites, chat rooms and forums, there are various incomprehensible words, expressions and abbreviations, such as LMAO.

What does LMA mean

? I recommend to get acquainted with several more news on the topic of youth Jarnon, for example, how to understand the word


, What means


, what


? This cut was borrowed from the English LMAO language, which is the phrase "

Laughing My Ass Off

"What can be translated as" from laughter falls off z * pa ","

All w * Pu yourself signed

"Although in Russian analogue can serve as an expression" P * Zdets, like ridiculous. "The semantics of this abbreviation is not understandable to a simple Russian person, it is worth noting that


The blurry relationship of the face and g should be traced, which spawned a lot of strange linguistic designs. True, each one of them implies


Published from its fifth point. Pindos, what to take from them, Dicarians.

LMAO (LMAO) - This abbreviation is decrypted as "Laughing My Ass Off", and implies "Laughter up to the paper"

LFMA (LFMAO) - This abbreviation is derived from LMAO, and has occurred from the well-known expression "Laughing My Fu ** Ing Ass Off", which can be translated as "laugh so that my fuck * nnu * pa

In film

Ace Ventura

in which the main character played by the famous Pindosky comedian

Jim carrey

In one of the episodes, talked and laughed with his ass, precisely since that time, this reduction gained visible outlines and went to the masses.

However, just to take and write LMAO cannot be written, it will be a movietone. Usually it is written in response to a subproof or mockery, although instead


, You can write "Lol" or "Ke-Ke-Ke", showing that you are laughing. Today, many inquisitive individuals are interested in what LMA means, however, thanks to the Internet public who poorly know the American rituals, the accurate sense turned out to be an incredible verbal garbage.

This abbreviation is mainly used in social networks, such as

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tambler

etc. In the Russian segment of the Internet is the most used reduction from the English language, along with such as LOL, ASAP, ROFL, etc.

The saturation of Internet chats and mobile correspondence between people a large variety of abbreviations and abbreviations is truly widely wide. Not only young people, but also representatives of the older generation constantly use short letter designations of their feelings and intentions. Often, all the message consists of only of them.

What does Lmao mean

In such a situation, it is useful to understand the meaning of these web acronyms (a special language term for the designation of abbreviations and abbreviations), so as not to fall into a stupor every time a message seems like "Sorry, G2G. Call asap "

Moreover, the incorrect interpretation of generally accepted abbreviations can put you in an awkward situation. For example, what does the Acronym LMAO mean? How to understand it correctly and use? Let us dwell on this abbreviation.

Abbreviation LMAO.

LMAO is a rather old abbreviation that preceded the appearance of a wide set of emoticons accessible to us today in any messenger. Literal decoding from English - "Laughing My Ass Off".

In the literal translation to Russian, it will not be very culturally, but still - "ridiculous to the paper." In a more decent version, "very funny" or "laugh to colic." In Acronym Lmao. The mass of synonyms, the most common of which are lol or rofl.

Acronym Lmao. Refers to the type of abbreviations in which the letters are semantic meaning, that is, each letter denotes a separate word. This consists of their difference from the abbreviations of the type XD or XOXO, where the liteers used have a purely symbol meaning.

LMAO design

Used in correspondence to designate laughter and positive emotions, for example, as a reaction to a joke of a source or a funny picture:

  • Farmer, engineer and cosmonaut come to the bar, and Barteman says them - Matthew, go from here!
  • LMAO, this is one of the best jokes about McConahi, which I heard!
  • Today I shaved whiskey.
  • LMAO I don't communicate with you xD xD
  • This is a polycarbonate reaction of benzene to oxidation!
  • LMAO I do not understand what you will stop.

As can be seen from examples, the reduction of LMAO is suitable for any expression of laughter or lightly mockery over the interlocutor and is used exclusively in informal correspondence as a joke reaction or some funny action.

Acronym pronunciation, as in most cases, does not imply any nuances. [El Em Hey about] in the English-language version and [LMAO] in Russian pronunciation. However, it is worth considering that the oral use of this abbreviation does not apply. Voice playback is rather suitable for reduced lol.

Popular on the Internet Abbreviation

It should be noted that one of the main sources of web contractions are online games. In the process of a fierce shootout or a tense race, the user is not up to write to his comrades competent and weathered by the sense of the message. So "What do you mean?" It turns into simply in "Y", and "IT WAS Really Good Joke, Bro!" In the well-known "lol".

Therefore, if you do not believe that such a kind of communication really exists - try to play half an hour to any online shooter.

Frequently used abbreviations

Below I will give the 5-known abbreviations on the Internet, whose value is useful to know everyone:

LMAO - What does it mean?NP. Laconic expression that the situation or request you does not bother. Literal value - "No Problem", that is, "no problem." In RuNet, the abbreviation was not very widely, but the Americans use it even in the working correspondence.

SY. - Also used in a more or less official correspondence reduction. "See you" means "see you" and is used as a final phrase in a dialogue when it comes to an end.

Byob. Since the culture of parties in the United States is widely distributed, this acronym appeared as a necessary tool of a polite hint that the alcohol hosts are offered to bring with them. Means "Bring Your Own Bottle" or "capture your drink".

Ttyl. - A reduction that means you are busy and call or write later. In English deciphered as "Talk to You Later", the option in Russian - "Talk later."

Asap Another reduction is widely accepted by cliché, this time "AS SOON AS POSSIBLE". It is often used in more or less business correspondence in order not to write the phrase entirely. Indicates "as soon as I can" or "as soon as, so immediately."

From the listed examples it can be seen that some stable abbreviations penetrate into relatively official messages. Now their use is not considered a movietone and a sign of a schoolboy and is quite acceptable in more respectable circles than the web community.

If your colleagues start using such structures - do not condemn them, he just try to keep up with the times. On this we will finish our review, BB, TTYL.

What does LMAO mean in English

In English, a lot of abbreviations are used, which in just a few letters are able to transfer the emotions and the mood of a person. From this article, you will learn about what LMAO means in English - one of the most vivid abbreviations.

The first thing to turn to, this is a decoding with the literal translation.

And so that hiding behind this little word: Laughing My Ass Off

The literal translation of LMAO means approximately the following: Laugh so that my ass fall off.

If you compare what I mean Slang LMAO in English with similar Russian expressions, you will get several options:

  • laughing up to fall;
  • laughing out loud;
  • Ruzhka to cheering;
  • ass bundled from laughter (although, perhaps, we are not so expressed);
  • Wildly laughing.

In short, if you want to inform the interlocutor, which is just dying with a laughter, then boldly use LMAO for this.

The additional value of this expression is that everything is clear and very short, and therefore requires a minimum of time for a set on a PC.

It is these qualities that provided expressions wide popularity in online games and, in particular, in a popular counterbatch.

What does LMAO mean in the game COP go? - This is a quick way to transfer your emotion by the player, which by instant set practically does not distract from the game.

Frequently LMAO is imprinted in a dialogue when you need to express irony or a small mock in relation to the words or actions of the interlocutor. It seems to say: "Well, you give, I dying with a laughter from you!"

In addition to direct use in the phrase correspondence entered the composition of the set of memes with a similar value.

What does lmao mean meme
Mem What does LMAO mean

By the way, Lmao is not the only expression of a kind. On the network you can also meet others of its fellow:

  • LOL (LAUGHING OUT LOUD) - laughing in full voice;
  • ROFL (Rolling On The Floor Laughing) - I ride on the floor from laughter;
  • Lmfao (Laughing My F ** King Ass Off) - What does it mean to laugh, as well as a fucking ass drops out (even more emotional than LMAO).

Sometimes on the Internet comes with meme Ayy Lmao, as if paying for additional attention to the word "Hey!".

Video LMAO video illustration

Video review of expressions containing the word "ASS", including the reduction of LMAO

Find out more with mnogoznaniy.com!

In movies, social networks, you can easily run into English reductions like an IDK or Asap, which seem to be at first a senseless set of letters. Especially awkward, if such cuts use your interlocutor.

In this material you will find the most popular abbreviations that the English-speaking uses are used in the Flying Communication.

The aforementioned Asap Fully sounds like "AS SOON AS POSSIBLE", that is, "so soon as I can". AND IDK. - "I don't Know" (I do not know).

For farewell

  • B4N. - "BYE FOR NOW" (for now)
  • BBL - "BE BACK LATER" (return later) or BRB. - "BE Right Back" (will soon come back)
  • Cul. - "See you later" (see later). In the abbreviation costs C, since the letter is pronounced as well as the verb of Seee.
  • Ttyl. - "Talk to You Later" (Talk later)
  • GTG. - "Got to Go" (I need to go).
LMAO, or 20 conversational abbreviations in English

Expression of emotions

  • Lmao. - "Laughing My Ass Out" (literally - signed my ass)
  • LOL. - "LAUGHING OUT LOUD" (literally - laugh in the voice). Abbreviation has long replenished Russian Slang.
  • Rofl - "ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LAUGING" (I ride on the floor from laughter). Like LOL, the word moved into the Russian slang, where it matches the "joke", "anecdote".
  • Lu. - "Love You" (love you) and LUV U2. - "Love You Too" (I love you too)
  • Mu. - "Miss You" (miss you) or Musm. - "Miss You So Much" (I miss you so much)
  • Sob. - "Stressed Out Bad" (I am experiencing hard, experiencing severe stress).

Introductory words and short answers

  • Btw. - "By The Way" (by the way)
  • ThX - "Thanks" or Thnq - "Thank you" (thanks)
  • OIC - "Oh, I See" (ah, it won; now it is clear)
  • NP. - "No Problem" (no problems)
  • Myob - "Mind Your Own Business" (do not go to other people's affairs)

Reducing on Friday (such too)

  • Byob. - "Bring Your Own Booze / Bottle" (take your alcohol). By the way, the System of A Down group has a song with such a name. True, there is a little different meaning.
  • TGIF. - "Thank God It's Friday" (thank God, Friday). And with such a name there is a clip from the Pop Star Katy Perry.

If you like the selection, subscribe to the channel English, Please! Every day, here I am public interesting facts and useful materials for those who are interested in English. For instance:

The Internet has become an integral part of the life of each of us, but we all use our worldwide cobwebs in their own way. For many Internet, this is a way of self-expression, search for information, communication, creativity and work. Here each of us can be yourself.

As in real life, we often resort to obscene vocabulary on the network, but we must pay tribute to this stunning invention of mankind: the Internet helps us to swear less! Through different abbreviations, we reduce all the words, including not too multiplied.

In English there are a lot of words cutting, which today become part of both living, spoken language. Who today did not meet on the Internet or even real life such word formations like WTF, LOL, IMHO, OMG and, of course, LMAO? What does it mean, you ask? The whole totality of these short abbreviations is the language of the Internet.

Decoding abbreviation

The meaning of the word lmao you will not find in any explanatory dictionary. But as a slang word who came from the English language, it is understandable to almost every Internet user.

Due to the incorporations from the point of view of Russian pronunciation, the word LMAO remains only within the network. Despite the censorship, this word appears before us in untranslantable into Russian phrase Laughing My Ass Off - Lmao, which means "laugh to tears", "laugh up to fall", "wild laugh." The most common example of using the modern English online dictionary sounds in the next dialog:

- Imagine, Billy fell from his horse, and his pelvis was collected in six different places!


LMAO What is it

Well, such a dialogue does not seem ridiculous, but about such a crazy context can be brightly shown the value of the LMAO abbreviation. The literal importance of the popular Internet acronym still sounds somewhat worse. A man writing the word LMAO, breaks away from laughter, implying that even his "fifth point" breaks away from the body.

Do not take to heart!

Nevertheless, today this acronym does not sound like something indecent. In a specific conversation, you can freely use this online word. He has its own synonyms. For example, the word lol, which means "loudly laughing" - Laughing Out Loud, Lots of Laughing. Or one more thing - Rotfl, the value of which lies in the adrctal circulation "Rolling On The Floor Laughing" - "rushing on the floor from laughter."

And yet the question arises about why this abbreviation can be found on the Internet most often? LMAO - What is this word form? The fact is that the Acronym Lmao has a brighter emotional color, reveals the entire palette of the feelings of a laughing person!

LMAO What does it mean

LMAO - What is it?

For Russian-speaking people LMAO - often just empty sound. But among Internet users, the word LMAO is gaining great popularity, which means the acquisition of a number of derivatives of adjectives, nouns, verbs and other parts of speech. Could the creators of Esperanto and other world languages ​​be presented, that the language invented by the "nationwide forces" will be so dynamically and independently developed, spread? Very engaged to study the Internet language of communication as an independent, universal and understandable to everyone! Make sure you yourself.


Value of abbreviation LMAO.

From the words formed from LMAO, you can make a decent dictionary in size. Acronymov fans create hundreds of new wordforms every day, the word LMAO remains unchanged. What kind of neologisms?

  • LMAOA is the same abbreviation with the added word Again at the end. This means that a person who uses the word LMAO appeared a reason to laugh again.
  • Lmaoaded - this word is denoted by a person who, before laughing, scored lemonade into his mouth. Accordingly, when the laughter approaches, all the contents of the mouth will splash out.
  • Something insanely funny, from what you want to hide, so as not to laugh again and again, in the Internet slang is denoted by the word lmaoairta, which means: Laughing My Ass Off and It Rolled to Austrailia.
  • Lmaoamalcoshmpktb - It is unlikely that someone uses this huge abbreviation, but nevertheless, it is decrypted as a cry for help: already familiar to us LMAO and the add-on phrase "Actually My Ass Litrially Comes Off Someone Help Me Please Thanks BYE", which means: " My ass really leaves me, help someone. Thank. Goodbye. "
  • LmaoamHot means that among other things, a person writing this word loses his head!
  • Lmaocat is the word called the cat, putting his head in the trash bin.
The meaning of the word lmao.
  • Lmaocakes - the Word, which is denoted by the unique therapy, invented by the Internet hero of Johnny Extreme. This membrane was able to combine in diet laughter and beer consumption! Johnn sincerely believes that by consumption and the other you can lose weight.

Language molds and words used on the network are not always understood by a simple town center. Sometimes simple abbreviation may mean more than thousands of words.

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