10 ways to speed up the computer

10 ways to speed up the computer

We call simple and efficient ways to increase the speed of your PC.

Each user at least once in his life came across brakes during the use of a computer. Suddenly, sites start loading for 5-10 minutes, the opening speed of new files is reduced literally to the skin, working with textual - and the more photo and video files - it becomes almost impossible.

How to quickly and just increase the speed of the PC? We picked up for you 10 of the most understandable ways accessible to each (even beginners) - do these actions and your computer immediately "will come to know".

Method number 1 - PC reboot

When a large number of erroneous data and file "garbage" accumulates in the computer, it starts to slow down. If you are not used to it often reboot your PC, then soon or later come across this. Easy way - restart the device.

And do it at least once a week. It should be understood that the "sleep mode" is not equal to the reboot.

Method No. 2 - Enable High Performance Mode

This method is relevant for laptops. Often, by default, they function in energy saving mode - thus raises autonomy when working from the battery. To enhance speed, you will need to enable high performance mode.

To do this, we go to the "Windows settings", then in the "System", select the "Power and Sleep Mode" item, we see the "Advanced Power Options" deposit, click on it and turn on the "High Performance" mode.

Actually for laptops on Windows 10.

Method number 3 - Free place on the system disk

See the label to the "basket" on your PC desktop? So, often users forget to delete files from there. When the HDD from the installed OS ends free space - brakes begin. Immediately delete files from the basket.

In addition, you can also erase old games or programs. To do this, go to "Windows Settings", after "Applications", then you will see a list of installed software, as well as the volume of each position in MB or GB. Delete unnecessary.

Another advice - transfer large files to removable media.

Method number 4 - Close the unused tabs in the browser

The more tabs open in the browser, the more memory they consume, loading the system and slowing the operation of your computer.

If you feel that the computer brakes, just close unnecessary pages.

You can also download special plugins that "disable" tabs for the system when you do not use them for a long time. For example, for Chrome there is a pretty high-quality Plugin The Great Suspender.

Method number 5 - Remove the additional antivirus

Antiviruses are quite seriously "shipped" system. And when there are two at once (and it happens, when users for some reason put three or more) - I wanted, brakes become very unbearable.

Exit - remove one of them.

Method No. 6 - Clean the List of Startup

Many programs are started in automatic mode when the PC is turned on. Because of this, the load on the system rises, the applications are actively "eating" the RAM.

Clean the autoload from unnecessary applications. To do this, go to the Windows Settings and select the "Auto-loading" item. Get rid of all too much.

Method number 7 - turn off the autoload of unnecessary fonts

When booting Windows loads more than 200 diverse fonts in different languages. And this is also quite seriously loading the system. We recommend to get rid of all superfluous - you see, in everyday life you are unlikely to be needed Chinese and Japanese fonts.

To do this, pass along the path "Start" → "Control Panel" → "Design and Personalization" → "Fonts".

Next, select unnecessary fonts, and you click on the "Hide" button on the top menu.

Method number 8 - get rid of temporary files

Temporary files, unfortunately, tend to turn into constant - then they additionally load your computer and reduce the speed of its operation. They should get rid of them. How to do it?

Go to the system disk. Then in the folder with Windows, we select the TEMP folder there and delete all the files.

After do not forget to remove them also from the "basket".

Method number 9 - disk manipulation

Clear unnecessary data will help "disk defragmentation". To do this, right-click on a disc, select "properties", after the "service" and, finally, "Optimization and disk defragmentation".

The process may take quite a long time.

Method No. 10 "Iron" - Change HDD on SSD, add RAM

If you feel that all the above-mentioned you though helped, but you still do not feel a significant increase in speed, we advise you to change the HDD hard drive to the SSD solid state drive. Such discs are much faster. You can purchase a small SSD to install system files and operating system, and everything else is to store on HDD.

If there is no money for money, and the PC speed does not suit, buy another simple HDD, which is then installed. Leave the system hard drive empty at least 70%.

And you can help additional operational memory, it is worth it inexpensive. If you have a large number of programs installed, then a pair of extra GB will significantly increase the speed of the PC.

And one more free advice - regularly vacuuming your PC or laptop, clean the house at least once a week. The fact is that dust is one of the worst enemies of electronic devices. Because of it, your computer may overheat, and it threatens not only slowing down, but also can lead to a breakdown of various elements.

We will be glad to learn about other ways to increase the speed of the PC - perhaps our readers have something to say on the topic.

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Over time, the new "car" begins to work slowly, more often "freezit", because it is becoming with all sorts of applications and files. It is possible to help the computer work faster without special spending and additional shopping "Iron".

Consider two ways to increase power:

  • "Cardinal" method.
  • Maximum performance.

"Cardinal" method It is to install the net image of Windows 10.

Microsoft in 2016 released Windows 10 Editor: LTSB and LTSC.

In these versions, there are no: EDGE, Microsoft Store browser, game mode, ondrive, tiled applications and widgets, familiar calculator, as well as other familiar components. The system is activated by an Evalution license for 90 days.

As one of the options for weak machines.

The second variant of this method is to install Windows 10 Lite based on the official Russian version of Windows 10 x64 downloaded from the official Microsoft website with seized components and disconnected services. This assembly is better suited for weak "machines" than Windows 10 LTSB / LTSC.

Here is a small list of seized applications: subsystem for Linux, Windows Hello, Cortana, MS Edge, FileExplorer, StorageService, Virtualization Remotefx and others (the full list you can view links: List of seized applications.

The assembly is the informal product of Microsoft. The article provides information for familiarization.

Maximum performance

When you start the device, installed programs are started. Often programs are completely unnecessary and bring only the damage to your OS. The programs work in the background and slow down the PC, even if you do not suspect it. In order to improve performance at the start stage, you should disable some programs in the autoload menu.

Autoloading computer

To begin with, click on the "Start" / desktop panel with the right mouse button, and in the list are looking for a "task manager" or press Ctrl + Alt + Del.

Click on "Device Manager", waiting for startup. After that, a dialog box will pop up, where we can see the computer's workload by various processes, its speed, etc. We need to go to the autoload menu.

Carefully learn which programs are really needed. We remove them from the startup, by pressing the right mouse button on the application and select the "Disable" item.

Clearing Tem folder

In Windows 10, there is a folder with temporary files called TEMP, the files of which slow down the system.

Clean the folder and reboot the computer.

Cleaning a disc

You need to go to "this computer", click the second mouse button on the system / local disk icon (usually disk C), select "Properties" item, then "Cleaning the disk".

In the opened window, it is worth choosing those items that are subject to cleaning (for example, a basket, temporary Internet files, downloaded program files and cleaning Windows updates).

By selecting the items you want to "Clear System Files".

Disabling unnecessary services

To call "Run": click on "Start" with the right mouse button or call the Win + R keys, and in the list are looking for "execute".

When the "Run" dialog box appears in the entry string: Services.msc

Then click "OK."

The "Services" window opens. It is worth staying in "Advanced" mode to have more information.

We are looking for an unnecessary service and click on it with the right mouse button, then click on "properties" and click on the "Stop" button (the list of services can be turned off below).

List of services that can be disabled by reference.

If some services are missing from the list, then they are missing in your assembly.

Setting the power schemes

Right-click on the "Start" icon and click "Parameters".

We go to the "system", click the point "Power and sleep mode", then "Advanced Power Parameters".

In the opened power window, choose "High performance", in the case of powerful iron "Maximum performance".

There is also a second way to enter the "Power Supplies" point, through the battery icon if you have a laptop.

Some simple tips:

  • Check the computer to viruses using a built-in or third-party antivirus. For this, AdWcleaner will fit well, installed cleaned and deleted, if you do not want to litter OS.
There are many viruses that affect the speed of the system, especially various crypto miners.
  • Cleaning component PCs / laptop. It should be carefully cleaned the computer from dust, not hurt small parts. Also on the performance of the computer will well affect the replacement of the thermal interface.

If you are not enough skills for this, trust the specialists.

  • Using third-party software for cleaning unnecessary cache, temporary files and other garbage. The main condition is downloading from proven sources, and better from the official site. For example, CCleaner.
  • Driver update. You can implement both through the "Update Center" and through third-party software, such as DriverPack Solution.

When installing, always check the "checkboxes" where you are offered to download additional. Soft.

Setting up visual desktop effects

We go to the "Start", the service-Windows folder, then click on the "Control Panel".

Next, "System and Security", "System".

In the "system" click on "Advanced Parameters".

In the opened window "System Properties" window, in the "Additional" sheet click on "speed parameters".

Click on "Provide the best speed", immediately all checkboxes fall.

There is one "but" if you work with pictures or photos "sketch outlines instead of icons" you will be useful, so it should be left. It is also worth leaving such a parameter as "smoothing the irregular fonts", because without them the text will "cut" eyes.

PC / laptop speed increases are quite a lot. Often the methods, enough, simple and can be quietly used by the usual "user". With good speed, the use of PC brings pleasure and does not cause irritation. The most important thing is not to use questionable ways in which the status of the computer will deteriorate.

How to speed up a Windows computer

Windows should be loaded and operating fast enough. However, over time, the performance of the computer is gradually decreasing for a variety of reasons.

The installed programs climb the hard disk and require more memory to execute. Some of them are automatically started in the background when the computer is turned on, and it consumes resources for each reboot. Overdue drivers can be used on old computers, and "iron" no longer pulls new programs that require a lot of memory. Fragment of a hard disk and multiple files - that is, a banal lack of free space - also slow down the system. In addition, viruses may be on your computer, due to which its performance can also significantly decrease.

We will tell you how to increase the speed of the laptop. It is quite simple and practically not associated with risks. However, just in case, before starting to optimize, save your files. Make a backup of all data from a laptop - on an external hard disk or in a cloud storage - and create a restore point in Windows. Also, make sure that all files in the backup reader are not damaged.

Malicious software and how it slows down your computer

Viruses, spyware and advertising software, Trojans and other malware can very much to reduce the speed of the computer. Usually they function in the background, consuming system resources.

In addition, malicious software is often prescribed immediately in several places, and completely remove it without using a suitable cybersecurity solution may be difficult. With incorrect removal of such programs, the laptop can start working with interruptions, hang or constantly reboot. Again, malicious software consumes a significant amount of RAM, as a result of which other programs lack resources. Because of this, important programs and the computer as a whole can work very slowly.

How not to allow malicious programs to slow down your laptop

  • To prevent the laptop infection, use a reliable solution to protect against malicious software, for example Kaspersky Anti-Virus
  • Regularly update the operating system
  • Try not to visit dubious websites and do not download anything
  • Follow the rules of secure email address - Do not open messages from unknown or dubious senders and immediately delete letters similar to malicious spam or phishing

Other ways to speed up your laptop

Increase download speed

First you need to find out what is the problem. Run event viewer to see which programs are loaded at the start of the system and how much time it takes. The event viewer enters the standard Windows toolbox - you can call it from the "Run" string (Windows + R). In the Dialog box, type eventvwr.msc and click OK.

Find the event with code 100. It indicates the boot time in seconds. Then look for events with codes starting with 101. They indicate which applications slow down the computer.

It is very likely that some of these programs do not need to run at the start of the system. For example, the following programs do not need to run automatically - you can always run them manually when it is necessary:

  • QuickTime
  • Skype.
  • Google Drive.
  • Adobe Reader.
  • Spotify Web Helper.
  • Drivers NVIDIA

If you find other problem programs, look for information about them in Google to find out whether they are critical to Windows work, or you can safely remove them from autoload.

Finding out which programs are launched at the start of the system, open the "Run" string again and this time dial "msconfig" to start the system configuration utility. Click the "Autavar" tab. Disable all programs that you do not need to run when the system starts. But be careful - do not get rid of chance from the programs that are really necessary for the computer. If not sure, it is better to rebuild and do not forget to create a backup copy of all data on an external hard disk.

When you finish, restart the computer and check if the download time has changed in the event viewer. Now the system should be loaded much faster. Deleting unnecessary applications from autoloading automatically reduces the number of running programs - this should be positively reflected in the speed of the computer.

Observe the digital garbage

Now that the computer has become loaded faster, let's see how you can increase its speed and speed up the work of programs.

First you need to get rid of unnecessary software. Open the control panel and go to the "Programs" section. Open "Programs and Components". Surely there there is something that you have not been using you for a long time. Perhaps this will be a game in which you have not played for a year, or a program to edit photos that you stopped using, because they found something better or simpler, or applications like Xbox or "Weather", which were automatically installed together with Windows, but you do not need completely.

Some programs could become useless, as they have not been updated too long ago. For example, the QuickTime player is not supported in Windows since 2016, and there are vulnerabilities that make it easy target for hackers. ShockWave Player, designed to play Adobe Flash content, and Microsoft Silverlight, which has been displayed a special web content during the time when special software was required, you can also delete. Modern browsers do not work with this software, so you no longer need it.

Now let's clean the cache. Cash is a kind of dump on your computer. All programs during the work create temporary files: Internet files, sketches, memory dumps with system errors, log files and error reports. This is a short-term memory of the programs. When updating the OS, a variety of temporary files is also created, so if you, for example, recently switched from Windows 7 to a more modern operating system, now it's time for cleaning.

Go to "Parameters" and select the System section. Then go to the "Memory" section and select "Temporary Files". Delete temporary files, and at the same time clean the basket.

Surely on your computer full of files that you no longer need. Viewing the entire contents of the hard disk takes a lot of time, so focus on large files - removing them, we will achieve the maximum result with a minimum of effort.

Windows Explorer will make it easy to find them. Open the conductor, click in the search field and in the "Size" drop-down list select "Giant (> 100 MB)". If you have "My Computer" in the navigator to the left, all files of the large size will be displayed in the search window, regardless of which folders they are located.

how to clean your laptop from garbage

If your computer worked slower only due to the fact that there is almost no place on the hard disk and too many programs were launched at the same time, now it will become much more agreed. But we have many more ways to help him.

Spend optimization and update

Now that your computer is cleaned of garbage, it's time to tinker with the settings. Let's start with the defragmentation of the hard disk. Make it very simple. Open the Start menu, select "Defragmentation" and then "Optimize". It may take a lot of time, so it makes sense to leave the computer on the night.

What is defragmentation? The new hard drive is absolutely clean, but every time you use files - change, copy or move them, it is littered. As a result, parts of one file may be in completely different places. When defragmentation, the data on the disk is redistributed in such a way that the files are recorded continuously, and the interrelated data is grouped in one place - this significantly reduces the load on the hard disk. So defragmentation can significantly speed up your laptop.

Next, update drivers. Drivers are special files that ensure the interaction of computer components and peripheral devices. On the laptop there are video adapter drivers, sound card, chipset, touchpad, ethernet or wireless network, etc. This process may not be fast, because you first need to find all these drivers. They can be in one of three places:

  • in Windows updates;
  • on the website manufacturer's laptop (for example, dell);
  • On the manufacturer's website of the relevant component (for example, Creative Technology or ASUS).

You need drivers the latest version. Load the driver and install it by pressing the Windows + X key and selecting the Device Manager. Select the device whose driver you want to update, right-click on it and select "Update Driver". Next, click "Run Driver Search on this computer" and specify the folder where the driver is located. Further Windows will do everything herself.

Clean the "insides" of the laptop

Remove the laptop cover and pull out all the dust using the blower (do not use the vacuum cleaner - this will lead to static electricity accumulation, dangerous for electronic components). You will be surprised to see how much dust can accumulate inside the laptop. It is necessary to get rid of it not only for the sake of aesthetic considerations. Dust scores radiators and blocks cooling system fans, so the computer can overheat. This negatively affects the speed and speeds up the discharge of the battery.

Think about the opportunity to upgrade

You may want to still improve the laptop work. Think of different options for upgrades.

  • If you still work in Windows 7, go to Windows 10. First, it will speed up the system boot, and secondly, the computer will receive current security fixes and OS updates.
  • If you have only 4 GB of RAM, increase its volume. One Chrome browser with multiple open tabs can use almost 3 GB - very few resources remain for the rest of the programs.
  • Think about replacing the hard disk (HDD) on the solid state drive (SSD). This will significantly reduce the download time and increase the speed as a whole. In addition, SSD drives consume less energy, so the replacement will affect the duration of autonomous work.

Store files elsewhere

If the hard disk of the laptop is almost full, it makes sense to transfer the biggest files to another storage.

  • Get the external hard disk - it will be useful in any case to make backup copies,


  • Create an account in a secure cloud storage.

Of course, the files needed for everyday work must remain on a laptop, but old projects, favorite films and other content with which you do not work every day can be safely transferred, freeing the place for more necessary things.

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How to configure Kaspersky Anti-Virus settings

During the use of the computer, the computer is "mad" with superfluous programs, temporary files and other unnecessary information, which leads to a decrease in the speed of its operation.

Photo: iStock.

TechRadar magazine gave users tips how to speed up the computer running Windows 10.

1. First you need to restart the computer by saving all the data and closing the program. PC, which has not rebooted for a long time, inevitably begins to slow down.

2. It also makes sense to update the OS to work with the most recent version. This can be done through the "Update Center".

3. Another way is to check automatically downloadable applications. This is done through the Ctrl - Alt - Del keystroke. In the window that opens, you need to go to the "Startup" tab. For each application there is an "Startup Impact" option - it shows how much the program slows down the start of the PC. It can be low, medium or high. So that the program does not start when entering the system, it can be disabled through the menu that opens by pressing the right button.

4. You can also speed up the Windows work by cleaning the disk (Disk Cleanup). This program is used to delete temporary files, unnecessary downloads and so on. To delete one or another file type, you need to install a check mark and click OK.

5. Unused software can also slow down the system. In the "Delete Programs" menu, you can learn the list of programs in the search bar and remove those that have not been used for a long time and are not needed.

6. Disable special effects can help the case. In the section "System - Advanced Settings - Performance Settings" you need to find the "Visual Effects" tab and set the "Best Performance" or "Custom" parameter. In the latter case, each effect can be activated or disable manually.

7. Another way to disperse Windows is to use the internal utility to maintain the system. It can run defragmentation, check the files for malicious programs and so on. You can find it in the "Security and Service Center" section - there will be a button "Start service". Typically, the operating system launches the maintenance process yourself, but for a quick result, it can be turned on manually.

Windows operating system is the most popular of all existing for PCs.

The number of users who apply the 10th version increases constantly.

But Windows 10 can work not as fast as I would like.

The causes of such an imbalance may be many factors, but the main, yet, are concentrated in the settings of the parameters of the system itself.

What can optimize work on all versions of the Windows operating system?

Disabling unnecessary services

You can increase the speed of the computer by starting precisely with the elimination of this reason.

The services are quite a lot, each of them carries any function.

What is the reason if they all work for the overall benefit of the system?

The essence is that the developers never know which user will work on this or that device, which means that everyone adds.

Many services will not be needed when working.

An example is a utility that provides the proper operation of the printer or scanner. If you do not have the equipment, then such a parameter is not needed.

How to eliminate the problem? Here are the main stages:

  • Go to the Start menu using the right mouse button;
  • Select a string "Computer Management" ;

Start menu

Start menu

  • When the previous menu opens, you can see the string "Services" .

Computer Management (Service)

Computer Management (Service)

Now it remains an open question: what do you need to turn off actually?

Each system must be adjusted to itself, but still, some parameters concern all.

Among them can be allocated:

  • Windows Search. This is the so-called search engine across the entire system. With the help of it, it is practically unrealistic to find something, and the hard disk is loaded under the string. This affects performance.
  • Windows Updates Center. Updates are good, but it is better to produce the listed manipulations in a timely manually than the computer will do.
  • Application services. When installing any necessary programs or applications, services always appear. Disconnect only those that you rarely use.

Disable service can be viewed in Figure 3.

Disable service

Disable service

Driver Update

A second problem that may arise from many people is the driver of the drivers.

When updating the system to 10 version, many of them worked regularly at 7, 8 may simply turn off.

The system offers its universal, due to which the system equipment ceases to function normally.

At the same time, Windows brakes, behaves completely unstable.

Automatic installation of drivers

Automatic installation of drivers

What to do? When constantly new drivers are started on your computer, you should carefully study each of them, remove or replace unnecessary.

To make such an action, you should perform a few simple steps:

  • Click on the Start menu right-click and select a string "Device Manager" .

Start menu

Start menu

  • In all the list, in Figure 6, select the string that you want to delete, click on it with the right mouse button.

Removing audio driver

Removing audio driver

  • After completing the previous action, a row of confirmation of action will appear.

Registry cleaning

A large number of unnecessary files can very seriously slow down the work of your device, if for a long time it has not been cleaned.

Few after all know that Windows versions there is a clever, the quality of which is questioned due to non-professionality, speed.

Programs for cleaning your computer now there is a huge set. But one of the best is CCleaner.

The program is free for all users, allows you to delete different temporary files from your computer.

It can eliminate errors in the registry, clean the cache in browsers. On the Windows platform 10 utility works well.

Startup editor

Each of us, at least once when working with a computer, noticed that after installing the Windows system, the system works well, but after some time failures begin, it is loaded much longer than the usual.

Sometimes this happens due to the fact that part of the installed programs each time is added to the list of automatically loaded.

And from this it follows: a large number of programs slows down the system loading.

How to check how many programs do you exist in the power supply of the computer?

Multiple commands should be executed:

  • The task manager opens using the key combination on the keyboard Ctrl + Shift + ESC, and then the Tab Tab opens.
  • There you can disable all unnecessary tasks. For each of the automotive commands, you need to press the right button and select the command. "Disable" .

Disconnect the software program

Disconnect the software program

Very often the situation occurs when not all programs are displayed in this menu.

To see all the others, you should use utilities. One of them is AIDA 64.

The program supports Russian and helps to learn about the device absolutely all characteristics.

Setting speed parameters

In the initial settings of the systems 7, 8, 10 versions there are ready-made settings, with which the work becomes faster.

This is achieved with the help of effects, parameters, even fonts.

So that the system worked even faster, follows:

  • Log in to the Start menu using the right mouse button, find the tab "System" .

Tab "System"

Tab "System"

  • After that there is a string in the column on the left "Extra options" by clicking on which another menu with the tab will swell "Additionally" . Next will light speed parameters.

Performance parameters

Performance parameters

  • The last step will open the tab "Visual effects" , choosing a position "The best speed" .

14 tricks to speed up the computer on Windows

Visual effects

Removing viruses

With viruses on a computer with each of us.

Usually they work in the background, consuming the memory of the system, performing malicious tasks of intruders.

To avoid such harm or minimize it, anti-virus programs should be used.

Many because of great annoyance do not apply them and face problems. Microsoft Security Essentials is the best option.

But after download, you need to check that the checks include checks, download updates.

Restarting the system with a given frequency.

This method is introduced because some programs for long-term continuous operation begin to consume more memory than they need.

Because of this, the computer works more slowly.

A reboot helps to cope partially with this problem and unload the system.

Other ways to improve performance

Among all methods were not mentioned in the most elementary.

We are talking about cleaning the desktop from labels and unnecessary programs, about changing the screen resolution and picture quality.

This process will not differ from the commands in the Windows XP operating system, which will be discussed slightly lower.

Process optimization for Windows XP

Yes, there are still people who constantly work on this version of the popular operating system.

It practically does not differ from newer developments, if we talk about standard use. But, how to speed up the work in this case?

Cleaning desktop

Very often there are people who retain everything that got on the desktop.

This first of all takes a large amount of free memory.

Therefore, on old computers with the Windows XP operating system, this step should be made initial.

How to do it? Here are a few steps:

  • Using the mouse, we highlight unnecessary shortcuts with the left button in combination with the Ctrl key.
  • Press the DEL button and confirm the action.

Confirmation of file deletion

Confirmation of file deletion

Changing the quality of color reproduction

If this parameter changes, you will not notice any significant drawbacks, but the system will unload.

This can be done in the following way:

  • The Start menu selects the command "Control Panel" .

Control Panel

Control Panel

  • Next, the string is selected "Registration and theme" and tab "Screen" .

Tab "Registration and Topics"

Tab "Registration and Topics"

  • In properties you can choose the average level of color reproduction, as well as reduce the resolution.

Screen Tab

Screen Tab

Disable unnecessary programs

One of the current reasons for the deceleration of work on Windows XP during start-up We note the availability of programs that are loaded automatically.

These are usually elements of applications that can be noted at the bottom on the right panel.

Of course, some of them are needed, but some of them get rid of it, closing from manually.

Who faced with such a problem, asked: whether it is impossible to disable them? You can and the main steps will be:

  • In the Start menu, you need to open the tab. "All programs" . A row appears in the swimming menu "Autoload" .

Row "Autodeload"

Row "Autodeload"

  • What will be highlighted with the second swollen menu, you can all delete.

If you have done these actions, but the computer still does not work fast, then you should use in a different way:

  • The Start menu selects a string "Run" .

Row "Run"

Row "Run"

Disable services

The principle of optimization using this item is similar to both Windows 7, 8, 10.

It will only differ here to be the first step when you need to select the tab in the Start menu. "Control Panel" , Crossing on "Administration" , only then reaching "Services" .

In the future, all actions are similar to the method described above.

Cleaning a system disk

There are such cases when the system cannot download the necessary file, because the space on the system disk is over.

Or the situation when the system began to malfunction slowly.

In addition to methods, you can also use the following actions:

  • Cleaning the driver's cache in the Windows \ DRIVER CACHE \ i386 folder;
  • Cleaning the library cache in the Windows \ System32 \ Dllcache folder;
  • Deleting content from the Windows \ Temp folder.

As a result, you can see that by performing all actions, you can easily facilitate and speed up the work of the old computer on Windows XP.

Programs to improve speed

In addition to methods, there are programs that help speed up the work process.

Among them, we note the main leaders who have proven their effectiveness.

1. Computer accelerator

Type of program

Type of program

The program is a good functional solution from Russian developers.

This is a kind of coup for the computer optimization system, which additionally allows manual check, automatically start the planner.

The kit includes utilities for finding large documents, fluid space.

Right after the first application, you can immediately observe an increase in productivity. For those who like the free version, it is possible to purchase a license for a fee.

The features of the application are:

  • Work in manual or automatic method.
  • Cleaning the system in a few minutes.
  • A simple and understandable interface.
  • Low price of paid version.
  • Additional programs included in the kit.
  • Increase system loading speed.
  • Constant monitoring of the state of the system with the provision of reports.


2. Advanced Systemcare.

Advanced Systemcare.

Advanced Systemcare.

Such a program arrived straight from Switzerland.

It is unique in its kind, because even the most hopeless system with an outdated version of the software can restore.

At the same time, the small amount of RAM does not affect the operation of the utility.

All temporary files are deleted, and errors are corrected.

Sample program can be downloaded in the trial version.

The features of the utility are:

  • Helps while eliminating Internet problems.
  • 2 operation modes - manual and automatic.
  • The ability to enable turbo mode.
  • Scanning of malicious software.
  • Neat configuration of operating system parameters.
  • The presence of various options for work utilities in all directions.
  • The power of the tool complex under the combined interface.


3. Wise Care 365

Exterior program

Exterior program

Free utility that does not prevent your computer.

It is capable of performing basic requirements for proper cleaning system, it can be useful thanks to a large number of applications in the package.

Each of these additions can solve only its specific tasks. Among the features marked:

  • Clear algorithm of work.
  • Stability of the working utility.
  • A set of functions in the free version.
  • The newest diagnostics of the system.
  • Deleting cached files.


Exterior program

Exterior program

The program is familiar to professionals since 1988.

For almost 20 years in the computer service market, it gained more than 35 million fans from the entire planet.

And this is the best advantage over all utilities.

It is created in order to improve the speed of operation and downloads, eliminate the garbage, streamline information, take all processes under constant control, protect the computer from malicious programs.

But this utility will find more distribution from professionals, not lovers of lovers. Among features note:

  • The interface is only English-language, but everyone is able to understand it. A set of tools is presented graphically and signed.
  • Ability to configure program parameters, including hidden.
  • Fast noticeable increase in computer speed.
  • Stability of work that manifests itself in tactful work with system files and documents.
  • Constant monitoring of the status of a computer, as well as providing reports on work in any convenient form.
  • Compatibility with all software versions
  • Many useful additions are included, and it is also possible to remove copies on the computer.

5. Tuneup Utilities

Tuneup Utilities.

Tuneup Utilities.

Another well-known program that came to us from the distant past.

If you still use Windows XP software, then the utility is perfect for you and your computer.

None of the well-known competitors can defragment the RAM.

The program is especially good for weak computers, because as soon as the system detects the deterioration of speed, immediately begins to restart the processes and independently search for malfunctions.

The disadvantage is only the fact that the program when issuing the latest versions is not equipped with useful features.

Among the features here usually:

  • Optimization in automatic mode in real time.
  • Difficulty occurs when searching for old versions of the program.
  • Backing up the required files.
  • The ability to restore lost files.
  • The presence of own algorithms.
  • Increased performance in standard methods.
  • Equipment with three modes of operation - automated, manual, planning.

6. CCleaner



From this list, the most familiar program that does not need to be represented.

The parameters of its operation include such tasks as accelerating the operation of the system, cleaning unnecessary files, eliminate damaged documents, browser temporary files.

The utility enhances the performance of the entire computer, creates a certain face when recovery begins.

Among the features are distinguished:

  • The ability to clean the disks.
  • Only free version.
  • System Restore.
  • Updated cleaning and quick start algorithm.
  • Uninstalling programs.
  • Cleaning cache for some sites in browsers.




It is a set of programs that are combined with one interface.

There is a free version that is supported by excellent functionality.

The program allows you to delete not only unnecessary files, but also viral programs, and simplifies the drivers and improves privacy settings.

Features here are as follows:

  • Built-in antivirus elements.
  • Encrypter in a set of programs.
  • Selection of tools from a large amount provided.
  • Automatic mode with different functionality.
  • Backup, recovery before starting work.

8. Razer Game Booster

Razer Game Booste.

Razer Game Booste.

It can not be called a full utility for optimizing the system.

This is only a narrow-controlled product that performs only a number of tasks.

It helps raise the speed in games, changing the resource allocation parameters in the system.

The application can independently clean, or gives it to the user.

The results of the result can be observed very well.

Among the features marked:

  • Manual, automatic control modes.
  • Fast Cancer Memory.
  • The ability to update from the official site.
  • Ability to save configuration parameters.
  • Use standard methods.
Program / Features Advanced System Care. CCleaner Wise Registry Cleaner
Cleaning registry +++
Auto-load management +++
Disk defragmentation ++
Registry defragment +
Removing program +
Deleting duplicate files and empty folders +
Cleaning cache / browser history +
Acceleration of work on the Internet +
Purification of RAM +
Disable services
Antivirus +
Return to the previous state / rollback of changes +++
Program / Features Advanced System Care. CCleaner Wise Registry Cleaner
Cleaning registry +++
Auto-load management +++
Disk defragmentation ++
Registry defragment +
Removing program +
Deleting duplicate files and empty folders +
Cleaning cache / browser history +
Acceleration of work on the Internet +
Purification of RAM +
Disable services
Antivirus +
Return to the previous state / rollback of changes +++

Solved! How to configure and optimize the work of Windows 7

Detailed display of settings, optimization and acceleration of Windows 7, install the necessary drivers and software, disconnection and removal of unnecessary processes and services.

A source

Any computer is morally obsolete about three years and even earlier.

Let's look at how you can increase the performance of the home computer without replacing the system unit assembly.

Software optimization

If the 32-bit Windows 7 operating system is installed on your computer in 2020 - it's time to change it to 64-bit Windows 10. And on it, on fresh, not hurry to put all the usual programs. Many of them are constantly in RAM and eat a valuable resource.

Run memory should not be confused with a constant - hard disk or a solid storage. The presence of a large number of information on the disk does not affect the performance of the computer until the place on the drive ends at all.

Another part of the system that can brake the computer - "non-rigging", outdated or simply missing device drivers. Once a year it is worth a revision, look for new versions of drivers - often they use computing resources more effectively, thereby increasing the performance of the computer.

On the Internet, many manuals and guides on the disconnection of various Windows services and resource release. Software optimization can give from 0 to 25% and more productivity growth - it all depends on the initial running of the system.

Replacing components

Some computer components can be replaced or increasing. This will undoubtedly lead to improved productivity. The only question is exactly what you need to build up.

We will immediately disclaim that the motherboard and processor we will leave alone and we will deal with the upgrades relatively gentlemen.

Disk subsystem

Without options, the performance of the operating system from the hard disk on the SSD - Solid State Drive or a solid drive is carried out. The capacity of the disk subsystem is often the "bottle of the neck" - all other components are fast, and the hard disk is slow down by default. Suppose you play World of Tanks. The battle begins, listen to the variation on the topic "Dubinushki", 30 seconds of countdown ended, and "Dubinushka" plays everything. And the indicator of the hard disk does not flash, but it burns constantly - this system does not have time to download the data, as a result of which you can find yourself on the battlefield in the already burnt tank.

SSD wins hard disks for all indicators:

  • Mechanical resistance;
  • silent;
  • power usage;
  • multi-threaded data access;
  • Small dimensions and weight.

The main thing - they are about 10 times faster. In modern conditions, it is the replacement of a hard disk to a solid-point drive gives the most noticeable productivity for the user.

The SSD is located to have an operating system, paging file and the most frequently used programs. Then the installation of a solid storage will be effective. At the ratio of investment / SSD growth is the best way to spend 3-4 thousand rubles on the upgrade.


In addition to the volume directly, the RAM has more characteristics as the access mode and access speed.

We will select the memory modules in such a way that you can use two-channel access - we get productivity gain. We will install faster memory instead of slow - we get productivity growth.

It is just important to follow the balance - if the processor is not able to process the data stream with sufficient speed, the memory replacement for a faster will not give the expected effect.

Increase the volume to infinity - not a very good idea. The system must be balanced. You can put 64 GB RAM instead of 16 and not getting productivity in real applications in general. Because applications and 16 are not used.

Effectively increase memory with 4 GB to 8. Further buildup is important only for very resource-intensive applications. Players can be advised to put 16 GB.

Video card

All other things being equal, the more modern and expensive video card works faster than old and cheap. This is especially important in three-dimensional chart - for players, graphic designers-three-meters.

The video card is a separate computer inside a computer with its processor, its memory. The faster the memory and what it is more - the more productive card. The more powerful graphics processor - GPU - the faster the video card builds an image.


You can speed up the computer. The main thing is to choose the replaceable component so that the attachments are justified so that its capacities are sufficient and not idle, otherwise the waste of money will be ineffective and even useless.

Thematic forums, articles and experienced sales assistants will help not spend in vain.

We often get questions related to computer optimization.

Users ask:

- What to do if the computer slowly works;

- How to speed up the computer without replacing parts and if you change, how cheaper;

- Complies slowly, help ...

Given that the reasons because of which the computer began to work slowly a great set - to give an unequivocal answer is very difficult, therefore, we decided to collect the most frequent problems and describe the ways to solve them in this article.

Probably, each had cases when over the time Windows began to slow down, the programs have freezed, the music stopped, the video was not played ...

We present you 10 ways to speed up the work of Windows:

Top 10 ways to speed up the computer work accelerate Windows loading, long, computer, windows 7

Method number 1 - you need to update / replace the components of the PC

This is the first thing that comes to mind is a computer upgrade or buying a new one.

So, if you buy a new PC, then it will "turn into a penny", but the replacement of its individual elements may not be as expensive, while the speed will increase in times. But for a start, you need to decide what to change or which gland add.

AND. Replacing the central processor will be needed if the new will be more productive available by 30-50%. Otherwise, you risk spending money and take a little slightly in the growth of the system performance. Processors are not cheap items, so do not hurry to buy a new CPU.

The processor can be triggered (raise its frequency, thereby increase productivity), but in such situations you should always pay attention to pitfalls.

Top 10 ways to speed up the computer work accelerate Windows loading, long, computer, windows 7

Windows after overclocking can work unstable, in addition, increase the load on the cooling system, which can lead to a constant and spontaneous shutdown of the computer (especially if the PC does not have a new and long ago from dust). Such a situation can contribute to the premature failure of the central processor (including due to overheating). No need to forget that the manufacturer of processors (whether intel or AMD) gives a guarantee for its successful work under the stated (factory) clock frequency.

Despite this, there are many users who increase the frequency of processors at their own peril and risk. On the Internet, you can find many resources on which the wisdom of such events are illuminated.

B. RAM (RAM or RAM).

Run, like money, does not happen much. It is often noticeable that if the computer slowly loads and works, then the problem is in the lack of RAM. If you have when you start a "task manager", there is a constant loading of RAM (80-100%), it must be increased, - add a plank or two (of course if you have free slots on your motherboard). In addition, it is necessary to know the type of RAM and its clock frequency (for this you can use the AIDA64 computer diagnostic program, which you can download free from our site). RAM can be bought at any computing technology store, and if your PC is really outdated, then only on the forums or in workshops. And now, there is already a partial answer to the question of how to speed up the work of the computer under Windows :).

C. Hard disk (HDD) .

If Windows constantly highlights windows with messages that the disk space is exhausted (in this case, the system operation can slow down several times and you will immediately notice that the computer is slowly loaded and running), on the system disk you need to delete unnecessary files (before To delete personal documents, photos or videos, we recommend using the CCleaner or similar program), and if you have nothing more to delete and messages appear anyway, then you need a hard disk of a larger capacity or an additional hard drive.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to its speed. At the stationary PC, hard drives are often used with a spindle speed of 7200 rpm, but if you have 5400 rpm, then it is worth thinking about replacing it at a more speed. The best solution to speed up the computer is to replace the old hard disk to the new, so-called SSD. Fortunately, they are now found a lot of them and choose from what, but prices are usually higher than that of ordinary hard drives. If you install an SSD drive, you will instantly see the difference. Your disk subsystem will simply fly. Performance growth can be 5 times and higher. Windows will be loaded quickly several times. Many users, such as install SSD only for the system (for windows), and files, games, movies are stored on the usual hard drive. Now, you definitely do not tell me that your computer is slowly loaded.

D. Video card or video adapter . If you like to play modern games or professionally work with graphic applications, then you definitely need a new powerful video card. If, of course, you are experiencing such a need. After all, if you do not play and do not work with graphics, but to work strictly with office applications and surf by expanses of the Internet, then this item can be skipped. You make no sense to spend money on buying a new video card. Accelerate the computer This method will help slightly.

But, if you, nevertheless, decided to get out for a new video card, remember, it must correspond to the processor, otherwise the money is on the wind. If you have Windows 7 on your computer, you can approximately evaluate the performance of the video subsystem ("Control Panel" -> System and Click on Rating Performance). According to the results of this test, the computer performance can be determined which device is a weak link and is subject to replacement.

Top 10 ways to speed up the computer work accelerate Windows loading, long, computer, windows 7

Method number 2. Computer cleaning

If with the time of operation, the computer began to work slowly and you do not know what to do, then the reason can be in its strong dusting. The thing is that the processor, as the main computing element may overheat and, as a result, the system automatically reduces its clock frequency (this is done in order to prevent overheating).

This can happen if the cooling system does not cope with its task. As a solution to this problem, we advise carefully to clean the contents of the system unit, stretch all the dust from the fans with a vacuum cleaner so that the air can fully cool the necessary items on the motherboard after cleaning.

Top 10 ways to speed up the computer work accelerate Windows loading, long, computer, windows 7

Method number 3. Disk defragmentation

Many underestimate the procedure for defragmentation of a hard disk, and it allows you to optimize access to the desired information stored on the Winchester. The thing is that all information on the hard disk is broken into parts and can be stored in different places. So, in order for the computer to start faster to work, he needs to help collect these parts of files when such a need arises. To do this, defragmentation is performed - in order for the reading head, it does not rush throughout the disk, and found that she needs nearby.

After the discs are regularly performed (at least once a month), you will not ask why the computer began to work slowly.

In order for defragmentation to be in optimal form and faster, there should be about 30% of the free space on the disk.

Top 10 ways to speed up the computer work accelerate Windows loading, long, computer, windows 7

Method number 4. Reinstalling the operating system

Sometimes, a simple reinstalling Windows allows you to significantly speed up the computer. Of course, it depends on how actively the system is operated and which programs often launched under Windows. Most often, slowing down the Windows computer is caused by frequent installation and removal of programs that leave behind a lot of garbage in the Registry of Windows Windows.

The best option in this case is of course reinstalling the operating system, which will allow to solve the problems of OS Windows climbing. But if there is no time to reinstall, you can use the well-known CCleaner program, in the arsenal of which there is a rich set of tools to optimize the system as a whole and restoring the Windows registry.

CCleaner is also able to clean the operating system from unnecessary garbage (temporary program temporary files in which there is no longer any need). All operations are carried out in automatic mode. In any case, the acceleration of the computer based on the results of the Windows reinstallation or the launch of CCLEANER-A is guaranteed!

Tip: If the reinstallation of the system has not been performed for several years, then we recommend going with the forces and do it :).

Top 10 ways to speed up the computer work accelerate Windows loading, long, computer, windows 7

Method number 5. Using computer optimization

In the previous section, we partially affected the question of optimizing or restoring a computer using a secliner (CCleaner), but only partially. Now, consider the optimization of the OS with the help of programs and other remedies.

One of the best programs to optimize the computer is auslogics boostspeed. The main drawback is that it is paid, but if you find a "medicine" or acquire a license, then we assure money will not spend in vain. It is able to speed up the computer at the expense of internal tools, such as the Internet accelerator, a cleaner of unnecessary files, repair and optimize Windows registry and other subroutines that have in their arsenal.

Tip: When performing different kinds of manipulations to optimize a computer, we recommend creating a Windows system recovery point (in case something goes wrong). Always pay attention to the software offered by computer cleaning software to accidentally delete important data.

If Windows 7 or 8 is installed on your computer, you can speed up its operation at the expense of turning off the animation effects (sometimes they load the processor and video adapter, especially on low-power systems).

To do this, go through: "Control Panel -> System -> Advanced -> Parameters," click "Provide the best speed".

Top 10 ways to speed up the computer work accelerate Windows loading, long, computer, windows 7

Method number 6. Castomization BIOS

BIOS is the basic I / O system. Its purpose is to organize the correct interaction with the computer devices through the operating system and other application software.

When buying a computer, BIOS settings are always optimal and adjustments can only be made if you understand what you are doing. Depending on the system configuration, the processor frequency can be raised in the BIOS, to increase the size of the video memory due to the RAM (in the case of an integrated video adapter), as well as produce other settings.

Important: If after changing the settings in the BIOS, the computer started to work unstable, return the default settings. To do this, go to the BIOS and select the "Load Optimal Settings" option.

Top 10 ways to speed up the computer work accelerate Windows loading, long, computer, windows 7

Method number 7. Disable "extra" programs

If the computer is slowly loaded and running, then the likelihood is high that the mass of other unnecessary programs is started when Windows is loaded. In this, of course, there is nothing wrong, but it happens that because of such programs the processor is used to the entire coil, the RAM is clogged. This leads to a slowdown in the computer's work and solve the problem only can be the exclusion of such programs from the operating system autoloading (prohibit it to start with Windows loading).

Among other things, pay attention to the number of icons near the Windows system clock, if there is a lot of extra, then you probably need to deactivate at least part of the programs.

In order to prohibit autoloading programs, run the "msconfig" system utility. To start it, press the Windows flag and the "R" button ("Win + R") and enter the "msconfig" command without quotes.

Once the Windows system application opens, select the "Auto load" tab and uninstall the checkboxes from unnecessary programs.

After the manipulations have done, restart the computer and appreciate its speed. This method is suitable for experienced users who understand the possible consequences of the manipulations done. Sometimes, even the powerful system is hampered greatly due to the "paranoid" mode of operation of the antivirus.

Tip: Disconnect antivirus for a while and appreciate how much the performance of the computer has increased. If much, then change its settings or install another antivirus software. For example, nod32, it is quite effective and that nice - does not ship the system. We recommend that it, although you may have your own preferences.

More Tip: When working on the Internet, do not install the proposed software (without particular necessary), because there is often a lot of "garbage silt", the importance of which is questionable for your PC.

Top 10 ways to speed up the computer work accelerate Windows loading, long, computer, windows 7

Method No. 8. Installing "Fresh" device drivers

The slowdown in the computer may be caused by incorrectly installed drivers (when drivers from another device) or if the drivers were damaged (for example, due to viruses or you independently cleaned the system and accidentally deleted "unnecessary"). In this case, you need to reinstall them / update.

It should always be remembered that the driver must be installed immediately after installing the Windows operating system, while using the latest versions of the device drivers (download from official sites).

Only so you can be sure that your equipment will work most correctly.

Tip: To simplify the installation procedure and update drivers, use the DriverPack Solution program, which automatically finds and install the necessary drivers.

The program is free, and in the kit there is a lot of additional and necessary software.

Top 10 ways to speed up the computer work accelerate Windows loading, long, computer, windows 7

Method number 9. Clean the operating system for the computer correctly

This section is devoted to the correct choice of the operating system for your equipment, since very often users are installed on weak equipment resource and "heavy" OS.

This affects not only the slow work of the computer, but also on the nerves of those who use such computers.

Windows 7/8 makes sense to put only if you have 4 and more gigabytes of RAM. If less - install XP, or dock RAM and then install 7-ku or 8-ku. Old Windows versions, such as 98, Millenium, 2000, Vista, do not recommend installing. This is the last century.

Tip: Do not use custom builds of operating systems. They may contain many holes safe than successfully enjoy hackers and with which antiviruses do not always cope.

Among other things, they are often buggy for no reason. Better install branded OS, then activate it.

Top 10 ways to speed up the computer work accelerate Windows loading, long, computer, windows 7

Method number 10. Viruses

This is a weighty argument, due to which the computer work can not only be slow, - it may not be loaded at all, even if Windows boot, it can be constantly buggy.

The recommendation here is one - constantly follow the regular update of your anti-virus, spend a complete computer scanning for viruses. But if viruses hit the computer, take advantage of the Utility Drweb Cureit!. It will eliminate the threat, cure the system from viruses.

Well, in general terms, thanks, thank you for reading to the end)) The post is honest in here - http://softprime.net/stati/34-sposoby-uskorit-rabotu-kompyutera.html

In this note, I will share with you by solving the problem with which I myself had recently faced - how to speed up the work of the computer. My old laptop began to slow down with a terrible force than removed me from patience, especially when it was necessary to do something quickly.

In search of an answer to the question how to speed up the computer, I wrote the Internet, I studied the articles and looked through the videos of people who have already come across a similar problem, and found a solution for themselves.

I gathered the most significant advice that took advantage of myself and I can say with the responsibility that after spending them all step by step, my old laptop began to show miracles of speed. Now I don't have to expect him to think about something about something, it hangs for a long time and blinks on His panel.

Immediately, so that you do not lose time, I will say that I was looking for an answer to the question to how to speed up the Windows 7 computer, since I have this operating system. If you have another Operations installed, but from the Windows family, for example, Windows 10, then most of the advice given by me you can still use. With other systems, I did not work and, unfortunately, I can not help anything.

Of course, over time, it is possible that your computer will work more slowly. Sometimes the problem lies in the fact that malware has been loaded or installed too many applications. For old computers, this is important, since any saving of resources is important. LetyShops [Lifetime]

1. Delete applications that no longer use

This first step in optimizing and accelerating your computer or laptop is to get rid of the not necessary applications that have accumulated over the years of operation of the equipment and are no longer used and simply occupy memory. Moreover, not only on the hard drive, but also part of the operational, performing background processes during the operation of the computer.

To remove programs from a computer in the Windows 7 operating system, you must go to "Control Panel" and choose either the option "Delete Program" if you enabled tab "Category" either "Programs and Components" In another tab. You will fall in the menu of applications and functions in which you will have a search engine for finding specific applications, as well as their full list. Just click on those that you do not use, and in the appeared options select the button "Delete" To erase them from the computer's memory.

Be careful not to delete programs from a computer created by Microsoft for the main functions of the system or those that you consider useful for the computer and you need.

2. Hold the desktop clean

Each computer, the starting operating system should also download all desktop icons, so if your computing technology has few resources, perhaps for this reason, it will be loaded for a long time.

Therefore, it is recommended to keep a computer desk on a clean computer, as far as possible. If there are files to which you need quick access, you can simply create a folder on the desktop and put them there.

Remove excess desktop icons

3. Control the autoload of applications

There are applications that run automatically when the computer is booted, and if there are too much of them, it can slow down it, so you will try to solve the question of how to configure the autorun programs.

To this not happen, perform the following actions: Press the button "Start" and choose tabs - "Taskbar" - "System and Security" - "Administration" .

Be especially careful in this section, and apply the following recommendations with care, since the inadequate shutdown of the software you need may affect its operation upon subsequent startup!

In folder "Administration" Select Label "System configuration" and in the service window that opens, go to the tab "Autoload" . Here you will see a list of programs that are downloaded or can be downloaded when the operating system is started.

We are not interested in programs that are in the Windows folder are the service applications and it is not necessary to touch them, but in the rest, for example, on the path "C: // Program Files / ..." we can dig - Show Tick.

How to set up autorun programs

An instant result on the acceleration of the computer should not be expected, since the changes made will take effect only after rebooting the operating system.

If, after the next turn on the computer, something went wrong after the next computer, and you could not get the functionality you need from the system, you can return everything, to hold the above steps again and put back some of the checkboxes that you have previously beloved when you try to configure the autorun programs.

4. Check the computer for malicious programs.

There is a chance that the slowness of the computer is due to the presence of any type of virus or malicious program, so it is desirable to download a good antivirus to a computer.

Currently, there are many, both paid versions and free, so you can always choose something. You can always and most importantly need to be able to download any file from the Internet without viruses, since most antiviruses produce automatic verification of the downloadable documents. I propose to choose and download antivirus from the proven online store.

Need to download a good computer security antivirus

5. Release the hard disk space

This procedure is also useful to speed up your computer. You can, of course, use third-party software, but sometimes it is unnecessary, since the Windows 7 operating system is already equipped with a functional for these purposes, so the question of how to clean the hard disk can be answered like this - just follow the instructions and everything will turn out.

To free the hard disk space, you need to run a special utility, to do this, open the menu "Start" and enter the word in the search window "Cleanmgr" so that the application appears "Cleaning the disk" .

The first thing that appears is a window in which you need to choose the hard drive you want to clean to make place and click OK.

Then the disk space release application will calculate which files you can remove from the hard drive, and how much space you can save it in this way. This process can take from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on your computer, your hard disk and the number of files that you have accumulated.

After the counting process is completed, the application will show you a list of files of various types that you can delete, and the size of the hard disk memory that will be released. If you click on any item of their list, you will see below its detailed description, and what exactly will be deleted.

Therefore, at this stage, carefully examine the selected types of files that you want to delete, slide or remove the ticks opposite them and click OK. You will receive a notice with the question, are you sure and here just confirm the action.

6. We produce defragmentation and hard disk optimization

Before proceeding with this process, it is worth answering why you need a hard disk defragmentation.

Files inside your computer themselves are not uniform, but consist of small fragments that sometimes Windows does not find as fast as it should be. Therefore, one of the ways to speed up the computer is the launch of the process of the so-called defragmentation of the hard disk.

There are many third-party programs, but the necessary functionality is already present in the Windows 7 operating system. If you are not a supporter to complicate your work, then simply perform a number of actions described below. To start executing this step. Open the menu "Start" , Enter the Word "Defrag" and press "Search" or "ENTER" On the keyboard. When the defragmentation application is open, the first thing you need to do is click on the hard disk you want to handle at the beginning. Then press the button "Analyze Disk" To first determine the program, in what condition it is and is it necessary to expose it to this procedure.

After completing the analysis, the utility will automatically start the defragmentation process, if necessary. If your hard disk is divided into several parts, then checking one, you should conduct this procedure with the other partitions.

7. Increase virtual memory

How to increase virtual memory?

To speed up the computer, allow Windows 7 to enlarge virtual memory to add physical memory to it. To do this, go to the menu "Start" and find "Control Panel" . Entering it, first go to the category "System and safety" , and when you find yourself, click on the option "System" .

In the window that opens, in the column on the left, click the parameter "Advanced system parameters" . A new small window will open, in which you must choose in the top tabs. "Additionally" . Caught there in paragraph "Speed" Press the button "Options" .

Another window will open in which you also go to the tab. "Additionally" and in paragraph "Virtual Memory" Press the button "Change"

In the next window, uncheck the checkbox "Automatically select the paging file" To manually change the memory size in megabytes. Now select item "Specify Size" and enter the desired values ​​in the windows "Original Size" и "Maximum Size" . You can start with an increase of 1000 or 2000 MB, which is mainly equivalent to 1 or 2 additional virtual memory gigabytes if necessary, subsequently, you can increase or decrease these values.

8. Change computer power plan

Performance or consumption? Windows 7 will be configured to find a balance between both factors, but you can improve productivity due to the fact that your computer will consume more energy. To do this, go to the menu "Start" and find "Control Panel" . Entering it, first enter the category "Equipment and sound" and click "Power supply" .

On the next page you will see standard and additional plans that can be somewhat. We need to select the option for acceleration "High performance" To maximize speed by changing the power of the computer.

9. Reduce the number of visual effects

Microsoft makes tremendous efforts so that its Windows operating systems look good. However, if you sacrifice some or even with all colorful animations, such as icons or mouse pointer, you can notice an improvement in the performance of the part of the commands, since they will be more available resources.

To take advantage of this advice and remove visual effects. Go to the menu. "Start" and find "Control Panel" . Entering into it, first go to category "System and safety" and when you turn out there, click on the option "System" .

While in this window, in the column on the left, click the parameter "Advanced system parameters" . A new window will open in which you need to select on top tabs. "Additionally" . In this tab, select item "Speed" and press the button "Options" .

In a new window, choose the tab "Visual effects" And you will see a list with all the visual effects of the Windows operating system, and you will only have to press item. "Special Effects" And remove the checkboxes from the effects that you want to cancel to increase the speed of the operating system. I, for example, removed everything, leaving only one at the point "Display sketches instead of icons" Since when searching for photos from many, it's more convenient for me to see their small image as a badge than to rely only on the name.

We remove the visual effects to increase the speed of the computer

10. We change the topic of registration

Another small aesthetic sacrifice you can do to speed up the computer work slightly - change the design of the desktop. To take advantage of this advice, go to the menu "Start" and find "Control Panel" . Entering into it, first go to category "Registration and personalization" And in the next window, select item "Personalization" .

In a new window, you can choose a simplified design topic, which, in addition to changing the desktop pattern, also swaps system sounds and screensaver. I chose on my laptop "Classic" The topic, and after its use, together with the application of the previous council, the view of my interface was similar to the old good Windows 95 🙂 how much it was ago it was ...

Of course, this advice on the topic how to speed up the computer will be useful and it will help a little cope with this problem. However, if you are accustomed, for example, to display photos on the desktop or to the fact that each of your action is accompanied with previously selected sound effects, then this step can be skipped.

11. We are looking for updates of the system and drivers

There is also the likelihood that the slowness of your computer is caused by a software problem that has already been solved, so it is desirable to update the operating system.

In order to do this, go to the section "Windows Update Center" which is on the next way: "Start" - "Control Panel" - "System and Security" . In this section, click "Check updates" And Windows 7 will automatically find not installed updates and then you will remain only to agree on their download.

Please note that installing updates for Windows 7 can only be done for the licensed operating system!

It is also important to update the driver or drivers of your device. But it is a little more difficult to do without special programs, since you must first determine your equipment and go to its official sites to determine the presence of new versions of the drivers. It is also possible that the manufacturer of your computer has its own program to download driver updates.

Alone to inexperienced computer users, I do not advise this to engage in this, in this matter it is worth contacting a specialist.

12. Reinstall Windows 7 from scratch

If nothing helps in the question how to speed up the computer work, you may think about reinstalling the operating system.

If you have Windows 7, then again it is worth contacting a specialist with this question, it will be able to reinstall the system without deleting your files, such as photos, video, music and any other documents. In Windows 10, as far as I understood, it is possible to independently reset the system to the entry level.

13. Clean the equipment inside the computer

Although it may seem stupid, however, the accumulation of dust inside your equipment can reduce the speed of the computer, especially if it prevents the flow of air and makes the device too hot details. Therefore, from time to time it is necessary to remove the lid and thoroughly clean the computer from dust.

Read more about how to clean the computer from dust and dirt at home you can read in this note

To increase the speed is to clean the computer from dust

14. Replace or update equipment

And if nothing of this helped, you may need to update the computer. The most noticeable change will be, for example, the transition from a hard disk to a solid-state drive. Although it would also be useful to increase the amount of RAM to give more opportunities to manage multiple open applications or graphics cards, if the problem of accelerating the computer is associated with games.

On this, my search for tips on how to speed up the operation of the Windows 7 operating system computer was satisfied. Of course, they cannot be complete, as in each version of the system there are its own characteristics, however, those of them that I found it helped me, and hopefully will be useful to you.

If you have your solutions to this problem, I ask you to share them in the comments below.

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I wish you success in all good endeavors! With respect, Sokolov Paul!

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