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Vanessa Marin (Vanessa Marin)

Psychotherapist, sexologist.

1. Take a convenient posture

On average, men reaches orgasm for three to five minutes, so it's not necessary too worry about comfort. But it is still worth finding a position that you like both.

As a rule, a woman is easier to stand on his knees (putting a pillow or blanket under them, if everything happens on the floor). A partner can stand or sit on the edge of the bed so that you can lean back.

An additional plus of such a position is a good overview for a man. To make a spectacle even more piquant, move to the mirror. Watch it, of course, you can both.

2. Start correct

Most men with whom I communicated, said that they do not like long preludes. Some even reported that they were becoming awkward or shovel.

How to do blowjob: start correctly

Of course, you can warm up a man in front of a blowjob, but do it quickly. Try to caress it with your tongue or fingers through panties or touch the penis, asking what would like to partner.

If a man is not in the stage of combat readiness, as soon as you take off your clothes, use the situation. Take all his dick in the mouth and caress the language until the penis increases (perhaps this is the only moment when you manage such a maneuver, so enjoy!). After the erection occurs, slowly motion the penis from the base to the head.

3. Lighten the basic technique

After the foreplay - the main part? No, you must first make a penis wet. For this, we go up and down the member several times, tightly pressing the language to it. Try to assemble and use the maximum number of saliva and do not worry if it is careless about it - it's even for the better. But watch your teeth: they should not take part in the process!

Now that the preparation is over, start using your hand along with the mouth.

Most people their mouths are not so big enough to fit the penis of the medium size, so the hand is your main assistant.

Optimum option: use the hand to stimulate the body of a member, and the mouth is for the head. Keep in mind that the trunk is not so sensitive as other intimate men's zones, so do not be afraid to surpassed it hard. The head, on the contrary, is very sensitive, so the warm wet mouth for it is the most.

And now the technique. Tightly squeeze the penis in your hand, bring lips to the head and imagine that these two parts of your body are connected. Then begin to move up and down the member for a few minutes. This is the standard reception to which you can return throughout the blowjob.

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4. Pay attention to eggs

About the scrotum often and unknown forget. Do not commit this error. After entering the rhythm with basic technology, go to the next step.

How to do blowjob: pay attention to eggs

Take the testicles in your free hand. Remember: they are sensitive, so you need to find the optimal degree of pressure. From a light man will be shy, and the rude compression will cause pain. Give the scrotum with your fingers, continuing to do blowjob. Large and index carefully hide the skin between the testicles and try moving your fingers from the base of the cock down.

Then caress this area of ​​the mouth, continuing to stimulate a pen. Mix the testicles, take them in your mouth, pass the tongue between them, from the back of the scrotum to the front.

5. Do not forget about the prostate

He heads the rating of the most frequently ignored zones, of course, anus and prostate. For many heterosexual men, their stimulation is rigidly taboo. And very in vain! But still, before invading the holy of saints, get explicit permission from the partner.

If the guy does not agree to the anal affairs, try to stimulate his crotch. It best reacts to pressure - for this you can use knuckles of fingers.

If a partner is ready for anal games, the first thing you need is a silicone lubricant. Lubricate your index finger and carefully spare an anal hole. Sleepy pressing to get inside. If a partner starts to push the tail to your hand, slowly impose a finger deeper. You need to penetrate only a few centimeters deep, and then gently move your finger backwards.

When you master this reception, try to achieve a golden blowjob: one finger in anus, the other fingers of this hand caress the scrotum, another hand and mouth - penis. Instant orgasm is guaranteed.

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6. Explore other methods

As soon as you figure it out with basic machinery, proceed to experiments. Different men like different things - find out what attracts yours.

Here are some examples:

  • Look at the base of the penis, continuing to stimulate the trunk and head hand.
  • Pay special attention to the bridle - this area has many men most sensitive. Give it a pointed tongue up and down and from side to side or try to suck it.
  • Continue to stimulate a member with your hand, but caress the head only with lips.
  • Add a circular movement with hand to the basic technique.
  • Gently praise with the penis in the language. So you can arrange a small respite of your jaw.
  • For a longer break, use lips, face and breasts (you can simply rub about member).
  • Alternative - alternate manual and oral stimulation.

Do not try to use all the techniques immediately. To start, make a couple and ask what a partner liked, or follow his reaction.

7. Competently finish

Eternal dispute: swallow or not swallowing? What do you say here? If you really do not tolerate sperm on the spirit, keep the napkins next to the bed to get rid of it. Another option is to allow sperm to fill on the penis at the moment when you turn it out of my mouth.

But think again is pretty. How do you feel if a partner right after Cunningus will run to brush his teeth?

Of course, genital fluids are not grandmother compote, but we are talking about a rapid throat of a pair of teaspoons. And in general, tastes change ...

8. Love blowjob

The chief advice that needs to be learned from this article is incredible blowjob makes enthusiasm. For a partner there is nothing better than knowing that you enjoy his member.

An excellent way to reveal enthusiasm is to initiate a blowjob. Surprise your man when he only wakes up or enters the house. Tell me what you want to give him pleasure when watching a cool series or dinner in a restaurant.

How to do blowjob: Love blowjob

Keep this mood throughout the process. Stone. Look in his eyes and smile. Remove the penis from the mouth and caress them your body. Speak how good you.

You will become a blowjob guru when you sincerely love it. And this, in fact, is very simple: it is so cool to fully control someone's pleasure.

A variety of blowjob techniques are collected in this article specifically so that every girl can choose the option that is suitable for her best. The best techniques are difficult to designate, since the technique of execution every girl will be individual. And remember, if only one technique is used, at first glance a perfect blowjob, then sooner or later, she can bother with a man.


The best technicians of the blowjob

In fact, experienced sexologists have collected several main techniques that use girls at Minehel:

  • Technique blowjob without hands;
  • Minet technique with hands.

But the soul requires diversity and acute sensations, so the girls began to invent unusual and pleasant methods that you can learn from this article.

Opinion expert

Sexual Affairs Expert

Nymphomaniac and just goddess sex

It is very difficult to highlight the best technique of the blowjob, which can be recommended to every girl. The fact is that every man has their own preferences, so to deliver pleasure to him, you should listen to his body.

Oral caress without hands

Ekaterina Lyubimova advises girls to do blowjob without help. According to her, such an equipment allows you to deliver the maximum pleasure to a man, because nothing but lips and the language will stimulate an excited penis. If you do not know how to do such a blowjob, it is enough just to follow the instructions:

  • To begin with, it is possible to start losing the phenics of the penis of men along its entire length from the very base and to the tip of the head;
  • After you notice that the man is very excited, you can begin to stimulate the head;
  • Grasp her lips, but try to make it as gentle as possible, licking and sucking the bridle;
  • After you feel in your mouth, the lubricant selected from the member head can be processed to active actions;
  • Now make progressive movements head along the entire penis, but start immersing it in the mouth not entirely, but partly, increasing with time the depth depth;
  • This will allow a man every time experiencing more saturated sensations that will bring it to delight;
  • As a man starts to give signals with his body, you can start accelerating so that it finishes faster, or on the contrary to slow down if you want to extend the pleasure of how to him and herself.

Be sure it is the most tender blowjob, which only maybe, so if your man loves caress, then this option is simply created for him.

Takes with hand

Blowjob using hands is great for girls starting their workouts. Education in this case will be the most simple as possible, since the combination is not even experienced movements will still allow your man to quickly cum. In the time of the blowjob, you can only take a member head in your mouth, and progressive movements to make one of the hands. In this case, the head can be loss and sucking.

  1. The second hand can be moistened by saliva as abundant and send it to stimulate the testicles. But here we need a snarling so as not to surrender them strongly, because your guy is likely to be like that.
  2. Do not forget about the prostate point, which, during a blowjob, can also be massaged to increase the excitement and speed up the orgasm. It is located between the anus and the testicles. It is quite simple to grope her, there is a small tubercle.
  3. You can go to another way and start losing the testicles, but at the same time to make progressive movements with one hand, and the finger of another hand massaging the bridle.

If you want the guy to finish the maximum quickly, then the blowjob with the use of the hands is best suited, because it can be achieved by the hands of a much greater speed than just lips.

The main thing is not to forget to constantly wet your hands with saliva to maintain a wet environment. It is also necessary to ensure that the hands are not cold, such touches can weaken the erection of the guy.


The technique of the blowjob called "Eight" will become an excellent variety in the event that the usual blowjob has already been taken and does not allow to reach a man of a rapid orgasm. In fact, there is nothing difficult here, but from the girl there may be a concentration and excerpt.

  1. Grasp the penis of men with their lips and start slowly falling to its base.
  2. It will be a huge advantage, if you have no vomit calling and penis can be immersed in the throat until the end.
  3. Now you need to drive the spout as if you paint eight in the air.
  4. No need to hurry, because the slower you will do it, the man will be pleasant.
  5. After several revolutions, you can climb up the member, after which it is again descended to the bottom and reinstate the eight again.

If you can make a look that is now in a lacaround, let me give a member of the mouth, then it will be delighted with a man.

It will not be superfluous to use the hand that the testicles can be cared. It is best to moisten her saliva so that the stimulation was pleasant and tender.


The technique of a blowjob called "fur coat" will be available to you only if you are a happy owner of long hair. The fact is that with such a flight you will need to bite the penis in your own hair. Such unusual and pleasant sensations can strongly excite a man. Everything needs to be done as usual. Take the penis in the mouth and perform translational movements.

It is good that the technique of a fur coat can be combined with other techniques of the blowjob and experiment with their young man until you find the option from which he will be in complete delight.


For the technique called the "Butterfly", it will be necessary to start investigating the penis of your young man to discover its cherished erogenous zone. It is located for everyone in different ways, but on average, the distance from the head to the folds of the skin is from 2 to centimeters. There is this folder at once under the penis, so you don't have to look for a long time.

As soon as you managed to find out the hidden point, you can start to caress. No, no need to just caress this point. It is necessary to do blowjob, but if possible, it is possible to stimulate the language where this folding is going to. Such stimulation will allow the guy not only to get the maximum pleasure, but also to cum much faster.


In order for a blowjob in the style of Vacuum, you need to follow simple rules:

  • Compact lips and try to moisten your mouth with saliva as abundant.
  • As soon as you bring ereginated penis to the lips, you need to create a vacuum in the mouth, with which you seem to sleep the penis.
  • Vacuum must be maintained constantly, from which the cheeks can be strained, but you need to try for your loved one.
  • Now lower the head to the base of the member.
  • It is best to descend not to the very end, but gradually increase the depth of immersion so that the rapid sensations each time became more saturated.

Due to the fact that the penis is constantly in tension and stimulation, a man will be able to cum very quickly.

Deep throat

This technique is not suitable for every girl, because you need to immerse the penis as deeply as possible in the throat. Moreover, you will not control the process yourself, but give the brazers of the board to your young man.

He most likely will take you for his head and will delay the penis in the throat as deep as much as possible. The fact is that inside the oral cavity is very warm and gently, and closer to the throat it goes to a narrowing, where the head of the penis will be dripped. For a man, this contact will deliver great pleasure, so do not be surprised if after he gets a penis to the throat, he will try to hold him there for a while.

Cum with such a technique MINEET can be very fast, so it is suitable for those girls who do not like to do blowjob, and for those who have disgusted the taste of sperm.

Royal Blowjob

The royal blowjob differs from the deep throat technique only by the fact that the girl herself will lower the penis as deeply as possible in his mouth. There are small advantages, since you can control the depth of dive, and if a vomit reflex appears, the penis can be reached immediately.

But if there are no vomites, you can add a small highlight to the royal blowjob, which a man will appreciate. As soon as you rescue the head of a member in your throat, you can cut the muscles to additionally stimulate the penis. It is on the head that is the most nervous endings, so such stimulation will be very pleasant for your young man.

Erotic saving

This option of the blowjob is not suitable for each man, so it is better to immediately specify how it will react to the fact that you will reflect it a penis not tooths themselves, but lips. If your boyfriend never tried such a technique of a blowjob, then you can first demonstrate your skills, after which you know the guy's opinion on this account.

If such an technique gives him pleasure, then you can pay attention to the head and start gently squeezing with her lips.


The classic style of the blowjob is suitable for all men, but it is not necessary to stop on it. With this technique you just need to make progressive movements with your head or hand. Of course, your young man will finish and enjoy, but if you constantly please him only with a classic style, then sooner or later he get bored.

The most important thing to hide your teeth so that they do not in any case relate to the penis. It can deliver a man unpleasant or even painful sensations, after which the erection will strongly weaken.

Lasky tongue

Progressive movements during the blowjob are an integral part of it, but you can go further, and caress the penis in your mouth.

You can go to another way and before proceeding with the blowjob, you can lick the penis wet language for the whole length. This will allow him to get pleasant sensations especially if you do so that he watches the process. The picture is really erotic, so the excitation of a man will be very strong.


Such a technique will make your man cum very quickly. The most important thing to do everything right.

Grasp the penis of your man lips and try to immerse it as deeply in your mouth without any tension. When you begin to get a penis from the mouth, you need to grab it with lips as much as possible and create a vacuum. This will allow how to suck sperm from the penis. Such movements need to repeat once during the time until the man reaches orgasm.

Stimulations of erogenous zones (prostate, anus)

What a blowjob style you did not choose, do not forget that men have erogenous zones that can be stimulated. The main zones include prostate and anus. If in the first case it is fairly easily and stimulated with a wet finger will reach a man of a rapid orgasm, then not every representative of a strong sex will agree to the stimulation of anus.

Do not insist and put pressure on your man. You can do it unnoticed when it will be very excited. Start massaging at first not far from the cherished point and see how it will respond to your actions. If no signs of negative on his part will follow, then you can moisten your finger and start massaging anus, which will become an excellent addition to the blowjob.


This technique allows you to turn the classic blowjob into something unique and to give your man an unforgettable feeling. Sufficient just take the penis in the mouth and perform progressive movements. But at the same time, you need to grab his lips as much as possible and led heads in such a way that you have the impression that you are moving along the helix. Such cylindrical stimulation will allow the guy to get new sensations and cum faster.

Valley of happiness

This technique is like if your young man did not do circumcision. The fact is that in addition to ordinary translational movements, you will need lips to massage the extreme flesh guy. It can be licking or bumping a little to lead a man delight.

Hot cheek

This technique cannot be independent. Most often, girls use it if they are tired of doing blowjob and need some time to pass. But despite this, guys are delighted with hot cheek.

Everything is extremely simple. You just need to take a member in your hand and overtake the head on the cheek. Try to make the guy look at you at this moment. Such a spectacle will allow him to feel like a master of the situation, from which the excitement will be surrounded by a new wave.

Selection of techniques for beginners

It is difficult to say which technique can be advised to girls who have not yet achieved experience in Minehete. It is best to spend your own experiments to understand how it is easier for you to do blowjob and bring your guy to orgasm. Even deep throat can be very easy to use the novice girls, since the physiological features of everyone are different.

Educational video with Catherine Lyubimova

Useful advice

Does you make a blowjob vomit?

Yes Not

Try to love the blowjob just like your young man loves him. You will make it with great pleasure, and one thought that you deliver pleasure to your boyfriend will allow you to excite and surrender to the will of the senses. In such a state of Euphoria, you can do everything as gently and pleasant.

Try to make your boyfriend blowjob using different techniques. Do not necessarily do it at home. You can make a blowjob away or in nature. Be sure it will appreciate such a variety and will be very grateful to you.


Each technique of blowjob in its own way is unique and special. Spend an experiment with your young man, so that you together be able to decide which techniques to adhere and use in regular sexual life.

The technician is a lot, so if you begin to notice that your young man has born a little blowjob, you can switch to something unusual and make a highlight to your sex life.

Many girls wonder: how to make a blowjob blowjob. Without a difference, who your man, a husband or a random lover, a good blowjob, will remain in memory for a long time. But if you do, blowjob for the first time in your life, then you have questions in your head: what mistakes can I do, making my boyfriend, blowjob? How to make an unforgettable blowjob? How not to fall into the dirt face, and deliver the royal pleasure to your partner? Oral sex itself can not be right or not right, it is just beautiful, but still worth knowing some things that can improve it and embellish.

How to make a blowjob, unforgettable moments for a man

As you know more pleasant to take gifts that made disinterestedly. So expensive women, do not wait for your man while your man will ask you to make a blowjob. You must show the initiative, remove the panties, gently take the penis, warmly and gently touch the tongue, not in a hurry, absorb it as deeper, immediate erection, will be a confirmation that you do everything right. We suck it with a hot member, with pleasure, you should not express squeamish emotions, they are just offwarding the excitement, there is nothing nasty in the flight, it's just another pleasant procedure that can diversify sex.

Many experienced women know that cool blowjob in bed, contribute to improving manipulations over their husband. And not to take advantage of this, it will be just stupid on your part. Asking your man, after an unforgettable blowjob, it is possible about many things, he simply will not be able to refuse you.

Technical aspects of the right blowjob

Oral sex requires ingenuity and experiments. If you make a blowjob with great pleasure and return, it is already great, but do not forget about some theoretical rules, the observance of which will make you just Queen blowjob.

  • Choose a convenient posture, it is desirable that a man sitting or stood, so you will not have a spin and neck, and your loved one will watch this divine process. After all, men love their eyes, and the appearance of your delicate lips, enveloping a stone member, can bring more pleasure than the blowjob himself, such is the psychology of men. Also do not forget about POSE 69, which will help to caress each other.
  • A member should slide as oil, and your saliva will be in the role of lubrication. Blowjob in dry, it can be very unpleasant, so take care of saliva so that the caresses were juicy and wet.
  • The process should not be rapid and the same type, your actions should be teasing and diverse. Do not strive for a member, swallowing it to the very foundation, this action can be done later. Gently spend the tongue, from the very foundation of a member before his head, take the head on the lips and gently pollute it with my tongue, do not forget about the hands, one hand you can stroke the scrotum, and the other is tightly kept for the base of the member.
  • Team your man, be cruel and as soon as you see that he can no longer tolerate, swallow his dick as deep as possible, and gradually increase the pace. Take a tight dick on the lips, and continue moving back and forth, attract your tongue to action, spend it in a diverse on the head. Suck, lie, kiss, any touch of your lips and language should be unique.

Tips and secrets for an unforgettable blowjob

Always watch the reaction of your partner, the body of your man is unique, and the actions that may be pleased with one, possibly with discomfort will be accepted by others.

Take into your mouth his testicles, and continue to "superb" a member with hand. Some guys from this come delight.

Each time you increase the depth of swallowing, but should not be abused and bring yourself to discomfort. Many mouth is simply not adapted to the size of the member of your partner.

Periodically, take a completely remove a member from the mouth, and kiss it, or caress it with the tongue, alternating with the movements of your hands. Thus, your lips can relax, and you can do a blowjob for a long time.

Gently sink to the head of the lips, then swallow it deeper, alternate quick movements with slow.

Cut the head of the member on the inside of the cheek, taking out the member of the mouth, do these actions several times. Many people like it.

Try to do a blowjob when you have a sucking candy or a warm drink in your mouth, it can prevent new sensations.

Blowjob should be similar to sexual intercourse. Energetic actions, deep and sharp amplitude, compressing the lips closer to the base of a member, a rich amount of saliva, will help your man to cum, from your super blowjob.

Let your boyfriend, take you by hair, and manage your actions, graze a member with your hand at the base to reduce the possible depth of swallowing. But if your mouth allows you to block penis to the base, you can not comply with precautions. A man will experience indescribable pleasure from control over a blowjob.

You can lie on your back and allow your man to fuck you in your mouth, just ask not to enter deep if you are discomfort.

Errors and incorrect actions during blowjob

  • For too long do not caress the head with the language, these actions can bring discomfort.
  • In no case, do not attempt to use your teeth, or take a member. Although someone can like it.
  • Either do, blowjob with pleasure, or do not do it at all. But it is advisable to do everything possible so that this process becomes the most favorite for you.

Swallow or not swallow sperm during blowjob

Many women wonder: what is the taste of cum? The taste of sperm depends on the lifestyle of your man that he eats, whether he smokes, and so on. If the sperm of your man is not to taste, then you can not keep it in the mouth, but immediately to swallow, perhaps you will not feel the taste . You can also cum on my chest or face, such an outcome of the blowjob will be no less pleasant.

To the question: how to learn to do blowjob? There is only one answer: the desire, passion and practice will help you become the goddess of the blowjob. Do not forget to ask your partner about what emotions he is experiencing, and that leads him to delight or, on the contrary, delivers painful sensations. But it is best to sometimes watch the reaction of your boyfriend. Experiment, follow our tips, use our secrets, do not allow mistakes and your man will be in your slavery for life.

Massage is a wonderful way to delight both partners. This is an opportunity to prepare each other to intimate intimacy, relax after a difficult day or establish relationships. Today we will talk about sex massage for a man, how to do it correctly, so that he gets a maximum of pleasure.


Games with handcuffs are a practice that will add passion to your relationship, give them sharpness and piquancy. And sexual intercourse from the ordinary will turn into a real vortex passion. Even if you do not like the use of bdsm attributes, try on yourself sex with fixation. The main thing is to use handcuffs in the bedroom correctly, pick up suitable postures and a sex game script.


You can have sex during menstruation, but it is important to properly approach the process. At such a moment the body of women is very vulnerable, so precautions should be observed. Simple rules will enjoy even critical days without negative consequences.


The correct caress of the clitoris lead to bright orgasms. Stimulation is possible by hand, lips and even a member. The correct impact enhances the excitement, which leads to increased sensations. How to find the clitoris and stimulate it? There are special techniques that can master each. Every man should know to give bliss and every woman to find her way to orgasm.


Pose for mutual oral caress 69 is very popular among thousands of couples. How to do it right? How to accommodate so to be comfortable? Useful tips on the incarnation of position and accessories that can make a blowjob and cunnilingus is much more pleasant.


Male likes when a woman swallows cum. But it is not always possible to embody this into reality. How to ask the girl not to spit? How to finish in your mouth, so that everyone is nice? Simple etiquette rules for those who practice oral sex and useful tips to improve sperm taste.


In order to achieve success on the soil of oral sex, not only intuition is needed, but also knowledge of some techniques.

ABC of the perfect mistress: 10 technician blowjob

Oral sex takes an important place in our lives. It comes to the point that a girl who does not like to do blowjob, men consider frankly bad and compacted by mistress. Indeed, complexes often become an obstacle on the way to oral love. However, the case is also not in this. Fear of what this vulnerable body turned out to be in your mouth, often paralyzes female intuition, and then the lack of experience can play a keen joke.

In addition, it is often a blowjob that does not work out due to the fact that men do not tell her how to do it, but discuss the topic with friends - too delicately. However, there are special techniques that facilitate women comprehending this delicate science. Here are 10 techniques of the blowjob, which we selected for our readers.

The main technique of the blowjob: cover your teeth with lips and give mouth a letter "O", do not strain your lips, they must be free and soft. Holding one hand for the basis of his male dignity, slowly slipped with lips (wet!) Down until you feel comfortable. At the bottom there are 1-2 seconds and move and move also in the opposite direction. Repeat these movements. You can also flash tongue and slide them according to his barrel.

Avoid bites and scratches.

Close teeth with lips. First, this way you reduce the trauma for him, on the other - his male dignity is tightly covered by a smooth ring. Fueling down with the skin on his trunk. Tightly take a member in hand, head head and start doing such movement, as if you lick ice cream. Here the main thing is to move the language. It is recommended to quickly slide them on the head of the member, prescribing a variety of figures. The movement of the tongue can be the most diverse, from slow strokes to fast short touches (the so-called snake language).

This time you use your mouth as a tiny vacuum cleaner, pulling his male dignity in your mouth to half, and then, still without weakening the vacuum, pulling it out of his mouth. This bilateral tension is very excited. Watch the vacuum in the mouth. The rate of movements can be diverse (it is individually), but most men like high speed. By the way, just here traffic can be excessive.

This kind of blowjob is the most favorite in men. The problem is that with a deep immersion of his male dignity in the mouth you may have both a vomit reflex and a feeling of choking. Practice first on the banana. It is necessary to relax the lads and in no case will not strain it - only so his banana will be free to walk backwards. Enter it in the throat. Perhaps for the first time you will not get to block it entirely, but after several workouts movement will become easy and free.

There is also a technique that enhances orgasm. If you block your finger at the base of the penis channel, according to which the sperm emission takes place, and, massaging his lips and hand all over the trunk, you will imitate spasms typical of seeds, you will be able to bring your partner to sweet exhaustion for a long time. When you allow sperm to break out out, the eruption will be unusually long and intensively. Incredibly, as such a simple technique has repeatedly increases pleasure for a man.

Slide down and ask him to push his legs. Start it with his tongue, ranging from the crotch between the testicles and anus. Have you seen how the cat lacquers water? Make a tongue similar movements. Starting from below and do not forget about one cell of his male dignity. You will see it will be unforgettable for him.

Hands pre-lining lubricant. Your task is that his male dignity does not remain dry for a second. At first, the pressure of the lips should be not too strong. As long as a man does not "warm up", his phallus is too sensitive to strong presses, and they may be unpleasant. Therefore, it is necessary to start with slow and gentle movements up-down. Hold on it with your hand and imagine that the head is chupa-chups. Then move away from the man - let the "lollipop" pop up from your mouth with characteristic cotton. Help your hands.

The secret of this technique is that about 2 - 4 cm from the head is the zone called the crown. Under the crown is a very gentle vertical skin fold. This is the most sensitive place on the whole body of a man. If you encourage it with lips, hand or tongue, you deliver to him unforgettable minutes.

Moisturizing lips, put them around the head and start quietly to twist along the line of bridles from side aside as a mint lollipop. It will not require any special skill and special talents, as this is the most sensitive area of ​​his male dignity. Its stimulation can cause a fast and strong orgasm. It is usually recommended for urgent restoration of the partner's combat capability after sexual intimacy.

Stand on your knees. Hands he can associate your back and make it part of a love game. Let him move his thighs back and forth, while his male dignity will make shakers in your mouth. Your task is to help him with the language.

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Girl with pepper

There is no ideal technology - let's start, perhaps with this. Love the experiments, go to the study of the body of a partner with a wonderful and will be delighted.

Before you - the top best technician, tricks and secrets that will make oral sex unforgettable. And for dessert - revelations of guys from life, what they most like in oral sex.

All related to language i

Lask language - a kind of prelude in front of oralsex. It is from this that it is worth starting beginners. Holding a penis in his hands, lick it from the base to the tip. And then proceed to technique impact:

Studies argue that the head is half is the most sensitive part of it. If the man is cut off, this zone can be less sensitive, but it's not worth it to deprive her attention. Do not forget about the bridle - it is literally stuck with nerve endings

The upper part of the tongue provides a little large-scale than the lower, due to the rough surface, which is formative receptors.

Be sure to pay attention to eggs during the time, since this zone is very sensitive.


It is not part of the "classic" blowjob, the numeral stimulation of the anus zone is able to increase pleasure repellent. Not all men like the caresses of this zone and not everyone is ready for them, this question will be incurred by this question personally with a partner.

The area between the scrotum and anus also needs absorption. It is best to do this with one slow movement of the tongue to the tippenis. To facilitate the task, press the penis of the man to his belly.

Increased humidity 2

Any guy will tell you that a good blowjob should be "wet." But the problem is that saliva sometimes happens enough. What to do?

To increase salivation, shake the roampent blowjob or eat a juicy fruit - strawberries, pineapple, peach.

Girl paints lips

And the easiest option is to stock upwards. Select the product yourself to taste (literally) and keep it always a friend, for example, in a bedside locker.

P.S. The technique of "deep throat" also contributes to the abundant selection of saliva. When the penis tip is tied, the vomit reflex is activated. As a result, the actual substation begins. Thus, a deep blowjob is not only effectively imprisonly, but also practically from the point of view of that very lustfulness.

All that concerns the head 3

As mentioned above, the tip of the penis (especially the lower part is the bridle) is the most sensitive part of it. How will we share this information?

In the following way:

Cover with light kisses of his penis from the base of the base and the test. Make it with compressed lips, then slightly open with moistened saliva. And then go to more active actions.

Girl eats baton sexy

Holding the penis with one or two hands, to start the slow circular movement with the language around the member head. Alternate and speed. One simple technique can bring a man of dogmod-like orgasm.

Deep throat is a technique above. But if you do everything right, the man will not forget.

One men like the caress of this area, others. Try to caress the hole of the Urethra's hole during a blowjob and watch the male dial. If he does not like it, just go to other machinery.

Take the penis with your hand and press his tip Knutrennaya side of the cheek and language. The technique is much easier performed than the tricks of deep throat, but it will also bring a lot of pleasant sensations.

Two lollipops

Continuing technology above. The surface of your non-balance is a man new sensations. The main thing is to do everything neatly and not a man's throat with teeth.

No one forbids you from time to time the prestitch and stimulate a member with his hands. Use more saliva or lubrication.

Up and down 4

Most men dream of Minehet (statistics relate to record 87.6%), but if you are not sure about your skills, it is better to play with simple movements up-down. As soon as you master the database, you can easily advanced to advanced techniques.

It is enough for you to fold your lips with the letter "O" - Taxine Time Mitial Pressure will be provided to member from all sides. Then, slightly shaking heads up and down, move lower on the penis barrel. Score on the head and the first few centimeters, gradually taking a junkie.

Finger in the mouth

Two tricks with tongue 5

Before you - two techniques that differ. Choose anyone and practice.

It is not necessary to scare the name - instead of the sandpaper, you will choose to use the other side of the tongue on which taste nipples are located. Tow member in hand and drop out. Holding your head and language in place, use your hand to move the head of his penis over your tongue. Such, the only movement should be from your hand moving his penis owner to your language. The head of his member will slide in your language.

You can move it with a circular movement, uverly down, back and forth, or any other movement that you like.

This is the essence of the technique - your language "polishes" the head of his member.

Girl eating ice cream

Take a member in the mouth so deeply as you can. I spent on the bottom side of his penis, you must slide them forward along the effects, as far as it is convenient for you, and then slide back. Continue to move the EGOGRESS and back, massaging the same part of his trunk. While you do it, keep it a penis on the spot. Do not take it deeper.

This is not a breakthrough technique of a blowjob, which made a man to immediately explode, but this is an excellent small trick, which is used if you want to change your sex routine and give a new feeling of self.

Foreskin 6

You do not need to be too strongly delayed with extreme flesh. It is enough to pull it so much to open a member head. Also, according to research, the uncircumcised guys are less likely asking for a partner during the toilet "more tender". On the contrary, they want stronger stimulation. But the women themselves will be able to notice the difference in the sensitivity between cropped and carbed men.

Girl eating ice cream

One of the techniques is to enjoy the head of the head of the member and the extreme flesh and stimulate this zone with circular excavations. And then squeeze the lips around the head and the extreme flesh and start going down, increasing the intensity.

Remember that one and the same technique can lead the reunion of one man and absolutely not like another. Do not forget the dominant of the partner's response.

Anal stimulation 7

Anal affection can literally triple the formation of a blowjob. Pay attention to the following techniques:

Modern sex shops offer you a huge collection of toys for anal stimulation. If your partner is still to this black, you can use simple vibrators - attach a toy to the area of ​​the international and scrotum.

girl eats chup

Gently circular movements caress anuspartner during a blowjob. Do not forget about saliva or lubricant. If the male will be this stimulation, you can go on.

Connect to the game fingers. Enter your finger in the anuspartner, again, using lubricant. Observe a partner in advance with a partner of this "Surprises" like everyone.

Another extremely sensitive area. It is tike as a male point G. Keep your palm and conchs on the zone between the anus and the scrotum and insert one finger into the anus of the approximate the depth of 5 cm. Then beate it slightly.

You must add a soft tubercle. Stimulate the same as the point G is gently pressed and rubbing.

The girl licks pepper

Another, simpler version - focus on the bottom, and use the toy toast to stimulate.

When the guy cums, you observe the pulsation of the imrachmic compression of the muscles. If at this moment your finger will still be in Anus, this "compressive feeling" can increase his pleasure.

But other men like another trick - when you slowly pull your finger in time.

What do you like your partner? Learn experimentally.

Lubrikanta during anal affection - yes! Sharpening - no.

Triple Trick 8

The trick is not particularly complex. Explorely follow:

Girl sexy eats
  • Take the penis head in your mouth, stimulate it with circular motions of the language.
  • Then hand wipe the trimps and start to make rhythmic movements up-down.
  • Finger, smeared by lubricant, enter into his anus and start stimulating the prostate.

Triple Trick - Triple Pleasure. Practitioner Give your man unearthly pleasure.

Very important moment 9

All technicians are useless if you are not receiving food from what is happening and consider a minute before the end of this. Acrome, remember that men are visuals. If they see that you are self-free from ourselves, your body, blowjob and the body of a man, they are becoming a tripled and hot show - a guarantee of a good blowjob.

Diversify routine ten

Some and the same technicians can bother. Why would it be undoubted your sex routine? To do this, it is not necessary to learn to hardware.

Banana in hand

Use these tricks:

Chocolate syrup and whipped cream are perfectly suitable for culinary, but also for sexual experiments. If you use oscolate syrup, make sure it is a comfortable temperature.

Ice cream and ice cubes will not cool the fire of your passion, but will give new unusual sensations.

Make a small sip of champagne or leaf to a blowjob. Beverage bubbles make feelings even sharper. If you dislike champagne or do not eat alcoholic beverages, make the breath water.

Another trick for "chill" lovers.

girl sexy eats strawberries

The aforementioned tricks are also perfectly suitable in Tomludys, if you do not like the taste of sperm of a man.

Male opinion eleven

Ten guys are talking about how the ideal blowjob is on possess.

  • "When she presses the tongue to the base of the head and slowly licks it, I drive your fingers. Automatic reaction. Madness, "Igor, 26.
  • "I like it when the girl licks the testicles. Only this is not enough for orgasm, but how does it turn out! If she puts them or puts them in the mouth - too excellent, "Vlad, 27.
  • "When it uses hands and at the same time sucks a member head. It is like oral sex and manual stimulation immediately. Overload feelings. If you want to quickly bring the guy to orgasm - use ", - Eric, 29.
Sexy girl
  • "I'm crazy cold blowjob is crazy. When she has a cube of ice in his mouth ... although, of course, it is impractical, but as experiments from time to time - excellent, "- Mikhail, 28.
  • "I love when she lies a member long and slowly. When it can be seen that it is absorbed by this exercise. ", - David, 26.
  • "When a lot of saliva and she moves with his hands only up, not dropping to the base, constantly alternating hands," Evgeny, 24.
  • "I am very exciting visual contact during a blowjob. When she looks into my eyes ... so intimate. She just takes everything in her hands and it is very sexy, "Daniel, 27.
  • "Small tesching of eggs is great. Well, this is not a tickness in direct understanding, but just a game. Excellent addition to the blowjob, "- Mark, 29.
  • "Deep throat. When she does blowjob quickly and aggressively ... I can not hold out for a long time. For more than five minutes, with this situation, I definitely could never hold out, but I am not ashamed, "Cyril, 28.
  • "My former gently took me for the hips and sent to my mouth. We seemed to move in one rhythm, "Andrei, 27.

Make a blowjob - one way to show a woman its special attitude towards a man. This type of proximity means that the partners are trusted and open to each other. But such an oral woman is denied by some women and do not everyone know how to do blowjob correctly.

Woman with fruit

Opinion of the sexologist about oral caresses

Professionals argue that oral caresses are well reflected on family life. Husband and wife who practice fell, more often spend their free time together, do not avoid communicating with each other during the day.

In such families, according to sexologists, it is seven times less quarreling than in pairs that do not accept oral sex. According to the observation of doctors, men in such pairs do not have problems with sleep, they fall asleep faster, they do not buy nightmarish dreams and insomnia.

And according to social surveys, the husbands who receive oral caresses often dream their spouses. Then, on the contrary, in pairs, where the blowjob is under the ban, the husbands in a dream are more likely to see unfamiliar or other people.

What to do blowjob, pluses:

  • Security. With such caresses there is no danger to get pregnant. The pleasure of your partner can be delivered not to be protected, without fearing the consequences even in the most "dangerous" cycle days.
  • Rapidity. If a girl knows well how to do blowjob, the process takes less than a minute. This can be useful when there is a danger to be seen or there are time limits.
  • Intimate does not depend on the surrounding conditions. Sometimes the desire to enjoy can overtake suddenly. If the conditions are unsuitable for sex, it is more convenient to resort to oral caresses. For example, on a visit, on the street or in transport.
  • The possibility of intima at the time of menstruation. A small part of women has a monthly lamination from a week to 10 days, such a feature is such. For young, temperamental men, it is a long time for abstinence, they hardly withstand five days. At the same time, not all women agree on sex during menstruation, however, as not all men. Blowjob is a great way out in such situations.

Man and womanWhat do not like men with oral caresses?

Such a pleasant process can be overshadowed by some moments. Any man annoys if the partner agrees on a blowjob as if he makes a feat and make a favor. Sexual contact should bring joy to both partners, and not look like a sex forced. I do not like:

  1. When a favorite woman caresses the sexual organ with a cold, stone face, it ruins all the romance. Male want to see at least some signs that his penis is not contracted, but brings pleasure.
  2. Very bad with the configuring physical inconvenience. For example, when a girl begins to complain that she has been crushed by a leg, a back hurts or a mouth.
  3. Big troubles can deliver teeth. With an inaccurate appeal, they injured gentle skin on a penis, hurt.
  4. Be careful to be with sharp nails or rings. They can also damage the surface of the penis, causing severe pain.
  5. During oral gel it is impossible to stimulate the scrotum too much, because excessive tension and squeezing of such a sensitive part are unpleasant.
  6. Too active movements, a member can spoil the whole mood.
  7. It is not worth talking at the time of oral caress, even though it is difficult to imagine, but on the forums men complain about such moments. When chatter is easy to release the penis from the mouth to the most responsible moment.

What do men like at the time of oral affection

Blowjob is a pleasant affection, but there are some things that are especially pleasant for a man:

  • The entire penis is not entirely an erogenous zone. His trunk itself is not so sensitive as the head, neck head and bridle. At the bottom of the trunk also many nervous endings. The most pleasant will be affected by these parts.
  • Sometimes light touches of teeth act very exciting. It must be gentle touch, not bite. For the greatest effect, it is advisable to keep the same rhythm.
  • Stimulation of penis and testicles at the same time mouth and hands enhance the sensations.

Girl and banana

Basic mistakes

About how to do blowjob, women will learn from pornographic films, where actresses are directed only to entertainment, and not the pleasure of a partner. Now there are courses of the blowjob, where they are trained from scratch, help to avoid popular errors.

  • Impact only on the head is a big mistake, since this part may lose its sensitivity during excessive stimulation. We must not forget about other parts of the genitals. On the scrotum a lot of nervous endings.
  • Do not start and finish oral caress sharply. Men, like women, you need time to tune in.
  • It is not necessary to make a blowjob too intense - the act will end quickly, but will not differ from the usual masturbation. Speed ​​causes the partner to think that the girl wants to finish her caress, they are unpleasant.
  • The monotony of movements leads to the fact that a man ceases to enjoy oral sex. Ejaculation occurs, but no moral satisfaction, and it plays an important role as physiological. Therefore, it is better to change and add new movements and affection.
  • You need to do blowjob without tension. Any sexual contact except violence is joy and relaxation. Stressful actions cause discomfort.
  • Do not hide the face during a blowjob. Inexperienced women think that they look at such moments stupid and ugly, but men perceive it differently. The face of the partner during the blowjob is very exciting them.
  • To engage in oral sex, without making any sounds - it is also wrong. When the girl will show moans and sighs that oral sex brings pleasure, then the excitement and pleasant feelings of her partner will be many times stronger.
  • If a woman is not ready to swallow seed, you need to discuss it in advance, like other parts of the intima. At least at level I like it, I do not like it.

Types of blowjob

By type of affection you can highlight a variety of blowjob:

  • Clean, in which only lips and language participate. In it completely do not work hands. This is a good way for newcomers. In this embodiment, you can learn the main movements. The main thing is to ensure that you do not harm the sexual body with your teeth.
  • Combined view. Here you need to do a blowjob not only with lips, but also add your caress with your hands. The penis is stimulated simultaneously with mouth and arms or alternately. This method is good if the genital man is large, the girl needs a vacation. Hands of affection is much more active than the mouth stimulation. At the same time you can make movements with your hands so that they look visually beautifully.
  • Gorl option. Refers to the most difficult ways, but men in one voice claim that this is the best blowjob. It is not in vain called "Royal". With this version, the dick fully enters the throat. The greatest difficulty is that touching the larynx causes a vomit reflex. From this reflex is difficult, and often it is impossible to get rid of. But this can be achieved by training or spray, freezing larynx.

Artificial phallus is suitable as a simulator. It is fixed on the table, for which it is convenient to use the option with a suction cup, and then proceed to training. So that the immersion was successful, do an exercise at a convenient angle and pronounce the long sound "A", which helps the larynx to open. Such workouts benefit and over time, the vomit reflex disappears.

Girl with chup-chups


Skillful techniques can make a variety of intimate life and bring a lot of new sensations. To master them, you can watch the video tutorial or go for training. Several common techniques:

For newbies

The lips make "O" and cover their teeth. Holding the penis, led on it wet lips. Having reached the limit of a comfortable state, stay for a couple of seconds and go back. Repeat movements. You can add tongue to action by driving a member barrel.


Very simple, lightweight technique. Make a blowjob I need to pull the skin on a member down, thereby freeing the head. And then imagine that it is ice cream and start losing the language. Movement anything, the more interesting, the better. To make a variety, you can try to write on the head all the letters of the alphabet. The main thing is that the language is wet and the teeth did not participate in the act.


It is necessary to submit that the mouth is a vacuum cleaner, draw the penis in the mouth approximately half, and then try to pull out, while not weakening the vacuum.

The speed is the most different. Many people like when such movements are performed quickly. Here the language is not needed and can only prevent. It is very important to be carried away without damaging the penis to the teeth.

Girl in bed

Deep Throat

Or "Royal Blowjob". The very way that is like a man like that - a member penetrates deep into the throat. This technique often causes vomit urge when performing. For such a blowjob, reveal and relax the larynx, then the dick is easily slipped inside.

There are special sprays that freeze the larynx, as a rule, they contain lidocaine. "Freezing" a throat Woman loses a vomit reflex for a small amount of time. This technique you can learn how to train on the phalamimetator, but without frost anyway, not all women can cope with the vomit reflex.

Mad orgasm

For such a trick, a finger overlap the channel at the base of the penis, according to which the sperm passes. In this case, the mouth and hand continue to massage the penis along the entire length of the trunk. Pressing is simulated spasm accompanying ejaculation. When the canal frees the release of the finger, the orgasm comes more intense and long than usual.


It is necessary to comfortably sit between the legs of the man and start caressing his crotch. From Anus and through the Per Curzen, not forgetting anyone of a centimeter of the body. Movements are reminded how cats lacquer water.


To perform it, you need to lubricate your hands with gel lubrication and do not smooth out saliva. The penis will be very humid, and the slip is intense. Take the head in the mouth, and then move away and give it to jump out the mouth with a clapping sound.

Man and woman

Butterfly wings

Just below the member head is a zone called the crown. Under it the vertical fold of gentle skin. If during oral sex constantly stimulate this area, you can significantly increase the sensations.


Wet lips have a head and twist along the bridle line. Such stimulation causes orgasm very quickly. It will help to restore the erection if she slept.


The most convenient posture is on the knees before the standing partner. It must be allowed to make a man to make any movements that he wants and not resist. Better on the contrary, to help with this language.

The most important thing in the flight is not what technique uses a couple, and the mutual desire to delve pleasure. No need to make a variety of "for a tick", it should be sincerely and with love.

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